Good day All,

    Please how can I resolve the issue of purchase request cancelling before line manager append their signature

  • Runtime - Adxadmin Hotfix 94.1.14

    Please, We can't find the Runtime - Adxadmin Hotfix 94.1.14 on the Sage FTP site. Where can we find it?

  • Important: Nigeria - Annual tax calculation fix - Periodic income

    Good day X3 HR Users

    Our Nigeria in-country advisors have confirmed that in practice a monthly tax calculation is preferred where tax is calculated based on the current month’s income. Where employers use a YTD tax calc on a monthly basis, there is no…

  • Budget constraint during transaction capture

    We use Sage X3 PU9. During transaction capture they get this error message "Budget doesn't exist for account dimensions" I have checked and seen that the budget exist but still this error is showing. Has anybody had this type of experience? and what is…

  • Removing temporary files

    Some temporary files are not automatically removed and need to be maintained manually. In essence, some or all files in certain directories could be removed periodically, as noted below:

    For all cases described, ensure all Sage X3 services are stopped…

  • Monitor/manage to ensure batch jobs not taking up too much resources

    Depending on your users’ active hours and busiest times, you may want to ensure that some heavy
    processing batch jobs, such as described in this document, are not executed during the users’ main
    working hours

    You should additionally consider…

  • Validation of Historic folder

    If you upgrade or patch the main folder, the historic folder (e.g. HSEED in this example) will need to be manually revalidated.

    You will see messages to this effect, for example you will see message “The folder validation must be relaunched for the…

  • Accounting task issue after migration from V6.5 to V11

    PLease i need help.

    I m doing a migration from v6.5 to v11 on Oracle database.The migration went without error but the challenge is that i can't run the migration plan because the accounting task is still on progress.

    I tried to delete the value of…

  • Dimension/dimension restriction CAZS - Table Full Error

    Should you find yourself with more than 40 000 restriction codes to deal with:

    1. Add custom object based on table CAAUZ
    2. Add screen bases on table CAAUZ
    3. Add window based on above object
    4. Create menu item based on function e.g. GESZCAZ
    5. Link your own common…
  • Error getting file for storage checking. ERR_PAFIC, 20, x:\Sage\<Solution>\runtime\tmp\show _user_X3.log

    During solution configuration if the above error pops up, please check:

    If OSQL.rll file is not missing in SQL installation path.

    Copy OSQL.rll  into %Program Files%\Microsoft SQL Server\100\Tools\Binn\\Resources\1033\ 

  • Batch Server status monitoring for PU9 or former

    Dear All,

    Please note we have developed a Batch Server status monitoring solution and  you can be notified by email when the server goes down.  Contact sage and ask for @Renier Pienaar if interested in this solution.

    Batch Server Monitor