• How to integrate Amazon and Prestashop?

    Hello everyone,

    I was wondering how I could integrate Amazon and Prestashop to X3?

    Which are the steps to follow?

    Please, could someone guide me?

    Appreciate it!

  • What is the best way to get a GLCode attached to either an Item or a PO?

    I am trying to join one of the following tables to GACCOUNT. PORDERQ or ITMMASTER. There doesn't seem to be many ways to get from GACCOUNT to an ITMREF_0 or POHNUM. 

    I have tried a few different options but none seem to be working. Your help, as always…

  • Graphical Query Tool executed query

    I have query in the Graphical Query Tool that I'd like to see the actual query executed.  How do I see the query in SQL syntax?  I want to see the tables and how / what they are joined.  Is there a way of doing that?

  • Where can I find GL code and descriptions of the code?

    I am building out existing access report in sagex3. Where can I find GLcode and descriptions? I've looked at the accounting data model tab and am just not really sure what I am looking for. 

    Thank you in advance!

  • Is there a way to see how much quantity was pulled from a specific lot?

    I am creating an invoicing table that has Item, Lot and QtyOrdered. Is it possible to see per lot allocation by sales order number? I know you are able to see the qty on hand/lot. For example, if I have an item that exists in multiple lots, I only want…

  • Is there a documentation for useful standard x3 functions?

    Hello Slight smile

    As a Sage X3 developer, I have found that there are many useful standard X3 methods.

    One example is closing a purchase order with 4GL code via script.

  • Looking for Total Usage Qty

    Good Morning! I am currently working on swapping from Process Pro To Sagex3 and one of the columns in PP is Usage qty which is total qty used for the year. Is there a field in sagex3 for this? As always, your responses are greatly appreciated!

  • Import Material Cost Variance


    We are on Sage X3 2019 R4 (12.0.19).

    We are importing raw materials and when the stocks are arrived, we need to issue those into production as we are in a tight planning schedule. Received materials will be issued to production with the average…

  • Customer Entry Transaction

    Good morning 

    Does anyone know how I can view the entry transaction screen for customers? I can't seem to locate this in any of the setup function options (V11).  Thanks! 

  • 1) Mass delete BPS Invoices 2) DocLink/DocAlpha

    1) Is there a way to mass delete BPS Invoices? I have 1900 to delete.

    2) Duplicate and triplicate Invoices have imported into Sage X3v12 p17 from DocLink/DocAlpha.  This is the second or third time it has happened.  Does anyone have advice on what might…

  • What is EOQ?

     is it estimated order quantity? Does anyone know the name of the column in sql? As always, your responses are greatly appreciated!

  • SageX3 - REST API - Download Transactional Data

    Hello Community,

    Does anyone know if I can get Transactional or Summarized Financial data from SageX3 via REST API?

    Thank you


  • ADC location override

    So I have been presented with an interesting challenge.

    In our company we've set X3 to batch allocate all available stock to meet all demand in the system.

    We also heavily leverage X3's ADC functionality.
    Our warehouse users are able to override…

  • Error Message while opening Sage X3 Management console

    Getting the below error while opening Sage X3 Management Console version 12. All the services are running, PORTs are opened and Sage installed on the same server machine.

  • The update finished with warnings

    After installing patch 26 on v12 i get this message, but I dont know where is the log or what are the warnings????

  • Workflow for Stock Status change

    I would like to setup a workflow notification for whenever an item is changed from a Q sub-status to either A or R. I was wondering if anyone else has done the same thing and how they were able to get this setup in Sage X3.

  • Consistent Shutdown Of Syracuse Services

    Hi guys!!!

    I have this constant shutdown of Syracuse service

    I don't have the issue on a physical server except a cloud server

    I have tried different environments for this but the issue persist

    The Sage version is on 12.0.24 while Syracuse is 12.9…

  • Format data on export by Adding characters


    When i export some data for exemple à LOT NUMBER, i want to add a "XX" at the beginning of it when we export the data with an export template

    i take from the table OUTPUTM : [OUM]LOT

    I'm trying to use =FORMAT$

    But i'm stuck on how…

  • How import assembly doc?

    Hi everybody.

    I need import assembly doc, but now in X3 V12 this object hasn't active import check.

    I try to active and create import template, but all time system says that first line are not completed, and don't create doc.

    First, in BBY Object…

  • Open Items Report for BP

    Hi, I want to run a report for a specific BP/Customer and I would like this report to show a complete list of all transactions for the customers - open and closed, invoices, CMs, DMs. I want to see 2 columns, one showing original amount and one column…

  • Save report in server directory programmatically

    Hi Guys

    I've implemented create report functionality. The following part is calling report creator:


    Where "FILEPDF" destination - output file type pdf…

  • Sales Invoice to credit and re-invoice


    When using order-delivery-sales invoice:

    We often find that Sales Invoices have been created and posted, (Using Auto-Delivery creation and Auto-Invoicing functionality due to large volumes) but they carry incorrect details or qty etc. As far as…

  • X3, Errors after Update to X3 v12.0.23

    Hello Everyone 

    we updated a X3 system from v12.0.21 to v12.0.23 , but just the X3 folder was updated (not the other live folder)!

    and now we get these errors like this (and the .src files are not in the TRT folder) 

    is it that we should just select the…

  • Purchase Order import - sequence numbers

    Is it possible to import purchase orders and assign the PO number at the time of import.  These PO's are coming over from the retired system and we do not want to use the sequence as part of the import.  Looking at KB 95260 it implies this is not possible…

  • Representations questions on visible, invisible, technical

    The online help says....

    Query, Detail, Edit, Lookup, Summary

    These columns represent the different facets in which the property can be used. When one of these columns is selected, the property is present in the corresponding facet. Otherwise, it is not…