Batch Server constant result 406 and consuming 100% CPU


Sage X3 v12p25. All Sage X3 components match v12p25 specification.

Sage X3's syracuse took over the whole CPU cores with this error repeating with multiple entries consistently. I have no idea on the case of what causing it to happen. This has happen twice.

I have restarted the Batch Server and the CPU was stabilized down.

I would like to know the possible cases on what causing the Batch Server to seizure up and erroring due to this unidentified status.

The brevity of the error made it difficult for me to identify the root cause.

Please help as I have no clue where else to look into.

Hostname: WIN-123

On the X3 Solution, the hostname and runtime server set is: WIN-123

Syracuse's log on N0:

2022-05-13T20:22:37.047Z | 6d588fd3cced | | | x3Comm.conn | error | [stream Batch X3V12 pid=12612] read Error: read ECONNRESET
at TCP.onStreamRead (internal/stream_base_commons.js:111:27)[object Object]
at (C:\Sage\SyracuseComponent\syracuse\bin\shadow-modules\win32-x64-64\node_modules\ez-streams\lib\fibers\node-wrappers.ts:251:16)
at StreamWrapper. (C:\Sage\SyracuseComponent\syracuse\bin\node_modules\syracuse-x3\lib\clients\common\stream.jsc:161:41)
at StreamWrapper. (C:\Sage\SyracuseComponent\syracuse\bin\node_modules\syracuse-x3\lib\clients\common\stream.jsc:143:42)
at X3Client. (C:\Sage\SyracuseComponent\syracuse\bin\node_modules\syracuse-x3\lib\client.jsc:274:37)

2022-05-13T20:26:18.501Z | 6d588fd3cced | | | batch | error | [X3V12]Batch request 2700830 representation=Batch request 2700830 WIN-123:1807 result 406 - [
"$severity": "error",
"$message": "Request 2700830 cannot be launched with this status"
2022-05-13T20:26:18.502Z | 6d588fd3cced | | | batch | error | [X3V12] Request 2700830 cannot be launched with this status
2022-05-13T20:26:19.096Z | 6d588fd3cced | | | batch | error | [X3V12] An error occurred on executing query 2700830: Request 2700830 cannot be launched with this status Request 2700830 cannot be launched with this status