• Sage Intelligence support MS-SQL password length?

    Would you kindly let me know the Max. Length of SQL password Sage Intelligence Acceptable?

    My customer change SQL Password to 64bits length…

    After change, all Sage300 feature works fine but only Sage Intelligence caused password invalid.

  • Sage300 2018 Intelligence license are able to see only if run as administrator.

    Sage300 2018 v6.5
    Program: Workstation local
    Share Folder: Server folder

    - Win10, UAC enabled (Cannot change)

    SI Activate License in Server.
    Server is working fine.

    All workstation able to see IR license if run as administrator.
    All workstation…

  • Can't remove Intelligence Reporting Connector

    I accidentally installed the reporting connector on our production remote desktop server whilst performing a full company upgrade for Sage 300.

    We don't have a license for the connector, but I cannot seem to get rid of the error when you open Sage.…

  • v9.5

    Is V9.5 available for 300 for download?  I see it's available for X3.  I assume I can use that version without installing the bundled scripts.


  • BI Report Viewer and run as admin

    I have users attaching to a terminal server where a workstation installation of sage and BI is installed and the uses are currently local admins of the terminal server.  Everything works fine.   But we want to remove their local admin rights.  Has anyone…

  • Migrating Servers, An error occurred trying to create the Reporting Trees folder

    We migrated Sage 300 to a new server and de-commissioned the old server. 

    We save intelligence reports monthly on our network drives, when opening the files that were created prior to migration, we get the following error message:

    An error occurred trying…

  • Issue after installing Intelligence Reporting Excel Add-in

    Hi there,

    We are having an issue in Excel after installing Intelligence  Reporting and enabling the Excel Add-in where the ribbon will no longer display.

    This is on Office 2019 64bit version 1910.

    I assume this issue is due to a compatibility issue with…

  • SI add-in 'unlinked' itself

    Anyone run into the situation where the Report Designer add-in unlinks itself?  Possibly following a Microsoft update?

  • Latest Version Downloads

    Where so we find the latest versions to download and updated licenses?  I have taken the certification courses but cannot find anything SEI related in the partner portal.

  • can’t establish a connection to the server at localhost:9113.

    Hi ,

    I'm doing a web screen installation in 2017 and 2018 version, but each time when I open the Intelligence reporting for cloud it comes with an error can’t establish a connection to the server at localhost:9113. Any idea why this is happening? Tha…

  • Intelligence Reporting

    Hi There,

    We're on Sage 2014 and we know that Intelligence Reporting is already included but when I open any icon I have a missing file  [path\bx62a\bicore.exe cannot be found.

    Checked the path and the file is there.

    Any idea?

  • unable to export to excel


    I have ERP 2012 SP and I cannot export to Excel.When I do so I have this error message" Method not found: CrystalDecision.ReportAppServer.DataDefModel.Propertyflag..."

    Repaired Sage, Renamed BusinessObject folder and SAp folder and it was…

  • [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Login failed for user 'sage300'

    We have just upgraded a client from v6.1 to v6.2 PU3. Sage 300 ERP program files and shared data is on a dedicated Win 2012 Std Svr, and so is the SQL 2012 installation. All program installations on the server is done by "Run as Administrator". Users…

  • Error related to Sage Intelligence Reporting license when logging into Sage 300 ERP 2014

    Error Message:

    "The following application were not installed properly. This may indicate that you are using illegally copied software. An entry has been made to the anti piracy log. this situation can also be arise in rare circumstances from failure during…

  • BI Tool Installation popping up when clicking any icon in Sage 300 ERP 2014


    We have several customers that are experiencing this issue. To confirm when they click on any icon in Sage 300 ERP, the Intelligence workstation installer comes up and goes through a process.

    I have taken the following steps to try and resolve: