• Year End Closing Entry

    New year is already created but now need to close the previous fiscal year to retained earnings. How do I create the closing entry if the new year is already created?

  • Deleting AR Receipt Error batch

    We have an order that was prepaid before shipping. The shipping system added a shipping charge to the invoice. Now we are getting an error batch for the shipping amount that says. "Document XXX is already fully paid/applied"

    If we try to delete…

  • assets G/L deleted batch

    Hello everyone,

    I'm facing an issue regarding. assets acquisition batch.

    I made an acquisition batch and it's posted in the AM module, but it's arrived to the G/L deleted.

    anyone know why its deleted? and how can I re-generate a G/L batch for…

  • Bank Reconciliation Page unresponsive

    I am getting below error while processing bank reconciliation via webscreens, How can this be mitigated?

  • Bank Feeds - Canadian Commercial Accounts

    Has there been any progress with getting Canadian Commercial Accounts to work in Bank Feeds?

    The bank is available in the list (TD Commercial Banking) but it cannot be connected to.

  • AP Payment Batch contains printed checks not recorded in Bank Services

    A payment batch was created and checks printed. Error Batch was created during posting. The error is Check not found in Bank Services. Cant delete entries or void checks as the checks were not created in Bank Services.

  • Vendor Number Change causing a Payment error in bank services and corrupting data

    We have a client running Sage 2022 PU 1.  They consistently use the Vendor number change program to combine or change Vendors.  When this is done before bank reconciliation, they get a payment not found message when they try to post their Bank Reconciliation…

  • Account Code Change 2022 Error - Damage Database if run and dont Print/Clear Log before !!!

    Hi everyone,

    Since I upgrade my customer to Sage 300 2022 a lot of issues with ACC. First we get an error and data damage because an A/P Job Details issue was in KB and fix. Later with an AR68AARRD critical error with invalid data directory that also…

  • Bank beginning balances upload

    We need to load uncashed checks to a new bank. Other than manually entering one batch per check, is there any way to import this information? Ty.

  • is it possible to change the document date, post date, fiscal year on AR Invoice after posted?

    Hi All,

    is it possible to change the document date, post date, fiscal year and period on AR Invoice after posted?


    user import AR Invoice to Sage 300 using the Import feature on AR2100 (Invoice Entry). For some reason, the year of the document…

  • Reverse AP Invoice as though it never posted?

    Hi all,

    User are going to import AP Invoice (around 10000 invoices) using the import feature on AP Invoice Entry and posted it everyday. But some of the transactions is not going to be valid a few days later (like a dispute) and needed to be removed from…

  • Entering only Retainage amount in AR

    Is it possible to enter a retainage amount only without entering the original invoice in AR? The reason is that the invoice was paid before Sage 300 was commissioned and only some retainage amounts exist which need to be entered for a customer.


  • Book Balance in Bank Reconciliation

    Our bank has not been reconciled in Sage from 2018 onwards because of some issues. Now I want to start reconciling in Sage. Our bank balance is as below and there is a book balance of the below amount in the picture. The question I have is where is the…

  • Bank rec reconciled items showing

    We have 2 bank accounts. When we pull one in bank reconciliations and setup the display to "reconciled", cleared items for many months back display. When we do the same for the other account, no transactions are displayed. We cannot figure out what the…

  • ERROR: "Access violation in module AIDBZ32.DLL" when posting a change in Account Code Change Solution ID: 23062


    I have a lot of issues with Account Code Change with a customer using Sage 300 2022 Update 2 and Update 3. We fix some of them installing hot fix first to solve an issue (database damage) with AP files and later tech support send me AR dictionary…

  • Year end closing - retained earnings account missing

    Hello, we are trying to close our year but get a notification that there is no retained earnings account setup. Has anyone encountered this issue? Ty.

  • How to adjust EI and CPP earnings on Sage 300

    Does anyone know how to adjust EI insurable and CPP pensionable earnings for T4s on Sage 300?

  • Error Importing G/L Journal - Could not find installable ISAM

    Hi everyone,

    Suddenly, user - Sage 300 2021 (all programs at server) - running Sage from workstation set up is getting that error when trying to import some G/L journals. They use that feature a lot. But now is getting that error!!

    Any idea?

    Thank yo…

  • Receipt of Payment

    Hi! Payment received from a customer was recorded through Bank Module - debiting bank and crediting a gl account.

    How do we apply this payment to the invoices in the AR module in Sage 300?


  • Sage 300 AR Credit Card Receipt - can't post

    I have an AR receipt entry with a cc charge that has been settled but the receipt entry will not post.  The charge was applied to two invoices.  Before the batch was posted, another entry was made to those two invoices with a credit note applied to them…

  • tax on payroll advance

    Has anyone successfully set-up an advance repayment code that takes the net amount of an advance that is subject to income taxes?

    For example a $1500 advance is given and taxed so a net advance of 1069.83 is paid. At month end the advance repayment code…

  • ROE generation skips pay periods with no earnings

    We have a client that issues ROE's quite often and there are times when the employee will have no earnings or cheque for a pay period in the middle of their last 27pp. Box 15C ignores that pay period by design but when uploading to ROE Web they are given…

  • Set up of revenue recognition on Sage 300

    Kindly assist with solution to setting up revenue recognition using annuity billing where I can recognise revenue in piecemeal

  • Clear History

    Please, how does clear history work. We are having issues with old transaction and we want to delete the old posted transaction. 

  • bank rec

    why am I getting payment not found when trying to post my bank rec.