Sage 300 -> CRM integration troubleshooting guide - Step 9 of 10

Quotes and Orders

Next up you can create your quote or order in Sage CRM by using the web screens from Sage 300.

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Last step to the integration is creating Quotes and Orders from Sage CRM.
Something to keep in mind is that you do not need to Promote a company to Sage 300 to create a quote or order. When an unprompted company creates a quote/order it will be created against a dummy company called CRM999999999. This company cannot be searched in AR as it does not exist, unless you create a company with that ID in Sage 300.

Creating a quote/order will present you with the web screen for that action. This will be identical to the screen seen in Sage 300 however there will be an extra tab for CRM Opportunity related info.

Something to note is that when you click on the "New Quote" or "New Order" buttons from the Company summary screen an auto opportunity will be created for that company where the quote and order details will relate to. When you create an Opportunity first, and then create a quote or order from the appropriate screens, it will not create another opportunity but it will update the values on the opportunity that exists already, if selected in the CRM opportunity tab.

The "Include in Opportunity Total" is very important as this field will update the CRM values in the Opportunity totals box