• View Archive Folder scripts from the Web Service script editor

    Hello, I want to make some modifications to SPEITM, but I noticed that our Sage x3 provider has done some of their own in a custom file, YSPEITM which they've called at the action runtime in SPEITM: Unfortunately, this script does not exist in the…
  • Entry point when report is finished printing

    Hello We have the problem that sometimes the print server not prints out a report. Even though we started the print for a document (e.x. purchase order) in 4GL with the following code: For a custom development we are looking for an Entry Point which…
  • Create a delivery from a pickticket using webservice?

    Hello All, We have the need to trigger/automate the creation of a delivery (from a given PickTicket) to an external system using webservices. Could you please provide some guidance / sample subprogram code to get us going? Thank you so much
  • Error 26 : Internal error Inconsistent reference value (11026)

    Hello I get the error Error 26 : Internal error Inconsistent reference value (11026) at @X3.TRT/REQUETES$adx (153) when trying to read a custom table in a custom batch job script. Part of the key from the custom table is a counter variable which is…
  • @X3.TRT/GACTION$adx (1342) Erreur 39

    hello every one I get this error when I try to validate delivery is there a way to fix it?
  • Documentation on standard supervisor libraries function list help

    Is there a place where I can find standard supervisory library functions and how to use them?
  • Code to query purchase pricing?

    We have a scenario where we direct ship product from a supplier to a customer. Because of this and because we want to see accurate sales margins on the sales order, we have a need to change the cost of goods on our sales order entry screen so that it…
  • How to find out where the script is used?

    Hi, Is there a way for me to identify where a script is being used other than identify from script name and description itself (unreliable since sometimes there's no description and badly named name). In specific, I would like to know where this script…
  • Close Multiple Sales Orders

    Hello, does anyone know of a way to automate closing multiple sales orders? I was trying to look at API or Import options but seems that closing a sales order requires execution of an action (TRTCLESOH) and I'm not finding the easiest way to access…
  • Trying to return a Using ASYRRESTCLI.EXEC_REST_WSCLB how do I get my RETVAL to bring back more than 250 Chars?

    Hi There I am trying to return a Using ASYRRESTCLI.EXEC_REST_WSCLB how do I get my RETVAL to bring back more than 250 Chars? Here is my code
  • A processing line must not exceed 249 characters (line number in file)

    Hi, Was doing Patch creation (APATCH) to bring customization over. Noticed these errors: My temporary solution is to simply delete the linebreak character since if I do not do this it crashes the main screen function. Is there a way to resolve…
  • [X3v12-4GL] How to run silent Export from an Export template in 4GL only?

    Hi, In 4GL, I know for silent import, there is IMPORTSIL (From GIMPOBJ). How about, in 4GL, the silent export function with filter option? I know I can do a manual file write inside the 4GL script but it is very annoying to maintain. Web service…
  • SPE script to check if the Customer record has notes

    Hi guys, Could someone pls help me creating a SPE script that check if the Customer record has notes? Thanks in advance. Best Regards, Daniel
  • Keyword setmode

    Hello, I don't understand what does the keyword "setmode" do, there is no help available on eclipse or on the internet. Can someone please explain it to me?
  • Hiding Product status List Options

    After reviewing the product status options under product setup (Active, Obsolete, not usable, on shortage.. etc), we have decided that certain options are not applicable to our business process. To avoid confusion to our users, we'd like to hide some…
  • Grid Screen

    Hello! I'm Sage X3 developer and I having issues with Grid development. Does someone have a documentation about NBLIG, nolign, counters and grid screen? Thanks.
  • VALUER Action Parameter Empty via Import

    On MISC RECEIPT screen SPE: Subprog AP_LOT(VALEUR) Variable Char VALEUR() The VALUER variable is empty when I use a import template, but not when I use the UI. Help please
  • Number format in 4GL - decimal separator

    I am trying to write a workflow event for our German site that is using a number field from X3. German format for 1,234.56 is 1.234,56; the comma and decimal are "flipped" in German. I cannot seem to format the number field correctly using 4GL (specifically…
  • Function cannot be called in this context

    Hello everyone I built a generic screen "ZTRANSPORTCO" for a customer. The screen is used in multiple windows. The problem is when I try to "Jump to" another window which also has a tab with the generic screen "ZTRANSPORTCO" I get the following…
  • Variable to show the transaction code used to enter screen

    I would like to take action in a screen based on which transaction code was use to enter the screen. Is there a variable available that will show which transaction was chosen when launching the function?
  • Execute ACTION from STD on Sage X3

    Using Sage X3 v12 (2021R3), I try to execute on a TRT the $APRES_CHOI action from STD and SPE. My process is the following : Object called ZDK, I'm opening an action AZDK1 that opening a custom selection popup (with screens and backend-code). GACTION…
  • Custom messages in standard flyout?

    Hi folks I'd like to know if there's an easy way to show custom messages using the standard flyout banner (e.g. shown if record has been updated)? I know I can use Infbox to achieve a similar result, but the user should not be forced to click a…
  • How to store Blob image's type in a table ?

    I created a custom screen where I am displaying images related to a driver. I am using a datatype of ABB, input of Display, and Graphic object of Photo.I have an issue on how to store those images. I know that it is stored in the CBLOB table. In the screen…
  • ALOG No working on scheduled tasks

    I have a script using ALOG class to write to a log file. It works fine when I manually run the script but nothing is logged when it runs on scheduled task. Please help
  • ALIFMI entry point in TRTVENCDE

    Dear all, I'm new in SAGE X3 and wanted to know if there is a possibility to change the default value for the field FMI in a Sales order line. I found in the entry points documentation that this can be done by using the entry point ALIFMI but not…