Sage 300 -> CRM integration troubleshooting guide - Step 8 of 10

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Customer and Vendor Promotions

Lets look at promoting a Customer/Vendor in Sage CRM to Sage 300. Promoting a customer or vendor to Sage 300 is the process of capturing the details of a customer/vendor and then pushing the info to Sage 300 to be able to create orders and quotes for that customer and keep a financial history for the customer. 

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When on a company in Sage CRM and you you have an integrated system, you will see an extra tab called "Promote to Sage 300"
This tab will allow you to promote the CRM company to Sage 300

You will be asked to pick the Sage 300 database you want to promote to
You will also need to complete the Sage 300 ID on this screen. If you are promoting a vendor then it will add to the COMP_IDVEND and customer uses the COMP_IDCUST. This will also promote to AP or AR dependently.

Once promoted, you will see the AR or AP screen in Sage CRM and you should complete the details of the company on this screen and then click save at the bottom of the AR/AP screen. This will complete the promotion. You will have all the access to the fields in normal web screens from here.