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    Hi, I am using SAGE UBS ACCOUNTING. My problem when i want to convert Full Ledger to pdf file, the b/f balance not appeared in the ledger. Please help me. Thank you.

  • changing invoice date

    Hi there,

    I am wondering if I can change the date of a batch of invoicing that was done today, but needs to be back dated to yesterday's date (month end), without deleting and re-doing the whole batch?

    Thank you for any assistance!

  • PR related amounts in GL is described as PR Post checks summary.

    Dear team,

      When ever we review the amounts in GL , check amounts from PR is showing as PR Post checks summary irrespective of the original PR summary contains breakage pay roll to Salary, other allowances ,deductions , fringes and so on. Could you please…

  • In the log viewer , could not find any information on the details column.

    Dear team,

     Missing any kind of details in reports from Log viewer as shown below.

  • Cheque printer changed. How to migrate the old printer configuration to new one?

    Dear team,

     We are recently change the printer for printing cheques to a latest printer .

    We were using HP Laser jet P1102 and we purchased a new Laser jet 107 W .

    But when we print the cheque , each time i have to edit the report according to values in…

  • Need help with Taxable vs Nontaxable discounts on invoices.


    We are trying to set up an invoice report for a 3rd party company to help us manage our taxes. They require that we put taxable amounts on one row, and non taxable amounts on another row per invoice as we have some invoices that have both taxable…

  • Help! Bank Reconciliation Shows Cleared Item Before I select anything

    Hello! I am trying to fix a bank reconciliation that got unbalanced due to a transaction being edited and not saved correctly when the account had already been reconciled and closed. I have verified all the debits and credits. However it says I am off…

  • How to Correct Vendor ID on reconciled payable check

    A payables check was entered with the wrong Vendor ID. The same Vendor has 2 different Vendor ID's, which is necessary.  How do I correct the Vendor ID if the check has already been reconciled?

  • Open Items Report for BP

    Hi, I want to run a report for a specific BP/Customer and I would like this report to show a complete list of all transactions for the customers - open and closed, invoices, CMs, DMs. I want to see 2 columns, one showing original amount and one column…

  • Sage Down for 8 Days

    Sage  Rage

    • 8 days unavailability! This is beyond ridiculous!

    The mills of God grind slowly, the mills of Sage grind exceedingly slower!

    • With any upgrade, does one not have a backup or fall back if the new system or upgrade does not work? Pathetic to be offline…
  • How to setup your Chart of Account

    About the chart of accounts

    The chart of accounts is a list of all of the accounts used by your business. These accounts are known as ledger accounts.

    You can use the chart of accounts to analyze your income, expenditure, assets, liabilities, and capital…

  • How to setup your Chart of Account

    About the chart of accounts

    The chart of accounts is a list of all of the accounts used by your business. These accounts are known as ledger accounts.

    You can use the chart of accounts to analyze your income, expenditure, assets, liabilities, and capital…

  • 1099 Reporting issues

    When I get to the vendor selection process it does not allow me to select the vendors I want. There is no checkbox like the Year-End guide shows below.

    I have selected 2020 as the year, but on my screen the "Select" row are empty and do not have a check…

  • Exclusive Selling Price

    Good day,

    I am editing my invoice/quotes on custom layout designer version 18.0. I would like to ad or select my exclusive selling price per unit. (No vat) But it keeps putting the price in with vat. 

    What am I doing wrong?

  • Inventory

    Hi there,

    We started using an app called Jane and instead of entering the inventory items twice in Sage and Jane, we decided to simplify and keep a detailed account of our inventory in the Jane app only. We entered the expenses and sales in the Sage inventory…

  • Refund from bank

    Hi Everyone,
    My company has received a refund from the bank for the incorrect exchange rate for international payments.
    Could you please advise where is the best place to allocate it for? 
    Also, my company receives cashbacks for the credit card transactions…

  • Sauvegarder le fichier entreprise


    Je n'arrive plus à faire la sauvegarde de mon fichier d'entreprise. Voici le message: La sauvegarde de ce fichier d'entreprise dépasserait 2 go, ce qui est supérieur à la taille maximale. Sage 50 ne peut pas créer la sauvegarde. Que faut-il faire…

  • Importing GAS Error: Record Already Exists, but it doesn't

    Sage X3 ERP v7 Patch 8

    I'm trying to figure out how to import Journal Entries to alleviate the time spent by our Accounting Dept. I know the data I'm inputting is accurate because I'm just re-importing data exported from the Production server (excluding…

  • Free 90-minute Colour Accounting seminars for non-profits & charities: Updated: more dates!

    Colour Accounting is a learning approach that makes accounting simple, delivering real Organisational Financial Literacy quickly and effectively by approaching the subject visually.

    Colour Accounting webinar description with quoteThis free 90-minute seminar will help you to understand the mechanics of…

  • Outsourced Jobs accounting in SAGE 100

    Hello SAGE ppl,

    We buy parts from vendor as 001 and that part for outside job and receive it as 002 - How can we account that in SAGE system?

    We are placing PO and receiving 001 part @ price X. Now we are placing PO and and receive the part 002 @ price…

  • WIP

    Does anyone have a sage 300 construction WIP that breaks out current fiscal year?

  • Calculator Function

    Most days, when entering invoices to be paid, or to customers, items that may need additional calculations to get to totals, it would be really great if there was a way to use a calculator inside some of the entry screens. 

  • One of our customers owes us 10 cents. How do I get it off of our books?

    We sent a billing out for 1,290.10 well they only paid $1,290.00. Their  system rounds as to mine does not.... How can i get that $0.10 off my books???

  • Share your ideas

    To make your accounts software the best it can be, we want your ideas!

    In the Ideas Hub, you can submit new ideas or vote for existing ones.

    It works!

    Do you use recurring invoices? This idea came from the ideas hub and has now been implemented within…

  • Is it possible to remove transactions in the bank rec that are in closed years in PeachTree 2011?


    Is it possible to remove transactions from my bank rec that are from closed years in PeachTree 2011 edition?

    Thank You