• How can I use it to print with my fone this is what its showing

  • Automatic allocation in Sage X3

    I would like to setup autoallocation for Customer backorders and NOT for manufacturing workorders.

    I tried various combinations but obviously not the right one. 

    Can someone have an idea how to address this?

    THank you


  • dimension type setting

    The above pic is  carry forward selection check or unchecked option from SageU.

     My setting dpt dimension type is cost center that holds all expenses value.

    The question is, if carry forward not checked, what happen to the value the dimension in year …

  • Process link to a a classic function not working

    Hi Guys,

    From a process on my landing page, i am trying to link it to a classic function, but it is not working. It is leading me to the 

    User representation instead.

    Please see below the image to have more insight on the issue.