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  • Bank Reconciliation

    Why don't entries made in General Ledger post to journals show in the bank rec?

  • JC Totals vs Gl Totals

    JC Summary total for the month do not equal GL totals.  JC totals are higher, what is the best way to reconcile?

  • Bank Reconciliation

    I have a deposit in the bank from correcting a payable invoice, that I kept reversing trying to get rid of the money going into the bank. The invoice is showing paid, the amount remains as a deposit. Is there a way to go back and delete the journal entry…

  • Bank Reconciliation Payment Selection


    When using the advanced bank reconciliation (BSIIMP), after matching the statement (GESBSIMTC, Process Bank Transactions), we have an option to select / filter the payments, on the right, in order to reduce the number of items that appear on the payment…

  • Prepaid sales/deposits

    My prepaid sales/deposits is showing a balance and it is not clearing. Can someone tell me how to clear these please? Maybe i have a problem with my linked account? I have cleared these manually before as well but cannot figure out how to do it.

  • Credit Car Payment


    I accidentally posted the same payment to my Credit Card twice.  How to I go about reversing one of the payments?

    Thank you.

  • Bank feeds for UK banks


    Can anyone let me know if there is a recent list of banks for the bank feeds? I am mostly interested in UK and Switzerland banks.



  • bank recon

    Hi, I am using sage 50 premium accounting.  when i created a new fiscal year last April, when I do my bank reconciliation the cash transaction doesn't show in the reconciliation app.  My last FY was fine, when I created a new Fiscal year, it was all…

  • Sage 50 bank reconciliation

    I've been doing bank reconciliations for years on this program without a problem.  This month however I was able to reconcile the account, print the report BUT was unable to save it in the program.  Any suggestions? 

  • Bank Reconciliations

    How to clear the prior year outstanding cheques if we just start to use Sage 50?

  • Credit Card and ACH Settlement Rpt


    For the past couple months our credit card and ach settlement report has been showing a Company: as "MANUAL PROCESSED" we see this for multiple Settlement Numbers on report. Can anyone tell me what "Manual Processed" refers to.. I want believe…

  • Ability to match bank feeds individual checks to the direct deposit lump sum.

    Direct deposit from iSolved is in sage for $2100.  Bank feeds/bank statement shows 2 check ($1200 and $900).  Why is there no current way to make this reconcilable?

  • Paypal income

    Hi there! I would appreciate some advice, please...

    I have linked my Paypal account to Sage and it has all the transactions itemised. It shows the gross income, before fees, but not what I have actually received, net. I have been raising a "quick entry…

  • Sage 300 Posting Bank Reconciliation without asking all users to logout

    Multiple bank accounts that need to be reconciled and posted are being used by our Sage300 company.

    The problem is that, even when a certain bank isn't being used, it's always necessary to request that users log out.

    Is there another way…

  • Subcontract invoiced amount doesn't match the invoices

    My subcontract invoiced amount doesn't match the invoices recorded on that subcontract. I read solution ID# 94560 and checked for both reasons listed and neither were the case on any of the associated invoices. Is there any other possible reason they…

  • Bank reconciliation - outstanding amount not correct

    The transactions I have outstanding do not match the outstanding amount.  The difference is sitting in unresolved.  How can I get it to move to the outstanding amount?

    i.e - o/s transactions = $26,449.06.  Outstanding amount is showing as $13,809.08, unresolved…

  • Bank Reconciliation Page unresponsive

    I am getting below error while processing bank reconciliation via webscreens, How can this be mitigated?

  • Rapport Rapprochement bancaire

    Est-ce possible de réimprimer un rapport de rapprochement bancaire ?




    Bonjour, j'ai importé mes opérations bancaires. J'ai reçu un dépôt du gouvernement pour retours de taxes inscrit sur ma déclaration. Comment faire pour associer cette transaction à ma déclaration de taxes ? Merci.…

  • reverse bank reconciliation

    Bank account won't balance and see errors is previous reconciliation. How can I reverse it and start again?

  • Bank Feeds - Canadian Commercial Accounts

    Has there been any progress with getting Canadian Commercial Accounts to work in Bank Feeds?

    The bank is available in the list (TD Commercial Banking) but it cannot be connected to.

  • SAGE ERP 500 2019 - Cash Management Entry - Currency Exchange Rate Error

    When entering a Cash Management transaction on the "Bank Transaction Entry" screen there is a grayed out field to the middle right called "Transfer To Exch Rate" and it should display a "1.00" all the time for us.  While entering…

  • Outstanding Credit on BR, Financials reflect Debit - SAGE 100


    Looking for any help/guidance I can get. I had some issues when printing a check for an invoice, so I made adjustments and reversals, and then the second check was double the invoice, I realized I incorrectly adjusted the invoice, corrected that…

  • Vendor Number Change causing a Payment error in bank services and corrupting data

    We have a client running Sage 2022 PU 1.  They consistently use the Vendor number change program to combine or change Vendors.  When this is done before bank reconciliation, they get a payment not found message when they try to post their Bank Reconciliation…

  • reconciliation error