What's next for the Sage 50 CA and AutoEntry integration?

Back in June 2019, the entry of invoices and receipts across databases in Sage 50 CA got easier with the announced integration with AutoEntry.  Read more about how to get started with that here.

Now we have big news! Sage has acquired AutoEntry. This news was announced Friday Sept 27th, 2019.

AutoEntry is one of the fastest growing automation software businesses in the market. Its intelligent technology eliminates the pain point of data entry for accountants, bookkeepers and businesses, so they can spend time on the things that really matter to their business. 

By acquiring AutoEntry we are building on a strong partnership that’s been developed over the past two years. We have tried and tested AutoEntry with accountants and business customers, and we know it’s an intelligent solution that truly makes a difference to the pain point of data entry.

Intelligent technology

Its intelligent technology captures and analyses both paper and electronic documents, rapidly translating the data into a user’s accounting software. Its Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology checks that documents aren’t duplicated, and that the figures add up. It then incrementally learns how an individual processes their data. For example, it will remember that a mobile phone bill is separated into two different nominal accounts, ‘Telephone’ and ‘Insurance’ and will know which portion of the invoice is allocated to each. 

What's the plan for the future?

Initially we’ll be offering the solution to accountants in the UK. In the coming months, it will be offered to customers across Sage’s business worldwide. This is very exciting news for our product lines available here in Canada / North America! 

Stay tuned.

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