• Quality Status Auto-Update based on Length of Time


    I'm hoping someone could guide me in the right direction or tell me if this is possible.

    For our Finished Goods, our Quality team would like to create a new status that's essentially a "Provisional Approval but wait 7 days before A status"…

  • Generation of purchase order when request signed.

    We would like to have purchase orders automatically generated when a purchase request has been signed / validated. However, struggling to implement this process.

    Looked into workflows, signatures, copying the action behind the order button that is on the…

  • User is receiving workflow notifications when they are not a recipient


    One of our users is receiving workflow notifications when the category is set to TRA: traceability, but they are not a recipient.

    Any ideas as to why?



  • Edit a screen field from script


    I have a process that sends workflow mail via existing product sites with safety stock, and after it runs, I'd like to set their respective safety stocks to 0. I've marked where I would like to implement this code in my code snippet.


  • Workflow rule or script to email sites with safety stock when product status changes

    Good afternoon!

    I am looking to set up a new workflow rule which will automatically email all of the affected product-sites when a product status is changed. 

    So far, I have managed to set up a rule that will detect when the custom status field we have…

  • PO Workflow Signature and receipt date


    Does anyone know of a way to prevent the workflow from starting over if the expected receipt date is changed? (v2021 R4 (12.0.28) 

    For example, a PO is approved, but the supplier calls and tells them there is a delay and the receipt date is changed…

  • LDAP authentication and WF sending through ASYRMAIL.ASEND_MAIL, compatible?

    Hi all,

    This weekend we made a change on the user authentication method into LDAP.

    Today we have found issues with the sending of emails via 4GL using the function ASYRMAIL.ASEND_MAIL.

    If the user goes back to the standard authentication then it works…

  • Workflow Action Update fields

    I need assistance developing this workflow. 

    What I'm trying to accomplish:

    When a customer return is created, I need the workflow to look at a TSICOD(1) and if it = 003, I need to update the lines of that return.

    The trigger works, so I can assume…

  • Workflow for PO signature: Duplicated workflow records and emails

    Hi all,

    May I ask you for advice regarding this case? 

    I'm setting up PO signature workflow in Sage X3 PU9 patch 6. When I tries creating a PO, the system creates duplicated workflow records and sends duplicated emails as below.

    At Workflow monitor…

  • Setup of Purchasing Signature Management

    Is it possible to setup Purchasing Signature Management in a way that when a user that is part of the signature workflow enters a PO, it is not automatically signed, but is pushed to the next level of signers for approval?

  • Workflow email From Address

    When emailing from workflow in Sage X3 the from address is picked from the user record.

    Is there a way we can override this and specify a generic from email address

  • How can I use a workflow to simultaneously create a service "Call" every time a sales quote is created?

    When quotes are created, I would like a "Call" to be created which will be used by a sales team to ensure follow up is completed for all quotes.

  • Workflow set up - displaying multiple lines in one email

    I'm trying to create a workflow when a purchase order that is received, and to display a list of all the products that meet the conditions in the email text.  I now got it to the point where I get an email per product, but I can't see to get the grouping…

  • Purchase Request workflow

    I am trying to prevent the signature circuit from restarting when the supplier is set or changed. 

    Most of the end users will not know or care who the supplier is during the initial stages of the request.  However, the purchaser is required to assign the…

  • Re-send a workflow notification email after a certain time

    Hey folks,

    I'm looking to resend a (ideally all) workflow notifications that have not been signed after a certain number of days. Is there a straightforward way in workflows that I'm missing? 


  • Setup workflow for failed imports

    I am trying to setup a workflow for failed import but can't find the correct condition.

    I managed to trigger my workflow for each import (event type Import/export and Operation IF) but I can't find the correct condition to trigger the workflow only…

  • Reroute Workflow

    We have a workflow in place that was assigned to an individual for a Purchase return. That person is no longer with the company. We have couple of purchase return that are waiting approval. How can we reroute those return to a new person. 

  • Workflows and remote cell phone email SSL/TLS setup

    Has anyone ever setup remote (outside of network) email access where workflow buttons trigger the action in the related X3 workflow?  

    I’m searching for information regarding cell phone, or remote email access to X3 generated workflow emails that require…

  • Is it possible to run an Update Transaction from a workflow


    I've recently been getting my head around workflows, and have set up some pretty useful processes with the help of posts here at Sage City, but unfortunately this particular request is giving me problems.

    I need to set up a process whereby if…