• 1099 not including imported payments

    When calculating 1099 information payments which were imported is being ignored. On the log we do get a message warning "Payment currency differs from ledger currency" This is not a multi-currency environment

    Any ideas ?

    Thank You

  • Bank Reconciliation Payment Selection


    When using the advanced bank reconciliation (BSIIMP), after matching the statement (GESBSIMTC, Process Bank Transactions), we have an option to select / filter the payments, on the right, in order to reduce the number of items that appear on the payment…

  • Average Cost evol./movement using Order Price rather than FIFO


    We've noticed a few funny jumps in our average costs. Please see the attached example.
    Is this being calculated correctly?
    The product is set the FIFO costing valuation method so not sure why it's using order price here and then decreasing…
  • Miscellaneous Issue

    I am trying to issue out a product we no longer use here but get this error 

    Never seen it before. does anyone know how we can zero out this from stock?


  • Status change

    I am trying to do a status change on a product going from A to R (approved to reject) but in our SAGE system there isnt an option for R

    I am only seeing A - approved component. Can I get help with this? or nay one know why?

  • How to delete a inventory count session that had already been validated from 2022?

    So there is an open count session from 2022 that I am trying to delete. How do I delete it and not close it out because we just ran our 2023 inventory count. Please help if anyone has been through this.

  • Question on Billing Time on a Project

    In the project management module when you have a project for which the tasks are setup for billing to a customer.  One goes through the process of the Time Entry and Time Posting.  Then when we are subsequently billing the customer I've only been able to…

  • Stock line subject to an analysis request

    When trying to create a renumbering/mix FOM: Lot modification, the field error "lot" pops up.

    The material was tracked into Q status from Quality Control. I've gone into the quality history and tried changing it through the enter quality…

  • Can production tracking be reversed?


    I am having issues when it comes to Production Tracking and WO Closing. Here are the issues:

    1. One of the materials in my BOM was discontinued but production already tracked all materials. Since it is discontinued, there was no stock of that material;…

  • Budget to be consumed using the previous year's Budget when creating a Purchase invoice against Purchase Order from the previous year.

    On V11 Patch 17, when creating a Purchase Invoice against a Purchase Order for a previous year Purchase Order, the budget needs to be consumed from the previous year and not the current year. Currently it is doing this from the Current year. How can one…

  • Voiding/cancelling a Check in a closed period


    I have a cheque that needs to be voided/accounting cancellation.  The problem is that it is in a closed period, and the entry is finalized.

    The other problem is that this payment relates to a prepayment and needs to go back to the PO so that it…

  • Auto-allocate received stock to non-intersite sales orders first


    We are wondering if, when stock is received and automatically allocated, to allocate it to NON-intersite flagged orders first, even if they are older than the regular orders.

    The scenario:

    I am transferring stock physically and digitally from one…

  • Non billable Delivery with pick ticket for ADC mobile picking?

    We have a nice Sage X3 puzzle, here it goes:

    We want to pick from new ADC mobile webapp the stock to be issued on a non-billable delivery;

    We create an order to have the pick ticket, I think we cannot have pick tickets without orders;

    Then we pick the…

  • How to reverse production tracking


    I have declared production tracking. Now I want to reverse the component and manufacturing record.

    Please let me know how to do it.



  • Help! How do you reverse an already firmed and tracked workorder?

    Hi, I need your help!

    I am in a situation where I firmed a workorder, tracked the materials, production, and operation, but realized the BOM was incorrect. How do I reverse this? 

  • Error when running stock accounting interface

    Hi all,

    I got the below issue when running stock accounting interface

    Given that I have set up, open journal codes mentioned above

    Thanks for any help!

  • Payment Processing for Employee Sales

    Is there a way to post a payment for an employee sale to a wash account (non cash account)? So we can they process through payroll for deduction offsetting the entry. 

  • Changing Dimension Number without Losing Financial Data

    Does anyone know if we're able to edit the dimension/asset number without losing our financials on that asset? IE changing #13022 to #13049, but keeping all associated records. When we go into the dimension to change the established number now, it simply…

  • AP Module closing

    After inventory is changed to balance adjusted, payments made against inventory are still being made in a subsequent period.  Those payments can produce PPV (STK) transactions when they differ from the PO amount.  We would like the PPV to stop posting to…


    I am trying to expire an item using FUNSTOLTI based on the Recontrol days and I get the following error message on a STOCK item that should trigger it expires.

    Location PTL26 A A (BG 43) The Current Location is not authorized for the new Stock status…

  • Deleting Erroneous Product Records


    I've joined a new company that's uses Sage X3 - After looking through the inventory reports, I can see there are occasions where a product has been duplicated but with a slightly different spelling of the product name. I would like to delete the duplicates…

  • Error reprorted when creating a new sale invoce

    Hello everyone,can someone guide me to sovle this issue         Thank you!!!

  • WIP Posting - Processing Date

    There isn't any information on this field and its' purpose.  Does it update the accounting date on the journal entry to this date?

  • Intersite orders where supplying product-site record doesn't exist

    We noticed an interesting yet problematic scenario. We have two sites, let's say A and B. B supplies A(mfg suggestions), and A is set up as an intersite to B(intersite suggestion). The system allows a SOF with a ship site of B for a product even though…

  • Fixed Assets - Expense not available to capitalise

    Hi all,

    The expense created through a journal entry is not showing as available to be capitalized. It is not in the "Expenses to be Capitalised" tab on Expenses and no asset reference is shown there.

    • The Status of the journal entry is 'Final' and…