• Disable Shiplabel entry when clicking "Deliverable" on pick ticket screen


    Is there any way to prevent this pop-up when clicking "Deliverable" in the pick ticket screen?

    Let me know if you need more information.



  • Sorting on Grid Control

    Hi Guys,

    Is there any way to control the default sort of the Pick Ticket Grid?

    We need to be able to sort the lines on the order by location code, by clicking on the Field (which mimic's the paperwork) but the moment you click on any field on the line…

  • Script does not update field value if the line is not entered

    Local Char ZPRODCOD(30)
    Local Char ZPRODCODOLD(30)
    Local Integer YESNO
    YESNO =2
    For i=0 To max([M:POH2]NBLIG -1)
    For [F:ITM] Where [F:ITM]ITMREF = [M:POH2]ITMREF(i)

  • ACLA: Opening the same table twice


    Planning to move a customized activity code from a Sage X3 server to another Sage X3 server.

    On the customized activity code Sage X3 server:

    Did a patch creation.

    Picked the custom activity code.

    Pre-load the object.

    When I press OK

    Is there…

  • Execute ACTION from STD on Sage X3

    Using Sage X3 v12 (2021R3), I try to execute on a TRT the $APRES_CHOI action from STD and SPE.

    My process is the following : Object called ZDK, I'm opening an action AZDK1 that opening a custom selection popup (with screens and backend-code).

  • How to enable the Post button in Payments Screen?

    Hi All,

    I need your assistance on the following matter.

    We cannot Post any payments individually from the payment screen after entering as the Post button seems to be disabled. (Shown below)

    Anything I am missing??

    Appreciate any help on this.


  • Prevent identical Sales and Ship-to Site

    Good afternoon, we'd like to prevent our various sales sites from accidentally creating sales orders with identical Sales and Ship-to sites. Currently, there is a warning pop-up, but it does not fully stop the transaction, it just warns the user as soon…

  • Custom messages in standard flyout?

    Hi folks

    I'd like to know if there's an easy way to show custom messages using the standard flyout banner (e.g. shown if record has been updated)?

    I know I can use Infbox to achieve a similar result, but the user should not be forced to click…

  • Columns not populating in Open Items for Payments

    I added custom fields from SINVOICE and SINVOICEV to the Open Items left list for payment entry (DU6).  I added the SINVOICE and SINVOICEV tables to the environment tab, and linked them to the GACCDUDATE record.  I validated the DU6 object, and the payment…

  • Query- resource not found

    V12: created a new home page and menu item for a query created.  all was ok until I adjusted the Query deleted / moved the field order.  When  I run directly from the Query all is fine, however the landing page doesn't display in same order and the fields…

  • Graphical Query: Antiquated and buggy


    Amazing how this graphical query doesn't compare to anything in the market - Crystal, Hyperion, Access, and I mean it doesn't compare to the1990's versions of these softwares.

    today I met another bug - i am sure someone has found it…

  • POHSIG Workflow signature


    I'm trying to modify a standard workflow rule POHSIG to automatically sign PO if   [F:POH]TOTORD < [F:POH]CREUSR maximum value

    But it works only if user that creates PO is in the first line of Rule values.

    For Example how it works in standard…

  • SOAP Query Method Greater Than

    Hi all
    Anybody Knows how to indicate in SOAP query method a filter greater than. For example in ITM object do a query where ITMREF > "50000". How ishould be specified in:

    <objectKeys xsi:type="wss:ArrayOfCAdxParamKeyValue">…

  • Correct XML format for I_FILE with AOWSIMPORT?

    I'm trying to work out the correct format for the I_FILE parameter when using AOWSIMPORT to do an import, when the template specified in I_MODIMP is an XML template.  I can get it working fine with a flat file structure for I_FILE, but I can't work…

  • ALOG No working on scheduled tasks

    I have a script using ALOG class to write to a log file. It works fine when I manually run the script but nothing is logged when it runs on scheduled task.

    Please help Slight smile

  • Generation of preparation lists


    I would like to know if it is possible to block preparation list generation (FUNAUTPRE2) if the field PRECOD is empty in the order.

    My PRECOD are different for every order, so I cannot use something like "From preparation code = 1" and "To preparation…

  • Proforma Invoice printing as Blank

    Hi everyone ! Appreciate your support on this 

    On the sales invoice screen, (All - sales - Invoice (full entry invoice), we added a template for the client to print the Proforma Invoice. However when we give the print option for the 'Proforma Invoice type…

  • How to filter the graphical query table in home page?

    Hi all,

    Does anyone here know how to Filter within Graphical Queries on Home Pages, it's more convenient to extract the data right away with Sage X3 without file export needed?

    Thank you in advance.

  • How to select columns to be displayed in a Read only page

    Hi all,

    Does anyone know how to select the columns to be displayed in a read only page? 

    We need to have the below columns displayed on Invoice (Sales sub-module - Read only page module):

    • Invoice number
    • Bill to customer
    • Journal number
    • Accounting date
  • Data input into newly created fields not getting saved upon clicking the save icon (Screen - Shipments)

    Hi Everyone,

    I need your assistance on the below matter.

    So I have created certain customized fields in Shipment screen. (Certain Date type and Local Menu selection fields)

    Upon Validating both the table and the screen, when I input data into these newly…

  • How to customize the Sage X3 Mobile Automation for Distribution with data interfacing with Automated Warehouse via external SQL DB tables?

    To whom it may concern,

    We would like to customize Sage X3 Mobile Automation for Distribution for interfacing with automated warehouses and linking with LPN.

    Can 2022R3 or 2023R1 support GraphQL or other API to allow this kind of add-on development?

  • Issue with VERIF_CRE and VERIF_MOD actions on Subcontract BOMs

    I am calling a label (LINKDES) from the VERIF_CRE and VERIF_MOD actions to update a field on the BOM lines which is working fine for the Production BOMs and Kits, but not for the Subcontract BOMs even though the screen codes (BOH0 and BOD1) are identical…

  • internal error r_pipe read

    On the highlighted read below, there is no record found.  It sets fstat to 5, which indicates no record found, and that is fine.  The problem is, it also throws an exception related to r_pipe read.  This read doesn't throw the pipe an exception if a record…

  • Relationship between Sales Kit and component products in SINVOICED table

    I am trying to develop a query that involves aggregating invoice lines such that values for kits are the sum of their components.

    I can see there is a flag (LINTYP_0) to determine what is a kit and what isn't, however I am having a hard time figuring…

  • Product Selection on Reports

    Is there a way to have the selection display only items from a certain product family and business segment when running reports?   We have two users who we want to only see one product category and one business segment when they open the selection on the…