Best Case Scenario

Good day,

Today we discuss submitting cases to the support team.

We all have ways that we prefer to request help from support, that can be via a phone call, emailing, or logging into the portal and creating your own case.

Whichever way you determine is best for you if you want a fast turn around and quick responses to your issues its wise to include the following information.

Keep in mind most of this info is not mandatory however the more you can provide about the problem the quicker you will get a response and possible resolution.


When calling-in or emailing support, we will always request the following information, best to provide it right away to limit the number of back-and-forth communications.


The Bare minimum:

  • Your Account ID
  • Your business partners name (Customers account ID if you are the business partner)
  • X3 Version and Patch # (Steps below to locate this information)
  • The environment where the problem is happening. (Test, Prod, Pilot, etc.)


In Addition:

When emailing or creating your own case please be prepared to provide the following additional details.

  • Syracuse version (Steps below to locate this information)
  • Runtime version (Steps below to locate this information)
  • Screen shots of any error message (always include “Technical details” when given the option)
  • Description of the function or process that causes the issue or error.
  • When did this start happening?
    • Has there been any changes to the application recently?
  • If you believe it’s a defect you’ve likely attempted to re-create the problem, provide detailed steps and any setup required to replicate the problem.
  • If the problem is found related to another application providing those details is always recommended. (SEI – Version, ADC – Version etc.)
  • Mention if you've already tried a resolution from a KB that was unsuccessful.
  • Include any testing you have already done.

For example:

  • I tested this with multiple user accounts.
  • Issue happens in both Prod and Test.
  • Does not happen when logged in as Admin.
  • Issue only happens on one report.
  • Works fine on my other station.


Those are the basics for submitting a general support case.

When looking to submit a technical case you may want to also include the following.

  • Zipped Syracuse logs (Sage\SafeX3\SyraSrv\syracuse\Logs)
  • Engine Trace (KB 73801)
  • Host trace if dealing with Web issues: (KB 81621)


Finally, feel free to indicate your preferred contact method, if you will not be retrieving emails, let us know the best way to reach you is by phone.. and confirm your phone number.



How to find Version info for Syracuse:

From the Site map, go to:  Administration, Utilities, Update, About

From there, Clicking the specific endpoint will display the X3 Version, Patch and Runtime.