• Price Search function not able to search two products ?

    Dear Sage Community,

    After searching one price for a combination SKU/Customer (click on Apply and it works), I was trying to search a second price for another SKU for the same customer (SKU2/Customer).

    But the APPLY button does nothing for the second search…

  • SageX3 - Selection List

    Hi, in a custom selection script like this:

    GSELFAC = 1 : # campo che deve ritornare

    Filter [F:YPROD]
    CRITERE = "[F:YPROD]YITMREF='"+[M:POH2]ITMREF(nolign-1)+"'"

    NBCOL = 0

  • Query tool - How to get data from custom fields

    Hello everyone,

    I am running a Query to get some info about a item.

    Table ITMMASTER; Field ITMREF; Others Fields by default.

    The info that i need is related with a Custom Field, where i need the value of the field and their descripton. 

    Table ITMMASTE…

  • Restrict\Prevent Users from selecting 'Default' page layout

    Hi Guys,

    X3 - V12 2022 R2

    Currently the page authoring is quite powerful in that it allows a power user to hide/enable field on screens to suit their process and make it easier for users generally. Another useful technique is to hid sensitive information…



    We are planning on upgrading our system from V11 to V12 P29. One thing I noticed is that sage is not able to detect a new line when reading the trace file. When I read the trace file, sage thinks that everything is in 1 line when it is not. Is anybody…

  • GESECS - Version Management Import Template

    Hi everyone,

    I have a customer that is planning to go live with X3 Version 12. They make tech modules and have complex BOMs which require version management (Major Versions Only). They have many historical BOMs that they need to have in the system and…

  • Block invoice posting if Custom field is not populated

    Hello everyone,

    I have a few custom fields on the SIH0 screen.  If these fields are not set by the user I would like to add a message box (Yes / No) when they post the invoice.  Basically to inform the user that they are empty and if they continue to post…

  • Product Description disappeared

    In Sage X3, PU9, Common data Module>Products>Products(GESITM)

    whenever I create a new product or modify the existing product, the data in description 2 and description 3 disappeared. ironically, the previous data in the same field for certain products…

  • Default value in UDF when Invoicing a delivery

    Hello everyone,

    I have a custom field on the SINVOICEV table.  I've added this field to the SIH0 screen and put a default to "2" (it is a yes/no).  If I create an invoice directly from the SIH0 screen the default works fine.  When I generate…

  • I want to invoke New button

    I want to invoke the "+" (new) button programmatically so I can star a new page when I call a window through code.

    Can somebody help me?

  • Is there any instruction with 4GL to change column width of a grid table

    I need to be able to reduce the width of the columns of a grid, through 4gl programming

    Thanks !!

  • Sales Invoice option missing from menu.

    Today for some unknown reason the Invoices module is not displaying on anyone's menu today.  There was no issue yesterday but would anyone know how to correct?  

  • Transfer custom fields from SalesHeader / Detail to Invoice

    Hi Everyone,

    I have 3 custom fields on the sales header (SORDER) and sales lines (SORDERP).  I also have the same fields on the invoice tables.  When the order is invoiced I would like to transfer the values of these fields from the order to the corresponding…

  • Set Column Titles Dynamically

    Is there a way to dynamically set column titles for a grid on a screen?  I can do this: 

    But I want to make it more dynamic, like this, but X3 doesn't like it.

  • Update Transaction

    Good afternoon

    I am trying to move data from one field to another.  Basically we have a free text field that we used to use and now we are using one linked to AUTILIS and I want those user codes we were using to now populate my new field.  I believe I…

  • How do I open a non-object window like IPREP (Preparation Plans) via code with full functionality

    I've tried a couple of different ways of opening the IPREP window (Preparation Plan) from another screen - via code using SAISIE_CHAR subprog, and also via a custom Action. Both launch the window, but it doesn't behave the same as when you open it…

  • Import template for Sales order with UDFs. UDFs on sales lines not being saved.

    Hi Everyone,

    I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue.  Basically, I've created three custom UDF fields on the sales header (SORDER) and detail (SORDERP). I've included those fields on both the header and details of the import template…

  • SAGE X3 Import field not saved on data base


    I make some customization on import/export template for PO and add some costume field, when I try to import the file the PO is successfully created and the field is populated with data that I imported except for the custom field, I try to run test…

  • Debtors with credit balance


    is there a convenient way in X3 to show the trade debtors that have a credit balance in other liabilities on the balance sheet?

    We would like to avoid manual G/L reposting entries during monthly closing process.

    Thanks for your ideas!


  • How to CHGSTL for the row not field?

    The default background color of a non-highlighted row in a sales order, purchase etc is BACKGREY. When a user is adding a new line to the order we want all other lines to have something like yellow or red...something other than grey. How can I change…

  • Generic Object Read

    I need to create a generic function to read an object in X3.  I'm thinking some of the standard object functionality could be used, or maybe even a dynamic query, but I'm not completely sure how to approach it.

    For example, I want to pass a table…

  • Affzo not working without mask abbreviation?


    When I use the following line of code

    Affzo [M]ITMDES2(NLIG)

    I get the following exception

    According to the documentation at https://online-help.sageerpx3.com/erp/12/staticpost/affzo/ this should be working

    If I check the value of the field on that…

  • How can I add Word Merge functionality to other objects?

    Hi Everyone

    Currently the Word Merge functionality is available on Sales Quotes. I would like to be able to add this functionality to other objects ie Purchase Orders as the customer requires multiple documents to be created from X3 (but editable by…

  • Data entry analytics

    I'd like to export the supplier BP entry list, a listing of invoices entered with user name by entry date, so I can show my manager my entry analytics. I'd also like to do it with checks printed. The problem is we have multiple companies and the searches…

  • Required stock in-transit reconciliation report.

    Amount is being posted into In-transit account through inter-site transfer and container management, but not able to reconcile. Hence need a report to reconcile the transactions with Goods In-transit A/c.