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  • Enable strong password

    I want to enable forcing users to change password every so many days and they need to be strong password. When I enable will the user be prompted the next time they login or will it wait until the say 90 days (like I configured) 

  • Security Settings for New user

    I am setting up a new user and only want them to have access to Project Management. 

    How do i just give them access to that only.

  • New Payroll Admin Security

    Has anybody else experimented with the new Payroll Admin Security function in v.24.1?

    When I assign security, I see that the Salary and vacation accrual fields turn pink.  I assume that these should be the hidden fields for users who do not have access…

  • Database Security Practices


    Is it good database practice to allow a user to have front end user access to sage database as well as admin access to the back-end ?

    For example Sage 100 contractor DB admin tool?

    Our CFO is asking for it 

    Usually with other databases you dont…

  • Sage 100 login security


    We have no strict password security settings currently enabled for the Sage login, we want to implement stricter and longer passwords then force them to change passwords every 60 days. What happens once we enable this? Will user be prompted the…

  • Credit Card Information


    Does anyone know if credit card information is held within Sage 100?? We currently going through a process to become PCI complaint and if asked want to make sure giving correct answer..

    Thanks for any information.

  • if user locked out while creating entry, will the data autosaved or lost?

    Hi all, 

    My customer wanted to implement a timeout and stricter controls and access for the users of Sage 300 desktop application. i.e. if idle for 15 minutes, the PC will sleep/shutdown/locked out.

    The question is, will the data be autosaved or just lost…

  • Logging out from Sage Business Cloud Accounting does not actually log you out.

    Test Browser: Chrome 101.0.4951.41 

    Login to Sage Business Cloud Accounting, goto profile and click Logout. Go back to login for Sage Business Cloud Accounting and session still exists.

    Click here to play this video

  • Audit Report that identifies changes in bank details

    With so much fraud reported there is no way of easily checking if bank details have been amended in sage other than check each record manually against the last bank payment. A simple report that lists details of bank account changes would enable an audit…


    Hi Everyone, Please i need a guide to setup MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) on Sage X3

  • JAVA zero day exploit

    I've been asked the question below by one client and was wondering if anyone else had been asked the same question. 

    Is there any known issue with SAGE due to the recently discovered Java Spring zero-day exploit?  Notes copied below for your conve…

  • Sage 300 security propagating to all companies.

    Hello Everyone, 

    We just got done upgrading our Sage 300 2017 installation to Sage 300 2022. 

    Our Sage has 3 different companies running off the same SQL server. 

    I have noticed since the update when I make a change to any Security Group in Company A it…

  • ALERT : Vulnerability in Spring Framework (Spring MVC or Spring WebFlux or Spring4Shell)

    A Security Alert, CVE-2022-22695, has been raised for the Spring Framework which encompasses Spring MVC or Spring WebFlux. 

    Another article from Kaspersky, Spring4Shell, mentions the Spring4Shell critical vulnerability as well.

    The description of the alert…

  • Export/Import roles

    I have several companies running different Sage versions, mostly Sage100 Advanced 2020, trying to migrate over to Sage100 2020 Premium. I am trying to export the roles, any advice on how to do that, am I missing something obvious?

  • Does Sage 50 US (not Cloud) have password encryption? What information can be provided about the algorithm used?

    Does Sage 50 US (not Cloud) save passwords with encryption?  What information can be provided about the algorithm used?

  • User Password Change Permissions

    What role tasks and permissions need to be assigned to allow users to change their own passwords?  I've selected Allow User to Change Own Password in Module Options, but they still cannot change their own password.


  • COM API - Windows Authentication

    I've been using Win Auth via the COM API for a number of years. It saves me having to store user+pass in services and integrations as I can pass in a blank username + password and it will connect using current win user. However, I've recently found that…

  • 2 Factor email setup and version 2021

    Has anyone setup the OAuth and 2 factor setup in v2021 and emailing?

    Anyone have any examples of what should be populated on the fields?
    ie User ID, Client ID, client secret and redirect URL.

    The help document gives some hints, but we are still struggling…

  • Duplicate Sage300 User ID in intelligence Reporting

    There is a customer, some Sage300 user ID are duplicated in Intelligence Reporting security. Such duplicated ID cannot use run report properly. Would you kindly let me know how to rebuild the Intelligence Reporting User table or fix the problem?

  • Sage Account breach

    I went to renew our Sage 50 software. I logged onto the website, and noticed something looked out of place. I couldn't access some things and it said to contact ____ at our company. However, there was never a person by that name at our company. I called…

  • Can you add a feature to migrate Password Security settings?

    It would be helpful if you could provide administrators with the ability to migrate the Password Security settings as part of the backup and restore.  I spoke with Support and they notified me that I would have to manually manage the Password Security…

  • Is Sage going to address the other log4j Security Vulnerabilities?

    There are other log4j vulnerabilities besides,CVE-2021-44228 .  There are also vulnerabilities for CVE-2019-17571, CVE-2020-9488 and CVE-2022-23302.

    I tried to flag this with Sage support but I hit a roadblock and they told me to contact SAP since the log4j…

  • 2FA on Sage Payroll

    Could we please have 2FA enabled on Sage Payroll services? Concerning that for an organisation of this size, this has not been enabled as standard.

  • Sage 300 Retail PO Projections password reset


    Is there an easy way to reset the PO Projections MASTER password.

    Its been blank for a long time and suddenly today needs a password.

    Is there a smart way to reset the password?

  • Aatrix Form/Program Update Requiring Local Admin - Any Workaround ?

    I have a customer who just emailed me demanding a meeting to discuss how absurd it is that updating a form in Aatrix requires local administrator rights.

    She is, I believe, talking about the prompt that comes up at least annually when Aatrix tries to…