• Screen Field Size

    Good day Ladies and Gents 

    Can anyone let me know if there's a way to make the fields appear larger on a screen?  It seems to dynamically change when you change the size of your screen, but ideally there are some I could make larger by default and…

  • Get the user Timezoneinfo code


    In Sage X3 V12, there is this fonction to transform a UTC datetime structure to local date time


    But how to get the current TZICOD ??

    Is there any accessible parameter, like those in the GACTX variable?

  • Hash SHA256


    I'm writing a script to get results from a REST API.

    To run this script, i have to put a header that is encrypted in sha256

    Is there any method implemented in SageX3 to hash my content in sha256?


  • Web service returning "Process[WS_NAME] - No return code (status[6]) "

    I'm getting the following message on some web services responses. Just in some times.

    "Process[ZWS_NAME] - No return code (status[6]) "

    The web services its a Subprogram web service.

    Has anyone known what is it? And how to fix it?

  • Convert XML file to separate columns in SQL

    Good day

    We receive an XML string from a client but it is not the correct format for Sage X3. Is it possible to write the data from this string into its own separate columns in SQL?



  • within generate porder from prequest

    Hello everybody

    i'm about generating purchase order from purchase request , the probleme that i want to pass a field value as params from request line or header to all line in the order

    thank you 

  • Is there a way to see how much quantity was pulled from a specific lot?

    I am creating an invoicing table that has Item, Lot and QtyOrdered. Is it possible to see per lot allocation by sales order number? I know you are able to see the qty on hand/lot. For example, if I have an item that exists in multiple lots, I only want…

  • Querying the SEI database directly

    What I am trying to do is write a query that will list all SEI processes and the Folders they are located in.  I can't seem to find any table in the SEI database that contains the folder structure.
    Is what I'm trying to do possible?  My organization…

  • Adding extenstion txt to exports

    Does anyone know why is X3 not exporting the txt file with an extension, what an annoying thing that has never been changed or updated in all this years.

  • blank report

    hello everybody ,

    i want to print a blank page when some users want to print a sale invoice thant contain line with GROPRI = 0.

    please anyone has a solution for that.

  • disallow duplication on order sale

    hello ;

    i want to disallow duplication on order sales by showing a message "Duplication disallowd".

    i wrote this specific code but it's not working 

    Case ACTION
     When default

    Subprog C_NUM(VALEUR)
    Variable Char    VALEUR()

  • ADC Sales Picking missing

    I have an environment of V12P26 and noticed on both installations tested that Sales->Sales picking is missing.

    Anybody knows what is going on?

    Also when is the Category menu below going to get updated, the categories for this threads are so out of…

  • Controling field from product lines on Create document - Sagex3

    I'm a relatively new user at sagecity, so my apologies if I violated any rules in my post.

    i'm Trying to check if a custom field in the lines of a document has value but i'm not achiving what i want...

    here's what i tried:

    Case ACTION…

  • Customer Parent/Child relationship

    Hello Team,

    Could you clarify, is it possible to create the customer Parent/Child relationship in Sage X3?

    If yes, could you provide screenshots on how to do it?


    HELLO , i'm trying to add a custom field in SNL0 screen using an entry point  (SNL0_CUD)to save the value Of the field in CUNLISDET (stock count ) , it saved  well in the table  but once i click on SAVE button the field appear empty on the screen ? any…

  • Adding current Date to an SEI Dashboard

    Hi Everyone, 

    I am trying to add a current date widget to an SEI dashboard. I have tried to add a KPI view with a calculated column containing @@CURDATE without success. 

    Best regards, 


  • Adding Field to Screen

    Good morning Everyone and Happy Monday!

    I'm attempting to add PTHNUM to screen POH2, but I am receiving this error "Fields PTHNUM: Undefined parameter OBJZON ( Type VCR)." Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong and how to resolve this?…

  • Adding a field to Order Lines Inquiry

    I have been trying to add a field to CONSCPP and I can see the field in the screen, however, it does not populate any data.

    Its already added in Setup>General Parameters>Inquiry Screens, also on Screen CONSCPP2 and WMCPPSTD.

    Not sure where else I…

  • Anyone know how to setup an Export template so that it's output is split into multiple files?


    We are still using version 7. We have an export template we use to export invoices to be sent through EDI. Currently the export template creates a single text document with information from every invoice that needs to be sent. Is there a way to…

  • Subprogram to Create Delivery and Invoice

    I want to build a few subprograms to be executed through web services. Basically, from a given picklist in GESPRH2, I want to click the buttons for 'Deliverable' and then 'Delivery' to create the delivery, and then in GESSDH I want to click the 'Invoice…


    Hello All,

    Please i tried to import sales invoice into the system and i notice that the template doesn't have serial number included.

    Please help me

    how do i add the field to it because sales invoice table doesn't have serial number field.


  • Purchasing Documents

    Good afternoon,

    I wanted to reach out and see if I can get a feel for how you are all compiling your purchase orders...specifically larger orders that are set up as a contract type order with supply and service (3rd party fabrication)?  In our previous…

  • Graphical Query sort by Expression

    I have Expression field in a graphical query which I Sum to show at a higher Level Group.

    Is there a way in the Graphical Query tool to sort the query by the Expression field? Expression fields does not have the Ascending/Descending option like the Table…

  • Delivery Methods

    I need to update the "Delivery Mode" on SDELIVERY and realized this isn't a menu but a linked table to TABMODELIV. Does anyone know how to go about updating this? Thanks!

  • Access Codes

    I need to restrict all fields besides the supplier section on products.

    I assumed I could set the function GESITM to view only for this groups functional authorizations and then add an Access Code I created to the supplier fields and set that to allow…