How to get started with Sage 50 CA's newest integration: AutoEntry

Have you been having to re-enter invoices and receipts into accounting software? Did you hear the news? AutoEntry now integrates with Sage 50 Canadian Edition, as well as, with Sage Business Cloud Accounting!

Capture a bill and then go deeper, capture line items by setting up a system of rules to match them to expense accounts on your chart of accounts. Let AutoEntry extract the data automatically. Make sure that your practice or business is benefiting and given the opportunity to scale-up by taking advantage of this highly recommended smart data capture cloud based app. You'll save hours of work!

What is AutoEntry?

AutoEntry is an intelligent, cloud-based solution which eliminates data entry, so users never again have to type up invoices or receipts. AutoEntry captures and analyses scanned and photographed paper documents, automating data entry into a user’s accounting software.

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5 Steps for setting up the integration between AutoEntry and Sage 50 CA

Because AutoEntry is cloud-based and Sage 50 Canadian Edition is installed locally, the AutoEntry Sync App needs to be downloaded and installed for the two solutions to communicate. Here is a summary of the main steps to configure the integration:

  1. In Sage 50 CA's Setup > Set Up Users & Roles menu, create a user for AutoEntry with read/write access and full accounting rights.
    • TIP: Your default sysadmin username must have a password set before you can select Add User
  2. Download and install the AutoEntry Sync App.
  3. Open the AutoEntry Sync App and log in with your AutoEntry log in details.
  4. Pick the AutoEntry company that you would like to connect.
  5. Browse to the location of your Sage 50 company and enter the username and password configured in step 1 to connect to AutoEntry. 

Important Notes for using Sage 50 CA with AutoEntry:

  • With the Pro edition of Sage 50, ensure Sage 50 is closed before completing the connection or when publishing invoices through to Sage from AutoEntry.
  • With the Premium Edition or higher, ensure that you have switched to multi-user mode. 

More information is available here. AutoEntry will help customers during an onboarding and will provide support for the integration.

Is AutoEntry available in French and English?

AutoEntry is available in English only.

What are some of the coolest things that AutoEntry does?

  • You can allocate a bill to a customer
  • It's really good at capturing bank statements
  • Taking a client out for dinner? Capture expenses on the go, take a picture of your receipt using the iOS  or Android AutoEntry app. The upload will capture the image and data including the date, vendor's name, expense category and the amount.  

How do you get signed up with AutoEntry?

If you're interested in automating your workflow with AutoEntry (and you're currently using Sage 50 CA version 2019.3+), please call 1-857-302-3409.

Note: This integration is available to all users on both subscription and perpetual (like Silver or Payroll) Sage Business Care plans.

I've signed up for AutoEntry and need help, who do I contact?

AutoEntry's support team is available by:

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