• New Benefit - Sage Member Masterclass: Discover talks and articles from the world's leading experts!

    All Sage customers and partners have automatic access to Sage Membership, which includes Member Masterclass, networking opportunities, and expert human advice. 

    In Season 1 of Member Masterclass, go deeper with our experts, learn how to find and keep great…

  • Need training on Sage 50?

    Did you know that Sage has a learning platform called: Sage University (www.sageu.com), that offers training on Sage products? For Sage 50 you can find a variety of free getting started training as well as more advanced training at a cost.

    The training…

  • What's new in upcoming Sage 50 CA Release 2020.2? / Quoi de neuf dans la prochaine version 2020.2 de Sage 50 CA?

    Coming soon! A product update will be available for Sage 50 CA 2020 starting with the Accountant Edition on June 29, 2020, and releasing to all other customers June 30, 2020.

     This release 2020.2 will include payroll tax updates for July 1, 2020, as well…

  • Sage 50—Canadian Edition: Now is a great time to reach support! / Sage 50—Édition canadienne: C’est le moment idéal pour contacter le soutien technique!

    In our current situation, which finds many of our customers are working in a limited capacity, the wait times to speak to an analyst via Chat or phone are as low as they have been in a long time. If you have an ongoing issue to address or lingering question…

  • Sage 50—Canadian Edition: Canadian COVID-19: Business Support Finder / Sage 50—Édition canadienne : Localisateur dSage 50—Édition canadienne : le soutien aux entreprises (Canada)

    The Canadian COVID-19: Business Support Finder assessment tool has been updated with provincial information. Please click the following link to access the tool.  https://covid-19-support.na.sage.com/en-ca/

    Le localisateur de soutien aux entreprises (Canada…

  • Fast Sage 50 CA Resources & Our new Canadian COVID-19 Business Support Finder Tool

    Sage has many resources to help you get the most value out of your Sage 50 Canadian Edition solution. Sometimes, however, having multiple options can be a little overwhelming. Now you can get quick access to all assets by remembering a single URL: www…

  • Sage 50—Canadian Edition: COVID-19 Legislation / Sage 50-Édition canadienne : Mesures législatives visant la COVID-19

    This post was last updated on November 30th, 2021. 

    This forum post will be updated when there is legislation that impacts your Sage 50—Canadian Edition product. Currently, the following apply to if you use the payroll module: 

  • Temporary Wage Subsidy for Employers & Sage 50 Canadian Payroll

    The Government of Canada announced a Temporary Wage Subsidy for Employers on March 18th, to assist businesses impacted by COVID-19.
    Refer to the following Sage Knowledgebase article to assist you in calculating the Temporary Wage Subsidy: CRA tax remittance…

  • Canadian Economic Response

    The Government of Canada announced a new set of economic measures to help stabilize the economy and support Canadian workers and businesses. This includes the CRA not sending any Requirements to Pay (RTP) to employers and a Temporary Wage Subsidy for…

  • Preparations you can make to continue to run your business during uncertain times

    As a Sage customer or partner, it’s never been easier to work remotely and empower your business and customers through cloud-based technology. We’ve put together a list of tools and helpful tips to keep your business on track when you may need to work…

  • Downloads for Sage 50— Canadian Edition

    The Sage 50 2020.1 downloads have been replaced.  See KB 100797 for the full product download and KB 102293 for the product update. Please remember that the hotfix for customers who have already downloaded and installed a 2020.1 update prior to today is available…


    Dear Sage 50 Customer,

    The CRA announced late changes to the employee personal basic claim amounts, increasing the amount from $12298 to $13229. These changes were not able to be applied to the January 2020 tax updates for Sage 50 2019 and 2020. They have…

  • Important: Sage 50 Accounting product update Hotfix release for version 2020.1

    Dear Sage 50 Customer,  

    This is a follow-up to our post on December 31, 2019 regarding the 2020.1 update. A hotfix is now available for users who have installed the 2020.1 update and experienced issues.  

    Please see KB 102602 (see 260-1009050 for FR) which…

  • Issues converting company after the 2020.1 update

    All customers should now have access to the 2020.1 update, but we are still seeing issues converting the database. Please see KB article 102392 for instructions on how to address this issue.

  • Issues with converting after installing Sage 50 Canada 2020.1 | Problèmes de conversion après l’installation de la mise à jour 2020.1

    Issue found 

    If you have already downloaded the 2020.1 update and attempted to convert, you may have experienced issues installing. 

    Some customers have reported missing files or are stuck in a loop back to the welcome screen.


    In order to successfully…

  • 2020.1 delayed

    We have had to delay the release of the update due to unforeseen circumstances. As soon as it is available to you, it will download automatically to your system. We do not have an exact time of when this will be available. We apologize for any inconveniences…

  • Announcing Sage 50 2020.0 download

    What’s new in Sage 50 2020.0

    • New options for pay periods
    • Ability to save a company logo to the database
    • Transactions in a new calendar year
    • Improved readability of reports

    For more detailed information about this release, see the What’s New…

  • Announcing Sage 50 2019.3 download

    What’s new in Sage 50 2019.3

    • Changes to the Manitoba sales tax
    • New partnership with AutoEntry

    For more detailed information about this release, see the What’s New available with the download.

    Download and install this update

    Important: If you…

  • Migration tool to Sage Business Cloud Accounting available

    Does your business keep you out of the office? Traveling to see customers and meeting with vendors while trying to keep your books up to date? Tired of the late nights spent tediously entering the day’s transactions?


    You know you need something…

  • Sage 50 Year -End Training - January 17, 2019.

    Start the new year on the right foot with our live online Sage 50 year-end course!

    Make sure you are not forgetting anything for the new year!

    Learn how to tackle calendar and fiscal year ends with our 90-min WebEx training sessions. In each session…

  • Sage 50 2019.1 is available for download

    What's new

    • Easily record returns, refunds, or adjustments to invoices
    • Payroll tax updates

    For more information, see Whats new in 2019.1: http://www.sage.com/ca/sage-50-accounting/na/~/media/site/50-pdfs/WhatsNew2019_1EN

    Download and install this…

  • Sage 50 2019.0 available

    Sage 50 2019.0 is available for download

    What's new

    • Sage Dashboard
    • Sage Approvals
    • Payments in Outlook

    For more information, see Whats new in 2019: http://sage.com/na/~/media/site/50-pdfs/WhatsNew2019EN

    Download and install this update

    Download is…

  • 2019 Installation Help

    2019.0 installation help is available:

    Avoid the wait times and sign up for a quick webinar where we guide you step by step on how to install the 2019.0 and maybe solve any installation hiccups. 

    Call us today (October 18, 2018) at 1-877-472-5819 with conference…

  • Hotfix for overwithholding after 2018.3

    A hotfix for Sage 50—Canadian Edition is available for customers who installed 2018.3 and are now overwithholding. The fix can be found in KB article 92012.

  • Sage 50 2018.3

    Sage is suspending the release of the 2018.3 update already released to customers using Premium and Quantum. This update includes tax changes that Ontario has determined will not go into effect. Please do not install the update if you have not already…