Did someone say Security?

This is a follow up to my webinar on Security.

What is Cyber Security?

"Cyber security is the practice of defending computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks, and data from malicious attacks" - Kaspersky.com

What are some of the security features we have in Sage X3?

Certificates  -Sage X3 is a web browser dependent application. We use the web browser to access the servers. It is therefore  a no brainer that we need a secure connection between the web browser and the application server.   It  is best practice to  configure  SSL certificates in order to have a secure connection between the web browser and the web application. We recommend that you use a HTTPS connections. Check the Sage City knowledgebase for more information about configuring SSL certificates.

Password Policies - Use strong password. The screenshot below shows some of the features that can be implemented to come up with strong passwords.

The system administrator has an option of compiling a black- listed passwords list that can loaded into the system. 

We should make it a habit to clear browser cache regularly. This will remove our digital footprint including  password history.

Authentication - Sage X3 supports the following authentication protocols - LDAP Servers, OAuth2 Servers, SAML2 id provider & Connected Applications

For more information about Sage X3 Security best practice click the link below.