• Sage 100 Client kicks me out

    Has anyone experience with the Sage 100 client it just kicks you off and closes application? I has happened to me in the past and today I've been kicked out with no warning or error. 

    Just looking how to troubleshoot if it keeps happening today...

  • Fixed Assets

    Running Sage 100 Cloud 2019. I have not previously used Fixed Assets.  When I try to run it a message tells me it isn't installed but it is in the list of installed modules in Company Maintenance.  I can't find a phone number or website to get help…

  • getting in touch with SAGE

    Our ticket was closed and stated resolved but it has not been resolved.  We were told there was a software glitch that needed to be fixed. how do we contact SAGE to see how close they are to getting this batch sent out.  This is causing us huge trouble…

  • Paperless Office Slow

    We are experiencing extreme lag when posting Journal and Daily Transaction Registry. This has slowed significantly in the last couple of months and would seem to be tied to Paperless / Adobe PDF. Our Test Company environment without paperless office is…

  • Daily Transaction Register Hangs

    I have two clients that are experiencing random issues with the DTR hanging. It shows the progress bar and the green bar just keeps going. If I kill the task, I can go to the Daily Transaction Register on the Main Menu and it runs fine with no error.…

  • Selected a/p invoices do not stay selected when selecting by invoice number

    Version 7.0.4 Sage 100

    Use Check maintenance to select invoices.  Pick a vendor and enter 3 invoices to pay.  All are selected and the total of three is at bottom of screen,  Go to print a check and only 1 or 2 of those invoices are on check. 

    Realized just…

  • ARWAR4

    How often are you losing invoices while doing cash receipts and having to run the ARWAR4 utility? It is frustrating and I feel like I am having excessive cash receipt errors. 

  • Check History Full error 16 during a/p manual ck register update

    Voided checks filled up check history in updating manual checks register producing error 16 file full. Sage 2021.

    Reason-Owner decided to use the expanded check number to prefix the division to the previous check number sequence creating millions of voided…

  • Sage 100c window will not open

    So this happened to 2 machines today.  Multiple displays, log into Sage 100c, and no windows open.  You can see the icon in the task bar.   Old fix, change display and only open on primary monitor worked on one machine.

    For the other machine nothing is happening…

  • ARWAR4 enhancement

    With the changes made re the ARWAR4 issue, Cash Receipts is acting differently.  Most clients will not notice, but I have one client who has a boatload of invoices per customer and sees this when loading the invoices

    Unfortunately, even when they say…

  • Slow Access to Paya Credit Card Vault

    We have a client that just moved their Sage 100 2021 Standard to a Hosted environment.  When clicking on the Credit Card/ACH button in Customer Maintenance, it takes 2 to 3 minutes to open up.  Does anyone have a clue on why this process would have slowed…

  • Positive Pay file inserts zeros for check number

    When we updated to version 2021, the positive file was no longer correct.  Instead of displaying 5 zeroes and our 5 digit check number, it displayed 9 zeros and the first number of the 5 digit check number.  Installed update today, which was supposed to…

  • Sage will not open

    When I try to open SAGE i get the following message: A Business Desktop has already been started for this workstation. I have restarted my computer twice. This seems to be happening to all of our desktops that have SAGE on them.

    Any suggestions??

  • Sage Business Cloud and mf.dll?

    I have seen this twice now in the last two weeks from the same client.  I know how to fix it but I'm curious as to what is going on.  Could find nothing in the knowledgebase.

    Both instances were in a RDP environment.

    The program launches and you get…

  • Sage upgrade from Standard 2018 to Premium 2019 (SQL), performance issues (VMWare)

    Hello All,

    Does anyone have an issue with performance with just navigating menus, etc with Sage 100 when migrated to SQL? Just doing something simple like opening "Company Maintenance" can take up to 30 seconds. The SQL Server itself and the Sage host…

  • Demo Mode Again!!!!

    We have a current Business Care Plan but are getting slotted into Demo mode - this is the 2nd time in the past two weeks!  The first time was resolved by the business owner via a hold time of over two hours.  What is going on?  Permanent solution please…

  • Unable to Open an .xlsx Memo Attachment - v6.10.1 Win 10 Build 1809 or 1903

    v2019 Windows 10 build 1809 or newer 1809 or 1903.  Customer, vendor, item maintenance,  Create a memo and add an Excel .xlsx attachment.  Save the memo then open the memo and double click on the attachment.  It won't open.  I brought this issue to Sage…

  • Speed connectivity improvements with Sage 100c

    My client's biggest headache is that he can't connect to his on-premise Sage 100 through their internal wi-fi or at home through a VPN.  It is so slow, it doesn't work. He wants to know if Sage 100c would make this connection possible? I told him…

  • Customers disappearing from Sage 100c

    We are running Sage 100C, 2016 Premium.   We have just noticed that customers are disappearing from Sage 100.  Their customer numbers are gone in Sage 100, but we can still see the customer number in Sage CRM.   We aren't sure exactly when this started to…

  • Cash Flow

    Does anyone use the Estimated Cash Flow Analysis Report?  I ran this report, but immediately realized it cannot be correct because it was factoring in a negative balance from a bank account that was closed years ago.  Any suggestions on this or alternate…

  • AR Remove Zero Balance Invoices - Error 27 & Error 11

    Error 27: Unexpected or incorrect WEND, RETURN, WITH or NEXT. Line 02006, 00040, & 00125
    Error 11: Record not found or Duplicate key on write. Line 00188


    Customer received this error while trying to remove old AR invoices…

  • UDF Information is missing

    I have a date that I have added to the SO panel.  When I add the date and click accept, sometimes the information "saves" and sometimes it drops off. 

    Has anyone experienced this happening to them? 

    Any help will be greatly appreciated. 

  • Al realizar el proceso de facturación la pantalla se congela y aparece el siguiente mensaje:

    Problem signature:

      Problem Event Name:                      BEX

      Application Name:                           pvxwin32.exe

      Application Version:              

      Application Timestamp:                  59bb97cb

      Fault Module Name:                        dtsh.dll

      Fault Module Version:                     6.1.7600.16385

      Fault Module Timestamp:               4a5bc8ec


  • Add-on to view live and archived data

    Because of the high volume of data in our  invoice history detail table, many reports that use this table take forever to run.  We know we can use the purge utility to purge older invoices (after making a good backup company), but we often need to look…

  • unit prices are sometimes frozen and can’t be updated they need to be unreceived and received back into inventory at the correct price

    Following an upgrade AP unit prices sometimes freeze why?  Must be un-received and re-received back into inventory at correct price.  What causes this?