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  • Sage 300 Support and Insights: Want to Know the Activities of Your Users in Sage 300?

    A new User Activity report has been released with 2023 Product Update 1. This user activities report is located under Administrative Reports. The current design does not include user activities when logged into Sage from Web Screens. Here are more details about this new report:


    User activities recorded include:

    • Login/Logout activities
    • Opening/Closing of screens
    • Eviction of a user


    User activities are tracked in these…

  • Sage 300 Support and Insights: Differences between Non-Stock items and Non-Inventory items

    What is a Non-Stock Item?

    Services or specially ordered items which are not normally kept in inventory are considered non-stock items. Kitting items are also non-stock items.

    Note: Non-stock items must use the user-specified costing method (determined by the account set you specify).

    In order to setup non-stock items, uncheck “Stock Item” option in I/C items.

    There is a setting “Allow Receipt of Non-Stock…

  • Sage 300 Support and Insights: Good news for PJC Web Screens users with Sage 2023 Product Update 1!

    With Product Update 1 for Sage 2023, users can now setup Account Sets, create Charges transactions, update Retainage and revise estimates in Sage 300 cloud web screens. Users can also post Revise Estimates transaction(s) easier by using a Post Transactions screen in Project and Job Costing.

    New Project and Job Costing web screens. This release includes the following new web screen for Project and Job Costing:

    • Account…
  • Sage 300 R&D Insights: | Talking CRM 2022 | A free virtual summit covering all things Sage CRM, including working with Sage 300 |

    Talking CRM 2022 is here, a free virtual summit covering all things Sage CRM. This year's event will include a session with My CRM Manager, CAT Consulting, Blytheco, Timelinx and more, all of whom talk us through linking Sage CRM to Sage accounting products to achieve so much more.

  • Sage 300 Support and Insights: Sage 300 2023 License Manager and Version 8.8

    We have updated our licensing version for Sage 300 Subscription customers. In the License Manager you will now see Version 8.8 for most modules and 7.3 for Payroll. This simplifies your upgrade process by not having to update your Subscription licenses for every new release.

    You can find out what version of Sage 300 you are using from the Help menu. Choose About Sage 300, and then click on System Info.

  • Sage 300 Support and Insights: How to reverse posted job-related transactions?

    There are two types of job-related transactions. One is done within the Project and Job Costing module ( in PJC transactions folder).  The other one is done outside of PJC module and it’s a job-related transaction.

     Now we are going to talk about these two types of transactions, then, we’ll show you how to reverse them from PJC.

    1. Let’s do a PJC Costs transaction in PJC Transactions folder. Users can use…
  • Sage 300 Support and Insights: How to create an import file for Number Changers

    In a previous blog, I discussed about number changers and talked about the different types of changes and which modules have number changers. What can one do if he/she has over 100 or 1000 changes to be entered? The program only allows one change to be entered at a time, so the best option is to import the changes. There are 5 types of formats supported but the most popular 2 formats used are Excel (.xls) and Comma Separated…

  • Sage 300 Support and Insights: What are Number Changers?

    As the name states, it is a program for changing numbers. Quite often, one may not thoroughly think over what style of numbers or a specific number to use for many different areas when setting up a database. Later, one may realize that the wrong format or length was selected for a certain number. What can be done? If such a decision was made in Sage 300 for one of the following modules, there may be a number changer program…

  • Sage 300 Support and Insights: How Sage 300 Subscription/Entitlement licensing functions.

    In 2017 an initiative was introduced to Sage 300 to move licensing from perpetual to subscription. This process required customer sales records to now have a Sage300c subscription, this license is know as Sage 300 cloud.

    The term Sage 300 cloud is not a hosted nor a cloud enabled Sage 300 product, the term is a Sales and Marketing term that relates to licensing.

    Subscription licensing is activated on the most recent release…

  • Sage 300 Support and Insights: How to setup Microsoft Graph for send mail with Office365

    To use Microsoft Graph on Office 365, requires setup in Office 365 to allow Azure permissions for API.

    • Login to as Administrator
    • Open Admin Center

    • In Admin center Select Azure Active Directory

    • Select Azure Active Directory
    • App Registrations
      • Select New registration
      • Enter in Name for example Sage 300 Email

    • At this point the overview will show Application (Client) ID and Directory (tenant) ID.