• Premium vs Non Premium Version

    Renaming Versions

    During the last year you may have heard Sage HRMS referred to as subscription or non subscription version.  With the Q1 2022 release in March, the version names of Sage HRMS have changed.

    Premium (previously subscription) will contain…

  • Sage 100 Link has no employee ID validation when populating Sage HRMS (Allows for invalid employee ID in HRMS)

    Although a rare situation, the Sage 100 link allows for a client who is new with Sage HRMS and wants to populate the employee data from Sage 100 will allow them to have a severe data issue from the start. Sage HRMS knows that it can't have special characters…

  • Pending Leave report

    Anyone built a report that shows upcoming pending leave from ESS?

    Looking for solutions


  • Synchronize Pay History Process - error in HRMS

    New install of HRMS.  Client has been using Sage 300 ERP payroll for a number of years.  We recently rolled out HRMS and ESS.  We want the employees to be able to view their paystubs in ESS.  The configuration has been done in ESS regarding view pay history…

  • I need to export Employee Data to provision other applications. What is the best practice or tool you use to export and format HR Data from the SQL database?

    We need to provision new hire employees in MS Asure (Network), Purchasing, Learning and other applications. We've used a Crystal Report but it has issues. What have you used to export Employee Data? 

  • Grouping Employees in Sage HRMS Payroll

    Have you recently needed to run a report or process a separate payroll for specific employees?  If so, employee selection lists are the solution. 

    Selection lists can contain as many employees as you require.  The same employees can belong to several different…

  • need separate fields for Mailing address and Physical address

    HRMS needs separate fields for Mailing and Physical addresses, including city, state, and zip.  We have about 1,000 employees, and many have PO boxes.  We enter employees' mailing addresses into HRMS so it can be used for mailing W2s and other documents…

  • My Workforce Analyzer 1095 Line 16


    I am currently working on 1095s and I am hoping someone can provide me with some clarification. For my safe harbor method I am using Federal Poverty Line. Whenever an employee has code "1A" on line 14, line 16 is blank. I am thinking that either…

  • Nickname field displayed in search criteria and display

    When using Advanced Find, make Nickname a searchable field and include it in the display columns. See highlighted areas of picture. 

  • Error when trying to access Custom Details tab in HRMS

    When we try and access the custom details tab in the employee set up, we get a runtime error and are completely booted out of HRMS.  The error says DISPLAYWINDOWS line 437.  Command contains unrecognized phrase / keyword.  Error 36.  USE IN prpaycus.


  • Errors when downloading products from Sage Knowledgebase

    We are working to resolve an issue where customers are unable to download their product from Sage Knowledgebase.
    Many report "Error 1016 You’ve requested a page on a website that is on the Cloudflare network. Cloudflare is currently unable to resolve…
  • HRMS When is a new version going to be Released?

    Is there going to be a new version of Sage HRMS released?

    We had seen some interesting things about a 2020 version ... but nothing further has been said or done about a new version.

  • Annual Salary as of a date

    Is there an expression to return an employee's annual salary as of a specific date?  The requirement its to calculate an employee's salary as of Jan 1 each year.

  • Sage is reviewing the Executive Order guidance and the Form 941 Draft

    Guidance for the recent Executive Order was received late Friday. Sage is reviewing to determine potential product updates. Read about the guidance here: https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-drop/n-20-65.pdf

    We are aware that the IRS posted a draft revision of…

  • Creating a Report with a Date Range

    I am needing to create a report/query that brings back the earning for RFT employees for a date range and I need the date range to be asked every time the report/query is run. 

    Any help on how to accomplish this?


  • Free ATLs on Comparing Sage Abra Suite and Sage HRMS!

    Are you migrating from Sage Abra Suite to Sage HRMS or are you thinking about it? Are you curious? We have added a second Anytime Learning (ATL) video to give you a high level overview comparing the two ESS products. The first ATL compares HR and Payroll…

  • How to stay informed with Sage HRMS

    During the last few weeks many of us may have relocated from a work environment to working remotely from home.  For me, this brings up the question of how to stay informed.  In relation to Sage HRMS, there are in-product messages that appear for Sage HRMS…

  • Sage HRMS and ESS - TLS versions required

    Our client IT group is asking about versions of TLS that are required by HRMS and ESS.  They do not support TLS 1.1 or 1.2.

    What versions of TLS are supported by HRMS and ESS and what functions require TLS?  I suspect ESS and possibly email from within…

  • HRMS Secure Query in HR

    When my client runs Secure Query, the report doesn't pull the requested fields.  

    Client asked for: First Name,Last Name, Term Date, Term Type, Term Reason 

    Filtered by terms in a date range

    Report returned: Active, Full name (last, first), Department

  • Sage Year-end Center: 24/7 resources and information

    Closing the books? We're here to help.

    Join industry peers, certified partners, and Sage pros online 24/7 for fast answers at the busiest time of year. Visit the Sage Year-end Center to find*:

    • Helpful checklists: Print step-by-step tasks
    • Informal discussions…
  • Live Webinar: An Easy Move from Sage Abra to Sage HRMS

    Discover why Sage HRMS is the right solution for you and how you can easily migrate from Abra:

    Register for our next live webinar on Dec. 17 to learn:

    • Why Abra is retiring
    • How and who can help you migrate to HRMS
    • The timeline of key dates within this…
  • Sage Abra Suite: Powerful Migration Paths to Explore before December 2020

    As part of our strategy to deliver market leading solutions to our customers, we have made the decision to retire Sage Abra Suite, effective December 28, 2020.

    What does this mean for you?
    September 2020 will be the final release for Sage Abra Suite.…

  • Action Required: Form W-4 changes effective January 1, 2020

    Government compliance

    The Internal Revenue Service made substantial changes to the tax code that materially impact the 2020 payroll tax year. As a result of these changes, the IRS released a new Form W-4. As you prepare for the next payroll tax year,…

  • Error after installing Sage HRMS Client

    After installing the HRMS client, we got the following error:

    I can't find reference to this error anywhere in the KnowledgeBase articles. We have several client installs at this customer site and this is the first time we have received this error.…

  • Webcast: Become a Data-Driven Organization with Sage Alerts & Workflow

    Avoid the dreaded “if only we had known” 

    Business intelligence. Almost every organization has it as a goal, but few can afford the time, cost, and resources to implement it. Until now. Because just like ERP applications, when it comes to BI…