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  • Sage WO vs PM Cross Reference?


    Is there a cross reference list of what the WO tables/fields are now called/located in PM.  I'm looking to make a new query for PM to replace what I had in WO coming from the WO9 table or WOO depending on Active or History.



  • Type mismatch: 'CopyFromOrder' (err/ret=2/0)

    Is my syntax wrong here? I'm trying to launch this script when a checkbox is checked on SO Entry (after generating a new order #), but I'm getting an error. Perhaps I'm just not using the function properly. I'm receiving an error stating: Type mismatch…

  • Different Pay Stubs for Different Companies in ESS

    We have two companies that we use HRMS and ESS for.  One company is in California and has very specific rules on how to display SICK time on the pay stubs.  I have different paycheck stubs for each company with the SICK and PTO times displayed differently…

  • Include BOM for each item code in Crystal Report


    I'm modifying the Accounts Receivable Invoice History Report to include Bill of Materials, grouped by Item Code. So far, I've joined the BM_ProductionHistoryDetail, BM_ProductionHistoryHeader and BM_ProductionHistoryTierDist to the report and…

  • Notes and attachments


    Any recommendations for this add on other than Orchid?


  • I Need some help with a query design

    Previously we had a query where we could filter down sales of a given item on a given date by salesperson, with a TOTAL quantity of that items sold by that person on that date shown. Not line items of the same product

    SO the factors to use:

    Sales per…

  • Display Website in Screen: Block Type Browser

    I'm looking for guidance on how to display a website in a X3 classic screen. I have been able to display an image based on: How to render an image returned from a URL on an X3 screen.

    I have looked into the browser block type can't find the right URL…

  • using a UDF for customer item pricing

    Since the default customer price level is only 1character, I'm considering making a UDF and then having SO and SOI reference that column to populate the price instead of the default column. 

    I haven't played with Custom Office since I haven't really…

  • Formulaire

    Comment charger un formulaire, j'ai sage 50 comptabilité supérieur et je voudrait personnaliser ma facture et son nom de charge en facture.


  • Invoices by Commitment

    Is it possible to create an inquiry or a report that would show invoices by commitment? I can see we have invoices by job and I also have  a commitment detail report. I'd like to have another way of finding invoices based on a vendors commitment number…

  • Access the Lines on Transaction Tab in Item Maintenance


    I got a tricky one here. I have a UDF in IM_ItemTransactionHistory that contains a file path. Now I would like to be able to place a button in Item Maintenance on the Transactions tab that allows me to open the file.

    The code to open the file…

  • 1 Inventory item by 2 measures/quantities

    We have a need to track inventory items by 2 different measures.  We are commodity based, no serialized inventory, no fifo/lifo, more average cost plus freight.  For example we need to know how many units are sold and and how many units make up the load…

  • A/R Prepayments Payment Plan

    Customer Receipts are posted in the A/R as Prepayments because there is no Invoice.

    There is a plan on when and how much the Customer should pay.

    How can this Plan be managed in Sage 300 without raising an Invoice?

    An invoice is raised at the end when…

  • BOI - Bypass Separate Check Popup

    I'm working on a BOI script to create Manual Check entries from a CSV. 

    Everything can import successfully, except when the invoice was set with SeparateCheck = "Y". In regular UI, you get the popup message "The Invoice ____ is flagged for separate…

  • Add sortable, custom date field to invoice

    I need to add a custom date field to our invoice form.  This is to note software expiration date.  I also need the ability to sort invoices by that date, so I'm guessing the Customer Note field will not suffice.  Thoughts?

  • UDFs to Inventory Detail Transaction Report

    Hello to all, I am hoping someone has the expertise to assist me. I would like to add two UDFs to the Inventory Detail Transaction Report.

    I would like to add the PO Receipt Header comment field to associate with the PO G reference, and the Sales Order…

  • Why do some report tasks have a .NET Configuration File?

    During discussion today the question came up "Why do some Sage 500 report tasks have a .NET Configuration file and others do not?"   Since the report task is still written in VB 6 and there seems to be a necessity to interact with .NET because…

  • Script to add CC Fee to Invoice - getting an error!

    I know there are several posts about adding a line to an invoice to charge a fee.  I've modified a script I found either here or in a Sage scripting class, but for some reason, I can't get it to work this time.

    When I put it on the Pre-Write event…

  • Filtering Customers by Company ID in Sage X3

    Hello Team,

    Could you help me with the following question.
    Is it possible to filter Customers by Company ID in Sage X3?

    If yes, could you describe how to do it?


  • 2014 sage 300 advanced - kit items do not print component qty's on pick list

    Hello, I would like to know if there is a way to have component quantities print on a pick list for a kit. is this a form modification or is there another modification that needs to be completed? I am able to see the component list which is part of what…

  • Unable to change ESS Customize Logon Page

    It was time to change the ESS logon page. I want to insert the following text:

    Information contained in Sage SS includes:
    View Payroll History
    View/Update home address, phone, emergency contacts

    ESS is giving me an error every time I try to save the changes…

  • UDS event trigger when an existing order is brought up and the Cancel button is hit.

    I have scripts that show or hide a button added to the screen depending on certain conditions.  When an order is brought up the button shows/hides correctly.  The issue I am having is if a user brings up an order when the condition is met and the button…

  • PO Header UDF Links

    Trying to add a UDF to the PO Header and make it available to export to an Access DB.  I added the UDF but having a hard time figuring out which other table I need to add it to to make visible in the DB.

  • Income Statement

    I would like to ask, the Other Income which the system put on Revenues, under Sales Income. Can I add Other Income under Gross Profit?


  • Timecard List sort

    Is there a way to have the Timecard List sort in alphabetical order instead of employee number order?