• Period Status Change


    User was trying to open period in the new month unfortunately couldn't select "No" in the next months so only intended month's period is opened as a result ended up opening entire year which is not right. Someone kindly assist on how I can change…

  • Global Serial Number Management of Products with Packaging

    We want to trace products at the lot level but maintain traceability to the specific package. Is there a way to produce products to include their packaging? I basically want to serialize (maybe globally) my PAC units such that each one is uniquely identifiable…

  • Manufactured product - Q status as default single item

    How do you have a single product be put in Q status as soon as a case / pallet is made in production? I can see how to do it by "product category" but i only want a single item within that category. 

    Sage X3

  • Purchase Receipt delete not possible, receipt date changed

    Hi All,

    Created a Purchase Receipt and it reflected the Stock with the quantity, later realized the receipt date was wrong. So, user tries to edit the receipt date and click Close receipt.

    Then user created an another Receipt with correct date. Now user…

  • What mechanism sets price for Intersite Orders?

    Hello All,

    Encountering something in our Sage X3 setup that I'm having trouble hunting down the source for. We have some Inter-site orders between us and some distribution companies. For this transaction, we want the gross price to be set to 0 automatically…

  • Function GESPAY Supplier cash payment Error: Open item being matched

    A/P-A/R accounting>Payments>Payment/Receipt(GESPAY)>

    SCAS Supplier Cash Payments> For Advance payment entry, every time a user tries to create the entry faces the following error. need urgent help. 

    X3 Application error: Open item being matched…

  • Using Outlook wrt New email client for Sage X3 workflow notifications post.

  • PJM Financial Overview - Cost Type Issue from PO Transactions


    Has anyone experience an issue where PO transactions are showing under the Site as opposed to the Cost type related to each item on the PO in the Financial Overview screen?

    As per the example below, the Commitment amount of 8k from the PO is displayed…

  • SageX3 - Selection List

    Hi, in a custom selection script like this:

    GSELFAC = 1 : # campo che deve ritornare

    Filter [F:YPROD]
    CRITERE = "[F:YPROD]YITMREF='"+[M:POH2]ITMREF(nolign-1)+"'"

    NBCOL = 0

  • Quantity in Suspended transaction need to be cleared


    We have some quantity in Suspended transaction for a particular item, which occurred during a Shipment transaction due to the insufficient quantity. Later we received the same item using MISC Receipt, but the suspended quantity not updated, suppose…

  • 3rd party Webservice soap response

    I'm trying to make a call to a 3rd party webservice using Sage X3 scripts on the SDH window, i'm using the func ASYRWEBSER.EXEC_HTTP wich is working fine, it's calling the webservice and receiving the answer of the soap call.

    The Answer:

  • Product Description disappeared

    In Sage X3, PU9, Common data Module>Products>Products(GESITM)

    whenever I create a new product or modify the existing product, the data in description 2 and description 3 disappeared. ironically, the previous data in the same field for certain products…

  • Manual Allocation of Substandard Stock in X3

    We sometime have defective or substandard stock we sell at a discount.  This is product that has gone through a QA process and has failed to meet our standard but some customers may not care that the product "looks a little funny".

    We do not…

  • Force to open [M:ENM] to modify stock movement through code or configuration

    Is there a way to force the popup screen on a qty line modification of a purchase receipt?

  • Automatic Allocation

    Is it possible to turn off Automatic Allocation for one particular RAWMA in our database? We have a case where we have multiple work orders open for one part that comes in one at at time. We would like to choose ourselves which work order to consume it…

  • Set Column Titles Dynamically

    Is there a way to dynamically set column titles for a grid on a screen?  I can do this: 

    But I want to make it more dynamic, like this, but X3 doesn't like it.

  • Implementation problems with specific inquiry

    Hello everyone Slight smile

    We have programmed a specific inquiry for our client. There should be a back and next button.

    Only a part of the data records should be displayed. When you click on next other records should be loaded.

    In the function GESGTC (Inquiry screens…

  • Invoice won't post and errors with "Unbalanced Distribution"

    Our Customer Service team started receiving this error when posting some invoices: "CI2200860 ZSIHI : Unbalanced Distribution 4 (ZSIHI Line 410)" and I'm not having any luck resolving it. I have run GTEST to check the posted amounts and they balance. I…

  • What Option to change customer after delivery creation before validating

    Dear Sagians,

    Is there any option to change the customer in delivery after it created? Please note that the delivery is not validated but still it is not able to change. 


  • Apple operating systems and Sage X3

    Hello all,

    I am the MIS manager for my company and have recently run into an issue with Apple devices and Sage X3. We have both Windows and Apple running in our environment. Our Apple users started reporting numerous fatal errors on their MacBook and…

  • Scrolling after Saving a Change - GESBPC

    When we go into GESBPC (customers) and change the customer from Hold to Check and hit the "Save" button, it is moving the user all the way back to the top of the screen.  Is there a way to turn off the automatic scroll up?  We just want to save…

  • Record Print options greyed out

    After posting payment, the record print option is greyed out only the list button is active. I need help.

  • Partial Invoicing of a Loan Order

    We are trying to leverage the Loan Order process to manage inventory we consign to a customer. The inventory is delivered to a customer location but it seems that Sage X3 doesn't allow for the partial invoicing of the order line. I've seen several older…

  • How to configure a Payment Term w/ Due Date "As of" a particular AR Invoice date

    I am looking to configure a payment term, to cutoff the payment month on the 25th Net60EOM.  

    If the invoice is dated 5/24/21 - it is due 7/31/21 and if it is dated 5/25/21 - it is due 8/30/21.

    Could you assist on how this can be configured. 



  • Sage X3 upgrade from V PU9 to V12

    Dear Sage City forum users,

    we're currently looking for someone who has already tried or experienced migration from Sage X3 vPU9 to v12. We currently have one project where we've been asked to "test" this migration internally and see how this may work…