• Oregon Paid Family Leave HRMS Q4 2022 payroll tax update

    It looks like the latest payroll tax update for HRMS did not include Oregon Paid Family Leave. What is the recommendation for how it should be set up?

  • What encryption does Self Service use for passwords?


    We are working on integrating a full course/training application in our environment. To avoid having to create more passwords for our employees, we would like to integrate the existing Abra Self-Service tUSERS table with this system.

    I guess all…

  • Pending Leave report

    Anyone built a report that shows upcoming pending leave from ESS?

    Looking for solutions


  • Synchronize Pay History Process - error in HRMS

    New install of HRMS.  Client has been using Sage 300 ERP payroll for a number of years.  We recently rolled out HRMS and ESS.  We want the employees to be able to view their paystubs in ESS.  The configuration has been done in ESS regarding view pay history…

  • I need to export Employee Data to provision other applications. What is the best practice or tool you use to export and format HR Data from the SQL database?

    We need to provision new hire employees in MS Asure (Network), Purchasing, Learning and other applications. We've used a Crystal Report but it has issues. What have you used to export Employee Data? 

  • My Workforce Analyzer 1095 Line 16


    I am currently working on 1095s and I am hoping someone can provide me with some clarification. For my safe harbor method I am using Federal Poverty Line. Whenever an employee has code "1A" on line 14, line 16 is blank. I am thinking that either…

  • Error when trying to access Custom Details tab in HRMS

    When we try and access the custom details tab in the employee set up, we get a runtime error and are completely booted out of HRMS.  The error says DISPLAYWINDOWS line 437.  Command contains unrecognized phrase / keyword.  Error 36.  USE IN prpaycus.


  • HRMS When is a new version going to be Released?

    Is there going to be a new version of Sage HRMS released?

    We had seen some interesting things about a 2020 version ... but nothing further has been said or done about a new version.

  • Annual Salary as of a date

    Is there an expression to return an employee's annual salary as of a specific date?  The requirement its to calculate an employee's salary as of Jan 1 each year.

  • Creating a Report with a Date Range

    I am needing to create a report/query that brings back the earning for RFT employees for a date range and I need the date range to be asked every time the report/query is run. 

    Any help on how to accomplish this?


  • Sage HRMS and ESS - TLS versions required

    Our client IT group is asking about versions of TLS that are required by HRMS and ESS.  They do not support TLS 1.1 or 1.2.

    What versions of TLS are supported by HRMS and ESS and what functions require TLS?  I suspect ESS and possibly email from within…

  • HRMS Secure Query in HR

    When my client runs Secure Query, the report doesn't pull the requested fields.  

    Client asked for: First Name,Last Name, Term Date, Term Type, Term Reason 

    Filtered by terms in a date range

    Report returned: Active, Full name (last, first), Department

  • Error after installing Sage HRMS Client

    After installing the HRMS client, we got the following error:

    I can't find reference to this error anywhere in the KnowledgeBase articles. We have several client installs at this customer site and this is the first time we have received this error.…

  • How will you make a mass update to HRMS if you haven't been tracking deductions in HRMS?

    Deductions for 1/1/2020 - How will you make a mass update to HRMS if you haven't been tracking deductions in HRMS?

    We have HRMS and Timberline.  We use a 3rd party for Benefits Open Enrollment and monthly maintenance and enrollment. 

    Every year we have…

  • Is anyone else using Delphia's HR Actions as well as Visibility's Cyber Recruiter along with Sage HRMS?

    Is anyone else using Delphia's HR Actions as well as Visibility's Cyber Recruiter along with Sage HRMS?

  • SAGE HRMS_Time Cut-off am facing some errors when i run the activity

    Hi all,

    i am new to SAGE HRMS, still trying to understand how to calculate employee time. so here is my thread, when i am trying to run Time cut-off, am facing some errors. like ..

    Legal working hours less than the theory". can any one help me on this…

  • Profile IDs in HRMS

    Does anyone know how I can assign two different profile IDs to one employee and pay them each through calculate payroll?  For example, I need two separate checks for our sales people. One check with base salary earning code and benefit deduction codes…

  • 2019 401k maximum in payroll

    Is anyone having an issue with HRMS not allowing a 401k withholding of 19,000? Our payroll system is stopping the withholding at 18,500 despite the rule saying 19,000. We've also changed annual amount on pay tab to 19,000.

  • Errors When Running Secure Queries in HRMS

    We are getting the following errors when running secure queries out of HRMS. We upgraded from Abra to HRMS and are live now but they don't work. We tried on 5 different workstations and received the same errors. I am receiving the errors on my computer…

  • Why can we not add the LINENO field in UPCHKD to any Crystal Report?

    When you add the LINENO field (it's just a numeric field) to a crystal report and then refresh the data, it always generates an error 1526 and ends not only Crystal but the HRMS session as well.  HRMS version 10.7036 with Crystal 2011.

  • Earning code showing $0 on check if flat earning type

    We have an salary and wages, flat earning code setup in HRMS. We are running the open payroll and checking the calculate pay rates as hourly option. When we add in the earning code to a timesheet, put in 1 hour and $100 for the amount, the $100 is not…

  • ESS passwords are not saving correctly in SQL

    Description of the Problem

    We currently did an upgrade from Sage HRMS ESS 2012 (10.20) using the Migration Path to version 2015 with latest patch then 2016 with latest patch then 2017 with latest patch, landing on version 10.703701. after the upgrade…

  • INDFLG Error Message on Personnel data forms being encountered

    An error of variable non-existent is being encountered upon executing the following functions:

    Personnel administration>Personnel Data Forms>Ledgers>

    *Standard Jobs


  • Termination

    Whenever HR terminates an employee, this message comes up at the end.  Any Suggestions?  Thanks.

  • Salary out of range error

    I have salary ranges set up in HRMS for several clients.

    Ranges were updated after a raise.

    Now whenever the client adds a new employee and enters pay, they get notification saying Salary is out of range even though it isn't. This happens to multiple…