• Sage X3 V12 Shortcuts

    Hi everyone, I came across these excellent and useful to improve navigation on X3 V12. 

    A. Right Panel Actions

    • ESC + N – new
    • ESC + B - save
    • ESC + C - create
    • ESC + D - delete
    • ESC + E - cancel
    • ESC + ALT + U - refresh
    • ESC + ALT + P - print
    • ESC + ALT + A - att…
  • Error Testing SOAP X3 webservice AOWSEXPORT with CHRONO "YES"


    I am trying to Export a template using webservice AOWSEXPORT with chrono "YES" using SOAPUI. But I am getting error or the result set has zero even after modifying or adding a record using Import.

    If I say Choro is NO webservice is returning…

  • Variable to show the transaction code used to enter screen

    I would like to take action in a screen based on which transaction code was use to enter the screen.  Is there a variable available that will show which transaction was chosen when launching the function?

  • Unable to load Chinese file name as attachment

    Hi All,

    We would like to seek your advice for the issue we encountered.  We are not able to upload chinese file name as attachment.  The error we hit is "

    System Error : of_fsq failed to open <<masked>>/��.pdfy".


  • Version Management, MRP and Safety Stock


    can anybody clarify for me how MRP handles the safety stock level on the product-site record where the product is version managed?

    if we have multiple active versions of the product - lets say 3 and we have a safety stock level set at 10. does this…

  • Purchase Receipt Function in Datalinx

    Hello Group,

    I'm hoping for some help or insight into an issue we've encountered using Datalinx & Sage Purchase Receipt Function. This is what we're trying to do:

    We are trying to use the purchase receipt function in Datalinx and receive…

  • Execute ACTION from STD on Sage X3

    Using Sage X3 v12 (2021R3), I try to execute on a TRT the $APRES_CHOI action from STD and SPE.

    My process is the following : Object called ZDK, I'm opening an action AZDK1 that opening a custom selection popup (with screens and backend-code).

  • Counter for NACHA file

    I am creating a NACHA file for Old Second bank.  Their file layout requires a count of all the detail lines.  Is there a way to get a count of the detail records to show in the NACHA file?  How is that done in the "Bank File Definition" screen?…

  • How to store Blob image's type in a table ?

    I created a custom screen where I am displaying images related to a driver.  I am using a datatype of ABB, input of Display, and Graphic object of Photo.I have an issue on how to store those images.
    I know that it is stored in the CBLOB table. In the screen…

  • ALOG No working on scheduled tasks

    I have a script using ALOG class to write to a log file. It works fine when I manually run the script but nothing is logged when it runs on scheduled task.

    Please help Slight smile

  • Having error while using BIS import template to import file

    I am having problem while import using BIS import template, there is error on DUDDAT field. But when using import simulation, DUDDAT can get the value from my import file. Is anyone facing this problem or anyone can advise me on this? The attachment below…

  • Graphql Onpremise setup

    Hello everyone,

    I'm developing a middleware to integrate Sage X3 with a 3PL and I want to use GraphQL services but I'm not able to connect because I haven't found the correct Endpoint,

    I already try with "{{server}}/v1/service/PROD/api…

  • Using Outlook wrt New email client for Sage X3 workflow notifications post.

  • Trolley Build Function Sage

    I am wondering if anyone out here has had any experience with the trolley build features with Datalinx? We are thinking of exploring "picking to slot", "Trolley Build", "picking to Carton" functions in our warehouse. Would love to pick someone's brain…

  • SageX3 - Selection List

    Hi, in a custom selection script like this:

    GSELFAC = 1 : # campo che deve ritornare

    Filter [F:YPROD]
    CRITERE = "[F:YPROD]YITMREF='"+[M:POH2]ITMREF(nolign-1)+"'"

    NBCOL = 0

  • 3rd party Webservice soap response

    I'm trying to make a call to a 3rd party webservice using Sage X3 scripts on the SDH window, i'm using the func ASYRWEBSER.EXEC_HTTP wich is working fine, it's calling the webservice and receiving the answer of the soap call.

    The Answer:

  • Batch Server constant result 406 and consuming 100% CPU


    Sage X3 v12p25. All Sage X3 components match v12p25 specification.

    Sage X3's syracuse took over the whole CPU cores with this error repeating with multiple entries consistently. I have no idea on the case of what causing it to happen. This has…

  • Scrolling after Saving a Change - GESBPC

    When we go into GESBPC (customers) and change the customer from Hold to Check and hit the "Save" button, it is moving the user all the way back to the top of the screen.  Is there a way to turn off the automatic scroll up?  We just want to save…

  • SUBSCS - Inter-site transfers - CWSIS


    On V12 Patch 27 Sage introduced CWSIS webservice in order to respond to the new ADC options.

    However, since it was done in order to work with ADC, Sage limited the use to just that.

    We can't use the same service for other third party integrations…

  • Sage X3 upgrade from V PU9 to V12

    Dear Sage City forum users,

    we're currently looking for someone who has already tried or experienced migration from Sage X3 vPU9 to v12. We currently have one project where we've been asked to "test" this migration internally and see how this may work…

  • RTF Pasting adds many carriage returns

    Just upgraded to V12 P27 and when we copy to clipboard from an outlook email in rich text format, when we paste it into a comment box in any screen (customer, supplier, sales or purchase order etc), it is adding _many_ carriage returns after each sentence…

  • Problème importation de x3 vers web scheduling

    lors de l'importation de "plant" de sage x3 vers web scheduling via Analytics j'ai rencontré un problème dans le fichier FR012.json "{ "repos": [invalid authentication method: bearer]}"


  • Planner One notice: Your desktop is being initialized. Please wait until this action is complete.

    Hi all,

    While using planner one on SageX3 V12,

    our site is initialized and planner one opens perfectly, but after any WO is submitted we get this notice (making it unable to proceed)

    Did any of you guys face such an issue?


  • Completed Calls GESCLL


    In the GESCLL call function, we noticed that when marking the check-box as Completed, the call remains with the editable fields, thus allowing changes to the form. Is this behavior correct?
  • Resolve Pending Issues for Lot Managed products

    Hello wise people of the Sage City,

    For a customer we had allowed negative stock on ingredients/raw materials to prevent constantly having to stop production because tracking returns an error due to stock being unavailable. Allowing negative stock results…