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  • Extending GL Account Groups

    I am aware that the Account Groups, particularly with the latest version of Sage 300 ends at Group 26 and the Group Category Codes ends with 210.

    My question is whether it's possible to extend and create new Group Category Codes beyond what the system…

  • How to use the "SO_PickingSheetPrinting" method "SelectOrder" to queue sales order picking sheets to be printed

    From a BOI script I would like to select individual orders so that a type "4" record will be added to "SO_SalesOrderPrint" table. The method "SelectOrder" calls for two separated string parameters: "hdrRec$" and "dtrRec$". This is confusing. Why would…

  • Line Defaults Tab in Enter Sales Order

    There are certain fields on the Line Defaults tab that prompt to change all open lines i.e. Requested, Sched Ship, Promised Date fields, Ship Via, Shipping Priority.  The same doesn't go for Reference or FOB.  Has anyone tried to customize to allow…

  • Price Search function not able to search two products ?

    Dear Sage Community,

    After searching one price for a combination SKU/Customer (click on Apply and it works), I was trying to search a second price for another SKU for the same customer (SKU2/Customer).

    But the APPLY button does nothing for the second search…

  • Sage 300 Windows 2020 SDK Development


    I am new to Sage SDK development ,I am creating add-on in Sage 300 windows 2020 by using SDK.So I want know number of views we can created in add-on .I also want to know how to generate unique key (both long,Integer and string type)? How to compose…

  • Adding an Existing Field to the Selection Criteria

    I want to add a field (Ship Via) to be available in the Selection Criteria Window when running the "Sales Order Printing" Report. I saw in one of the Forums that i have to add an UDF to the Report for it to show up in the Selections. I added that Field…

  • Sales Order Form OnLastRecord Issue

    Have a sales order crystal form using operations management and I'm hiding chargeable components on the form so it only prints the parent item. Due to the hiddent items, Crystal always thinks that there's more records to print so that "onlastrecord" in…

  • SageX3 - Selection List

    Hi, in a custom selection script like this:

    GSELFAC = 1 : # campo che deve ritornare

    Filter [F:YPROD]
    CRITERE = "[F:YPROD]YITMREF='"+[M:POH2]ITMREF(nolign-1)+"'"

    NBCOL = 0

  • Data File Structures class? Crystal Reports classes? Where did they go?

    When I started with Sage, I took several classes online - Data File Structures, Crystal Reports, etc.  I can't find any resellers that offer these programs anymore and Sage seems to only offer X3 classes.  Yes, I see the YouTube offerings but I am looking…

  • Sage Consultant Switch

    Does anyone know if you can switch your consultant to a different vendor?  Is it fairly easy?  How does the yearly support subscription work after that, that just gets billed directly from Sage?  

    Thank you, 


  • Can you get budgets from unapproved change orders to show up on reports?

    Can a custom report be created to pull budgets from unapproved(open) changes into a job cost or summary report? We have jobs where some change order work has been performed before it gets approved.

  • Crystal Report Feeding DM2 Returning Blank


    I am trying to write a crystal report formula that does the following:

    If an amended PO number exists in the UDF_AMENDED_PO field, then return UDF_AMENDED_PO, if not, return CustomerPONo

    When I test this, when UDF_PO_NO is NULL, it returns blank…

  • Themes

    I used to be able to create a theme, assign it to a company, and it would stay that way. In 100c 2020, that's not the case. I created a them for our test database, but it won't stick. It looks like it's working when I preview the company, but it goes…

  • Query tool - How to get data from custom fields

    Hello everyone,

    I am running a Query to get some info about a item.

    Table ITMMASTER; Field ITMREF; Others Fields by default.

    The info that i need is related with a Custom Field, where i need the value of the field and their descripton. 

    Table ITMMASTE…

  • Billing Templates Layout

    We are charging a client a flat fee plus time charges.  The attorney wants the bill to show the time charges, hourly rate as well as the value for each line item billed so it makes it easier for the client to see what we billed for each line item.  My question…

  • want to write script and put a UDF of duration between PO order date and confirm date

    error using pre-write

    orderdate = ""
    confirmdate = ""

    retVal = oBusObj.GetValue("PurchaseOrderDate$", orderdate)
    retVal = oBusObj.GetValue("UDF_PO_CONFIRMDATE$", confirmdate)

    dateD = DateDiff("d", confirmdate, orderdate…

  • Statement

    How to move the '2% interest on balances overdue more than 31 days' on a Statement down a few lines

  • JC for utility subcontractor

    I'm new to Sage 300 CRE.  We are working on setting up the job cost - cost code list and reports.  We are moving from QB.  Does anyone that works for a underground utility (wets/drys) subcontractor want to share with me their cost code structure and…

  • pwFormatDate() and other custom crystal functions - where is the dll for these?

    I am writing some reports on a machine that does not have Sage installed.  Can I find the dll that has the custom Sage formulas like pwFormatDate() and istrue() somewhere on a machine with sage in order to copy it over?

  • How do I edited a custom invoice format used in Billing?


    The invoice format shows up as a .crs file, but when I use Crytal Reports to open it to edit the format I get the following two error messages.

    The report design will then open but it is in a format which I am unable to edit. Any help would be…

  • Search on Different Font/Format of Text within UDF

    I am attempting to search for certain phrases and maybe date formats within an UDF on the SO Header in order to populate separate UDF's.  I've had trouble before with the scripts not picking up the phrase if it is all capitalized and vise versa.…

  • Changes to Template

    Hello! I'm trying to add a searchable field to our invoice template so I can include this field in reports. Does anyone know how to do this?

    Thank you!

  • Locations Inquiry


    We need to know the quantity available for one location only. Is there an inquiry for that?



  • Restrict\Prevent Users from selecting 'Default' page layout

    Hi Guys,

    X3 - V12 2022 R2

    Currently the page authoring is quite powerful in that it allows a power user to hide/enable field on screens to suit their process and make it easier for users generally. Another useful technique is to hid sensitive information…

  • Windows 10/11 ARM processor and pdf converter

    Hope a community member can help here. I have a few machines that are running the ARM version of windows 11. 

    The sage pdf converter for paperless office does not include a arm version of the driver. 

    I have reached out to both sage and amyuni (the developer…