Setting up a Time Slip Entry user login for Sage 50 CA

Want a better way to track employee hours for payroll? Tired of hunting down staff and reminding them to log their hours worked? A solution may be to create a Time Slip Entry user in Sage 50 CA.

Every person working with your Sage 50 CA license should have their own user login. This enables better audit trail logging, allowing you to see which user has entered specific transactions.

Sage 50 CA offers two types of users: an Accounting User and a Time Slip Entry User.


An Accounting User's access can be limited by checking / unchecking their access to specific software modules. You have flexibility to allow access to some or all of Sage 50 CA based on the tasks that the individual will need to complete.



A Time Slip Entry User by contrast, only has access to entering time slips to track employee time. You have the option of allowing them to "enter transactions for all possible employees for Time Slips" or just for specific employees (i.e. themselves) with the option "enter transactions for:".

Fire Note if you are working with the Sage 50 CA Pro edition, remember that that version only offers single-user mode. Only one login can access the software at a time. Multi-user mode is available in Sage 50 CA Premium Accounting edition and higher. Multiple users can work on the company data at the same time with this edition of the software, giving you added flexibility.



To switch go to File > Switch to …

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