• Sage X3 V12 Shortcuts

    Hi everyone, I came across these excellent and useful to improve navigation on X3 V12. 

    A. Right Panel Actions

    • ESC + N – new
    • ESC + B - save
    • ESC + C - create
    • ESC + D - delete
    • ESC + E - cancel
    • ESC + ALT + U - refresh
    • ESC + ALT + P - print
    • ESC + ALT + A - att…
  • Lot number in function of experiation date ( shelf life)


    I am looking to create a lot counter in function of the experiation date of a product which we will reception from a purshace receipt.

    For exemple if we enter the expiration date of July 1st 2023 and the product has a shelf life of 6 months , the…

  • Display modified fields in a workflow programmatically


    I have created a simple workflow and script to display fields that have been modified in a PO where the cost is over $10,000. This works by checking the [M] field against the base [F:POH] field, and using RETVAL to display the changed information…

  • Specific Sales Price List for Service Requests

    Hello fellow citizens,

    For a sold product we have a customer/product sales price list using a minumum quantity of 10 items. The same item can also be consumed in service requests, but there we do want to allow quantities less than 10; a single item could…

  • Reminder Campaign & Late Charge / Early Discount

     I would appreciate your view on the following points. I am entering a mass of Journal Vouchers where I need to track the open item due date and penalize any JV that passes a predefined time a late charge is conducted when creating a Payment / Receipt…
  • Non-Conformance - help needed to add custom fields

    Does anyone know of any resources, tutorials, training sessions, etc... on how to edit the Non-conformance screens to add additional fields.  I created a custom field to the table NCSRECENT, added it to a custom screen, added that customer screen to the…

  • Automate Allergen Rollup


    I'm trying to figure out the best way to automate the "Allergen rollup" function daily. If anyone has any experience or information to achieve this please let me know.

  • Script does not update field value if the line is not entered

    Local Char ZPRODCOD(30)
    Local Char ZPRODCODOLD(30)
    Local Integer YESNO
    YESNO =2
    For i=0 To max([M:POH2]NBLIG -1)
    For [F:ITM] Where [F:ITM]ITMREF = [M:POH2]ITMREF(i)

  • Purchase Receipt Function in Datalinx

    Hello Group,

    I'm hoping for some help or insight into an issue we've encountered using Datalinx & Sage Purchase Receipt Function. This is what we're trying to do:

    We are trying to use the purchase receipt function in Datalinx and receive…

  • Execute ACTION from STD on Sage X3

    Using Sage X3 v12 (2021R3), I try to execute on a TRT the $APRES_CHOI action from STD and SPE.

    My process is the following : Object called ZDK, I'm opening an action AZDK1 that opening a custom selection popup (with screens and backend-code).

  • Machine Inaccessible error

    Hi team,

    Someone kindly help, am getting the Machine Inaccessible error sometimes when I or my users have lock screens and am trying to terminate them. What might be causing this and how I can permanently resolve?



  • Counter for NACHA file

    I am creating a NACHA file for Old Second bank.  Their file layout requires a count of all the detail lines.  Is there a way to get a count of the detail records to show in the NACHA file?  How is that done in the "Bank File Definition" screen?…

  • Clear all import/export scripts - Dictionary Validation

    I've noticed in a recent V12 patch set that when performing a Dictionary Validation there is a new option in the Objects to process section titled "Clear all import/export scripts".

    Is anyone familiar with the purpose of this option?

  • Custom messages in standard flyout?

    Hi folks

    I'd like to know if there's an easy way to show custom messages using the standard flyout banner (e.g. shown if record has been updated)?

    I know I can use Infbox to achieve a similar result, but the user should not be forced to click…

  • Payment Terms and Payment Methods link

    Is there a way to setup payment terms without linking the payment method. At the moment it seems you have to duplicate each term for each applicable payment methods. i.e CHK30DaysNet TRF30DaysNet ACH30DaysNet which is not really in line with most accounting…

  • How to store Blob image's type in a table ?

    I created a custom screen where I am displaying images related to a driver.  I am using a datatype of ABB, input of Display, and Graphic object of Photo.I have an issue on how to store those images.
    I know that it is stored in the CBLOB table. In the screen…

  • points debit / tokens credit

    Has anyone used the after sales points debit / tokens credit sections in products? I would like to create a points system for customers. IE purchase this product, receive 100 points. Then use those 100 points towards future purchases. It seems like that…

  • REST Web services Post a record problem

    why I keep getting this error: "Saving has failed" every time I try to create a new record. Is there an option somewhere that prevents it from creating this new record? What am I missing?

  • Import Inventory Value Change values to revalue stock

    Has anyone managed to import values to do a value change of stock?

  • Period Status Change


    User was trying to open period in the new month unfortunately couldn't select "No" in the next months so only intended month's period is opened as a result ended up opening entire year which is not right. Someone kindly assist on how I can change…

  • Global Serial Number Management of Products with Packaging

    We want to trace products at the lot level but maintain traceability to the specific package. Is there a way to produce products to include their packaging? I basically want to serialize (maybe globally) my PAC units such that each one is uniquely identifiable…

  • Manufactured product - Q status as default single item

    How do you have a single product be put in Q status as soon as a case / pallet is made in production? I can see how to do it by "product category" but i only want a single item within that category. 

    Sage X3

  • Purchase Receipt delete not possible, receipt date changed

    Hi All,

    Created a Purchase Receipt and it reflected the Stock with the quantity, later realized the receipt date was wrong. So, user tries to edit the receipt date and click Close receipt.

    Then user created an another Receipt with correct date. Now user…

  • What mechanism sets price for Intersite Orders?

    Hello All,

    Encountering something in our Sage X3 setup that I'm having trouble hunting down the source for. We have some Inter-site orders between us and some distribution companies. For this transaction, we want the gross price to be set to 0 automatically…

  • Function GESPAY Supplier cash payment Error: Open item being matched

    A/P-A/R accounting>Payments>Payment/Receipt(GESPAY)>

    SCAS Supplier Cash Payments> For Advance payment entry, every time a user tries to create the entry faces the following error. need urgent help. 

    X3 Application error: Open item being matched…