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  • How to create an alert if a specific user is currently logged in?

    I seem to have been getting a lot of interesting questions recently!    In this case, a customer has setup their instance such that the default ADMIN user is not to be used routinely (which is great and considered best-practise) but did not want to disable…

  • SBCA | Service Notice | 22/03/2023

    Sage is aware of an issue on SBCA that was preventing some of our customers from accessing the programme.

    To enable us to fully resolve this issue as quickly as possible, we had to take the software offline.

    We have applied a fix and are currently monitoring…

  • compulsory annual payment

    When did Sage 50 Pro start locking people out of their data unless they paid a renewal fee ?

  • Unable to login to use remote data access

    When I log out last, the program was taking a while, and at the end I thought it's done, so shut down the PC, but a window popped up, asked me to end the sage program, which I did, and today, I tried login, and it's not letting me, keeps on asking me…

  • opening shared files

    my system will not allow me to open any shared files today 

    is the system down for maintance?

  • Unable to login

    I am unable to connect to a shared company.  When it brings up the box for me to login and I enter my password as normal it brings up another box to login to Sage.

    When I log in then to Sage it says : We were unable to authorize your credentials.

    I am…

  • Accéder à une entreprise existante

    Bonjour!  Je tente d'accéder à une entreprise existante dans mon logiciel, c'est impossible. On me demande mon adresse courriel et mot de passe, ce que j'entre, et cela bloque. Le service clientèle est fermé.


  • Can't connect to my shared company

    I tried to open my company today, which is always a shared company; but there was an error.  So when I tried to "connect to a shared company", typed in my email & password, I received the message "we were not able to retrieve the list of shared companies…

  • connections dans le nuage

    il a eu une mise a jours dans age se week ken depuis je suis pas capable de me connecter aux nuage 

  • Authentication Error EC02

    I am receiving this error when trying to log onto Sage.  How do I resolve this matter?

  • réactiver mon compte

    je veux réactiver mon compte, comment je dois faire.

  • How do I create a Sage 100 account?

    when I select the Sage 100 product. Some customers will be listed. Which one do I need to choose for creating Sage 100?

  • 50CA Sage- User Certification EXPIRED!

    Please help

    I have downloaded Dec 20, 2022 and just finished the 50 CA sage -Canadian Edition

    I went to go and write the User Certification and it has expired. it was downloaded at the same time.

    I tried to get help and they said I need an account number…

  • Resolved: Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional Login page " Sorry, there has been an error"

    Update 17:00: The website has been restored to reflect the normal selections. 

    Original post:

    We are aware that the login page (  for Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional is displaying…

  • Sage CRM – Users stay logged in taking up licenses. / Time-out settings

    We recently had a very interesting case. Where the customer had 5 usual licenses for their CRM system. Of which 2 users no matter what they did and how many attempts on logging out, they would still be taking up 2 licenses and staying logged in. it would…


    Good day

    Is anyone else having problems again with SAGE performance?  Lagging again!

  • Locked out of a company

    We are still running Peachtree 2011 and have two companies created. Our power went out the other day and the computer died and now I can't log into the company that was open at the time. It keeps telling me another user has the company open and I must…

  • Remote Access

    Good day all.  I have Sage Accountant license.  I have a client who has their own limited number of licenses.  I want to log in remotely, or via VPN.  They set my computer up with VPN, however they think I cannot log in to their Sage 50 without using one…

  • Erreur Le nom d'utilisateur et le mot d'utilisateur incorrects

    J'ai installé la nouvelle version de sage 2023 et quand je rentre mon utilisateur et mon mot de passe, il me écrit que c'est incorrect.

    Pourtant c'est le même mot de passe qu'avant. Comme sur le courriel reçu, j'ai écrit les 7 premiers…

  • First Time Login Credentials to Sage 300 People

    Hi Everyone, 

    I just installed Sage 300 People, after creating database successfully now I am struck at login screen because I don't know the Password for user Admin/Administrator for first time login. if there is some default password for it then please…

  • New Sage 50 Update

    I just did my update for the new version of Sage 50 Canada and have tried to login but it is telling me that my user name and or password is not correct

    any suggestions

  • Sage 300 wiki login

    Anyone know how to get a user and password in the wiki page for Sage 300 SDK?



  • Version 2023.0 Password not working


    I upgraded to the Version 2023.0 version yesterday and any client I try and log into I am getting the message it is the incorrect password,  I know for a fact this is not the case.  System glitch?  


  • SM message - "One or more daily processes have not yet been performed. Would you like to run them now?

    Why does the dialogue box appear when opening SM that says "One or more daily processes have not  yet been performed.  Would you like to run them now?  What is it used for and can we deactivate it?

  • Booted out of Sage with Multiple Users

    Have two users currently using system. 1) admin-me and 2) parts-coworker.

    I am the main computer in which I would need to be logged in before then can use. They have been getting booted out but shows still active. 

    Other day is showed I was logged as …