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  • Sage X3 Support: Looking at slices of your left list

    I spoke with a customer who wanted to isolate items in the Left List. They wanted to slice the Left list data into pieces and be able to review it one piece at a time. They didn’t want to go into any fancy customizations. So, what would be a quick and simple way to go about it?

    A very simple option is the filters at the top of the Left List columns. Clicking on the Funnel icons will display the following filter…

  • Sage X3 Support: ATP Client Installer Overview

    Today, we'll be discussing a high-level overview of installing the ATP (Automated Test Platform) Client installer. An in-depth, well documented HTG can be referenced here: Installing and update the Sage X3 ATP library

    For those that are not aware, ATP is automated regression testing for workflows actions by the clients/end users (e.g., sales order creation, product creation, opening functions, right-panel actions…

  • Sage X3 Support: What do we know about the general parameter PRIFLG?

    • This parameter is used within the purchase documents for stock valuation calculation.
    • When an invoice, credit memo or an additional invoice is validated, one or several records get created for each document line in the PTDSTKVAL table.
    • Please refer to the online help for more information.
    • The default value of this parameter is set to ‘No’ and once it is changed to ‘Yes’, PTDSTKVAL table will start recording multiple…
  • Sage X3 Support: Where are the Release Notes at now?... The Online Help you say?

    Evening Readers,

    Today’s topic is going to be on Release notes and where to find them. I have been having a lot of inquiries about them since we stopped adding them to the download KBAs, so I figured I would write a short blog on where to locate them. It’s actually not too hard to find, you just need to know where. They are always posted in the same place. That place is…. The online help. Yep, online help… where everything…

  • Sage X3 Support: Where Scraps and Shrinkages are entered in Sage X3

    In manufacturing, producing finished goods might result in Scraps and/or shrinkages. Normally scraps are materials that are left over after production and using them again might be not possible or it could be wasted material. On the other hand, shrinkages are reductions in the product/material due to evaporation, deterioration, …etc.

    In Sage X3, it is possible to add scraps to the Bill of Materials "BOMs" lines…

  • Sage X3 Support: What are the Default Dimensions associated with manufacturing?

    Default dimensions are found in setup, Financials, Accounting interface and there are many of them. However, this blog will go over the ones that are used in Manufacturing whether creating a work order manually or automatically, creating the production, closing, and costing the work order.

    The three default dimensions for standard work order are:

    MFI: Released products

    MFO: Operations

    MFM: Components

    If the work order…

  • Sage X3 Support: How to use the Database Optimization function

    Afternoon Readers,

    Our Today’s topic is going to be around the Database Optimization function (GESANX). The Database Optimization function allows you to save, track, and implement custom indexes. The purpose of the function is store custom indexes for easy reapplication when updating or migrating a dataset. It’s also good to add the indexes through the Database Optimization function because it will allow you to see all…

  • Sage X3 Support: Hey my report numbers have changed! Or have they?

    Have your colleagues come to you saying that their report / inquiry data is different than when they ran it before? Or that beginning balances seem to have changed? You review the data, and it appears to be fine now. They want to know why it changed. Lost as to how to explain the difference? It is difficult because we don’t necessarily know when they ran their report or what parameters they selected.

    Let’s look…

  • Sage X3 Support: Are your Sage X3 blocks missing?

    Are blocks missing from your screens all of a sudden?  What is a block anyway? In this blog, I will review where to check you have areas(blocks) on entry screens that are suddenly not there. Let's jump right into this. 

    First, what are these blocks to which I am referring? Blocks are on all different types of screens. Blocks present related fields together in a particular area on a screen. For example, if you go to Sales…

  • Sage X3 Support: Whitelist URL Policies Management

    Security is a major concern for all companies. Sage commits to constantly enhance the security of its solutions. This is even more important with the COVID crisis leading companies to deal with more home office workers with distance connections that can open additional entry points to hostile actions.

    Sage X3 allows calls to various services over the network (both internally and externally) with different protocols, the…