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  • Sage X3 Support: Are your X3 blocks missing?

    Are blocks missing from your screens all of a sudden?  What is a block anyway? In this blog, I will review where to check you have areas(blocks) on entry screens that are suddenly not there. Let's jump right into this. 

    First, what are these blocks to which I am referring? Blocks are on all different types of screens. Blocks present related fields together in a particular area on a screen. For example, if you go to Sales…

  • Sage X3 Support: Whitelist URL Policies Management

    Security is a major concern for all companies. Sage commits to constantly enhance the security of its solutions. This is even more important with the COVID crisis leading companies to deal with more home office workers with distance connections that can open additional entry points to hostile actions.

    Sage X3 allows calls to various services over the network (both internally and externally) with different protocols, the…

  • Sage X3 Support: What is the difference between the unit of operation and unit of stock?

    Work order operations can be tracked based on the default unit of the stock unit of the produced good or the unit set on the operations.

    Thanks to the selections available in Setup, Manufacturing, Entry transactions, Production tracking, Operation/Manufacturing tab, Default unit.

    To enable the default unit selections, check the “Unit can be modified” check box. Then you will have the options “Unit of…

  • Sage X3 Support: How to add an existing purchase request to an existing PO?

    I have seen some questions come up on how to link multiple purchase requests to an existing PO and I thought of writing a blog to illustrate that.

    We mange purchase requirements of different departments, or sites of a company in purchasing, purchase requests, purchase requests. Here you can create, modify, delete, copy, view, and print purchase requests.

    I have entered three purchase requests and we can view them in

  • Sage X3 Support: The Session Log Function got a revamped look – Come see what’s Changed

    Welcome Readers,

    Today I have more of an update then something new to show you all. It was pointed out to me by a colleague of mine, that the Session log Function (AKA, the global engine trace that’s under Administration, Usage section) has changed in Version 12 Patch 27. It’s been redone, per say, into a newly updated function called X3 Session Log. It still does relatively the same function, but it now has an added…

  • Sage X3 Support: Exploring auto journals: the descriptions

    You have been exploring the Automatic journals under Setup, Financials, Accounting interface.  Maybe, you were tracking down an out of balance transaction, trying to locate the source of your suspense entries or just curious. You were wondering “How do I decipher the automatic journal line descriptions with their various formulas?” Have no fear! We’ll look at some of the most common formulas to get you started.…

  • Sage X3 Support: Working with overhead cost but not sure how it calculates!

    It is common to have overhead costs on a work order; however, the calculation of the overhead can get a bit complicated to track and figure out where it came from. In order to track how the overhead is calculated, it is important to understand where this overhead is coming from and its setup. The overhead cost can be calculated based on an amount or based on hours for the operation or quantities.

    For example, if the overhead…

  • Sage X3 Support: An easy way to compare a couple of files

    In my last blog, I showed an easy way to search for an error message that appears in a group of Syracuse log files using Notepad++ (Link). This time I want to demonstrate an easy way to compare two files using the same tool, Notepad++.  In order to be able to use the compare function, you will need to install a Notepad++ plugin.  I will explain how to do that as well.  Let's take a look at how this works. 

    Overview of…

  • Sage X3 Support: How to Update the V12 PatchFinder

    Hello All,

    As promised, here is my next installment regarding updating the V12 PatchFinder. Please review my blog post HERE for installing the V12 PatchFinder if you have not installed the V12 PatchFinder.

    Today, we will be updating from V12 PatchFinder 2021 R2 to V12 PatchFinder 2021 R3 using the Quick Update method. The quick update method simply updates the data used by the PatchFinder tool as opposed to reinstalling…

  • Sage X3 Support: How to update the VT Web Server Component

    Evening Readers,

    Today’s topic is going to be a continuation of what I have been mostly doing, which is showing you all how to update stuff. Well, today we are going to look at updating the VT Web component. If you are not familiar with this, the VT Web component is the new name for an older component called WebServices. The old WebServices component was the original web server back in the Version 6 under apps. Now a…