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    Are you looking for software that can help your growing business succeed? We know that as your business expands, you need new solutions that can deliver what really matters.

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  • Copying Find Transactions Report to Excel Frozen

    Hi! I was trying to export a report to Excel and it is frozen. Can not log out and restart a new session. When I log out and back in I go back to the screen that is trying to download the report. I am logged into a remote server.

    How can I cancel this…

  • Credit card journal entry

    Our employee bought parts with a company credit card.

    I need to add a journal entry manually for it which should be this I believe:

    Credit the Credit Card. 

    Debit the expense account.

    Where it gets tricky is that I need this tied to the invoice and PO because…

  • ETSY help with showing on Sage!!

    Please does anyone have a clue with how I enter Etsy transactions onto Sage?! It's a nightmare as the payments received have VAT already excluded (or the other way around) and then theres the fees which are either with or without VAT. 

    I just want…

  • Vehicle Mileage

    How do I enter vehicle mileage for tax reporting purposes?

  • New company in sage with previous paperwork

    Hello, I need to enter the existing information of my company in Sage, the company has 2 years of paperwork and I want to enter the invoices and expenses in Sage, do I need to do any special steps for this? Its a small business.


  • Error Message

    We keep getting a message that states "possible relationship inconsistency.  "An application shut down expectedly", etc.  You may need to enter some transactions.  Does anyone know what this would be about?

  • Accounting down for anyone else? We are sorry to have to tell you this, but you have just experienced an error...

    Started at 09h30 this AM. 

    Can't access the dashboard or any other menu items.

    Can't navigate to create / edit invoices from Favourites.

    It's not even month end though..... Weary

  • ACH payments

    We print and sign a lot of checks.  Please develop the capability to make ACH payments to my vendors, using existing payment processes to maintain the business flow.

  • How to complete partial paid invoices.

    My customer does not always pay the full amount.  This is a known problem that we track to make sure it doesn’t get too expensive.  For example the invoice may be $50, but they only pay $48.  Sage locks the invoice for editing so it’s difficult to…

  • Interface with Avalara's Avatax

    Who here uses the Avatax plug-in to calculate sales taxes?  This forum would be a great place to share ideas on this subject.

  • Cash vs Accrual Method Report Options

    Quickbooks has the ability to switch between the cash and accrual method for financial statement reporting.  I know that this is not possible in Sage but are there any plans in the future for this option?

    It would be nice to switch between the two different…

  • Simply Accounting Pro Version 9.0

    Hi All, 

    We are trying to install Simply Accounting Pro Version 9 to a Windows XP environment but we are getting this kind of message (image attached): 

    May we ask if it is still possible to install this application? Thank you. 

    PS: We have a licensed key…

  • Catch-ups for multiple year ends


    I've come back to work doing bookkeeping and I have two clients that need their bookkeeping records caught-up, both use Sage 50 Premium (2022).  Their accountant told them to get Sage Accounting, wouldn't have been my choice given the restrictions…

  • Customer Statement Run - excluding (current) zero balances?

    Hi there

    I am sending Customer Statements dated 30/09/2022 and selecting to exclude customers with zero balances, but Sage is of course looking at the account balance of my statement date. I have customers that have since paid i.e. their account balance…

  • Integrate Sage Business Cloud Payroll with Sage Cloud Accounting

    If you have access to both (SBCA and SBCP), did you know that you can set up the integration and have all of your financial information from each pay run sent directly from Cloud Payroll to Cloud Accounting?

    Accounting Integration is a way of linking…

  • Can a deleted invoice be recovered?

    We accidentally deleted an invoice yesterday - is it possible to recover the invoice after it has been deleted, or at least see the detail so we can re-create it?

  • Recurrent Invoices

    Hi Sage Accounting Users - We would like to know if there is a feature that we can flag certain invoices as recurrent payment with specific payment date. Thanks.

  • Printing Multiple Invoices

    Hello everyone, this there a way to print multiple invoices under a customer number at once? (I use Sage300)

    Example: A customer sends me a list of multiple invoices that they need. I don't want to search each invoice individually and save as a pdf and…

  • How to get transaction values for the nominal ledger in ODBC Sage 200 connection.


    i'm new to using sage 200 and have been given access to our ODBC connection to review some of the reporting tables available to us. I'd like to create a connection that allows me to pull nominal transactions but while the table "NLPostedNominalTran…

  • Customer statement send [email] times out every single month. Why @Sage?


    Every single month we do very small customer statement run, and every single month (for the past 6 months) our customer statement send times out [ERROR 504 GATEWAY TIMEOUT]. We have tried sending after hours, during hours, on different days of the…

  • Is anyone running Sage 50 on a MacBook Pro using Parallel successfully?

    Is there another version of Sage that does operate well on a MacBook Pro?  Our company uses MacBook Pros however, we are not able to run Sage 50 using Parallel successfully.  Parallel creates a Windows environment on the Mac.  Are there other ways to use…

  • Part 2 of 2: Driving Climate Action through Small Business

    In part 1 of this series,  we looked at where to start Small Business Climate Action for the tracking of carbon emissions (GHGs). Now we'll explore tips for successful emissions data gathering by SMBs.

    Tips for Successful Emissions Data Gathering by…

  • Adding a "Due Date" on statements per invoice line

    Hi there

    I would like to know if it's possible using the Accounting Custom Layout Designer (Report builder) to modify the customer statement layout to also include the invoice due date, per line, on the statements? I can find the field for the invoice…

  • Where can I find GL code and descriptions of the code?

    I am building out existing access report in sagex3. Where can I find GLcode and descriptions? I've looked at the accounting data model tab and am just not really sure what I am looking for. 

    Thank you in advance!