• How to do a tax only credit in AP and AR

    Here are instructions on doing a tax only credit in AP and AR: http://bit.ly/APTaxCredit http://bit.ly/ARTaxCredit
  • Canadian Payroll wage rate table

    Does anyone know of a third-party product that will accumulate hours on an earnings code and change the rate once a threshold is achieved? For example, an employee is paid $25/hr. for the first 1000 hours worked, then $30/hr. for 1001 to 2000 hrs. and…
  • Canadian Payroll ROE batch

    I have a client that is doing a mass ROE batch. Is there any way to have the Reason Code set to a specific choice? By default it just picks the first code in the list. So the client has to go through each of the 200+ ROE's in the batch and change the…
  • Bank Reconciliation

    Our temp accountant cleared an outstanding check last month but changed the amount to $0. The check actually cleared in the current month. Does anyone have a solution to this so that I can clear it in the current month's reconciliation?
  • How Do I Remove zero balance transactions from the bank reconciliation

    Hello All, I'm sure this is a question that many Sage 300 users have. On the bank reconciliation, there are transactions with zero dollar amounts that are piling up because the system does not allow the user to clear them (I try to click on the…
  • Bank Reconciliation - Attempt to change disabled field 'Transaction Date'.

    i am using Sage 300 2020.3 and have been trying to import a list of cheques into the bank reconcilaition function to reconcile cheques and have the reconciliation date show up as when they actually cleared the account. this isn't something new for us…
  • Lot/Item serial

    I am new for IC lot tracking feature, I can't know how to implement and maintained lot and serial number for items. can anybody give me idea about this issue.
  • Exclude PrePayments From Being Revalued

    Kindly advise how best to exclude AR Customer Prepayments from being revalued during AR Revaluation.
  • AP payment batch error - ERROR BATCH - Entries from batch XXX

    Hi, we are receiving this error message in one of our AP payment batches. There is no description of the error. Where can we find that information? Thanks.
  • Payroll Employee Setup - Pay - G/L Distr. Code

    Payroll Employee Setup - Pay - What's a G/L Distr. Code and where do I manipulate them?
  • GL Batch Posting Error: Period 1 in fiscal year 2024 is locked for General Ledger in Common Services' Fiscal Calendar.

    Hi There, I am new in a company and Sage 300 premium. July is our period 1 for the new fiscal year 2024. There is no accountant in the company in July, hence nothing posted in GL in July. When I posted AP source entries from GL batch listing, this is…
  • Web client of bank rec not displaying a full list of outstanding items

    the classic client shows withdrawals outstanding past cheque 189 but the web client stops at 188. Note that the yellow highlights show that I have the same selection criteria. The green highlights indicate that the web client knows that correct total…
  • Reversing Cleared / Reconciled Cheque

    We are using 2021 (300 Premium) (Build 20) (Product Update 2) An outstanding cheque was cleared by mistake during the Bank Reconciliation. The bank reconciliation is posted. Is there a way to mark this cheque outstanding again? We couldn't find a…
  • Bank reconciliation automation

    Can you recommend add ons to automate bank recs in 300? Thanks.
  • Stale date a cheque?

    How do I stale date a cheque? I have several outstanding payments from over a year ago. I believe the debts have been settled alternatively (sent an EFT or some cash). I want to reverse the old outstanding cheque and not have the AP item come-up again…
  • GL Trial Balance Missing Figures

    Sage 300 2023 After posting a Take-on Opening Balances, a Trial Balance was printed, and the total appears to be far less that the posted batch totals. There is no error reported during posting of the batch and all entries in the batch have been posted…
  • Invoice Batch List behavior

    Good morning! Our accounts payable clerk has reported an odd behavior in a single company when she enters a record into a batch using the Invoice Batch List. Clicking the 'Add' button does not progress to the next blank record. Instead, the button changes…
  • vacation accrual "current remaining" does not match totals

    Have two employees that show a current remaining amount of vac pay that does not match the report totals of accrued minus paid. Have tried entering adjustments in transaction history but it always adjusts both the current amount and the report totals…
  • How important are historical FX Rates?

    Hello Sage 300 community! Yesterday a financial analyst accidentally deleted 15 years of FX rates (first and last of the month) in the Currency Rate table. We are trying to restore the information, but it seems like it may be a lengthy process. Does anyone…
  • Error Code 380: Sage 300 ERP

    Hi there, I'm quite inexperienced using Sage 300 ERP, and I'm trying to add a new asset, but it's displaying Error Code: 380 "Date does not exist in Fiscal Calendar!". I've had no troubles adding assets for the past few months, so I'm not sure what…
  • Payroll processing related question for 401(K) contributions under Secure 2.0

    Hello, The Secure 2.0 Act of 2022 will now require that effective 01/01/2024: that all catch-up contributions (i.e. up to $7,500 for employees over the age of 50) to employer-sponsored qualified retirement plans (e.g. a 401K plan) for participants…
  • Bank reconciled items for past reconciliations

    Is there a way to pull a list of items that were processed as reconciled in a past, closed month?
  • Outstanding withdrawals in first page of bank reconciliation report does not balance with total of detail in last page

    We have some outstanding transactions that are included in the detail total but not in the report summary. Any thoughts?
  • accruals

    vacation pay stopped accruing and being paid out for a large number of employees but not all
  • Year End Closing Entry

    New year is already created but now need to close the previous fiscal year to retained earnings. How do I create the closing entry if the new year is already created?