Sage 300 -> CRM integration troubleshooting guide

This article will serve as a multiple part article on the most common troubleshooting tips for Sage CRM to Sage 300 integration. It will be released in stages and this main article, the roundup article, will be updated with links to the relevant steps as the new articles get released. This guide is to serve as a quick reference to all steps needed to help troubleshoot common problems in the integration related to incorrect or incomplete setup of the integration tools and processes.

Steps to diagnose:

  1. Sage 300 setup and checks
  2. Installing the component on Sage CRM
  3. Create the Sage 300 company on Sage CRM
  4. Change the Sage 300 user credentials on Sage CRM
  5. Synchronize tables
  6. Change Sage 300 Database credentials on Sage CRM
  7. Import Customer/Vendors
  8. Promote Customer/Vendor
  9. Open/Create a Quote or Order in Sage CRM

This article is written for Sage 300 2020 - 2021, as there might be changes in the upcoming versions of Sage 300 that changes this process, however in older versions like Sage 300 2019, most of these steps are still applicable even if Sage 300 2019 uses a slightly different way of integration.