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Important: Sage 50 Accounting product update Hotfix release for version 2020.1

Dear Sage 50 Customer,  

This is a follow-up to our post on December 31, 2019 regarding the 2020.1 update. A hotfix is now available for users who have installed the 2020.1 update and experienced issues.  

Please see KB 102602 (see 260-1009050 for FR) which is now available and contains instructions for downloading and applying the patch for systems currently on Sage 50 version 2020.1.

Note: This hot fix patch is only intended for users who have already installed the 2020.1 update. If you are still on 2020.0 the patch does not apply. If it is applied to 2020.0, it will corrupt the program.

For those who are currently on version 2020.0, an updated installer of the Sage 50 2020.1 product update is expected January 6th, 2020 via automatic download. 

Reminder, if you have already installed the earlier Sage 50 2020.1 release and tried converting, and your company files appeared to be missing, we have put together a helpful video that walks you through step-by-step instructions to convert your company to Sage 50 2020.1. For full details, please see Knowledgebase article 102392 (See  260-1009048 for French). 

We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience – our team is working extended hours to resolve the issues as quickly as possible.  

-Sage Team

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