• Sage 300 CRE Payroll - Work Comp Audit Reports

    I am new to this program and cannot seem to find the right reports that I need that would include everything for the auditors.  Any suggestions?

  • Voided A/P Checks

    I just voided several checks for a vendor. How do I run a voided check report?

  • Revised Contract Amount not Posting

    Prior to closing a job, we go into Job Cost/Tasks/Enter Misc Worksheets/Contract Amount - and in Job Entry we put the percent complete to 100% and put in the either the same or a different Contract Value in the New Column. 

    One one particular job, the Revised…

  • Open Purchase Orders and Contracts for Non Jobs

    Hi there, I am looking for a report that can confirm purchase orders and contracts that are open but do not apply to any specific jobs and are strictly overhead expense booked to the GL accounts. 

  • JC summary showing a difference in GL vs JC- how do I find out where the mistake is?


    I recently ran my JC summary reconciliation report and have a difference of $900 in my GL that is not showing up in my JC on the subcontractor line of the report.

    What reports do i run to narrow down where the mistake is at? Looks like it was coded…

  • Service Days from Request to Invoice Report

    I was looking for a solid report for our service department efficiency and could not find anything I liked.  I created a report which captures the number of days from call to schedule, schedule to invoice, and the total days from call to invoice.  Enjoy…

  • committed cost-developer

    Report 6-1-12-51 Committed Cost-Developer. How does this report for Developer differ from regular reports? There are asterisks after some items, but no description of what the * means. 

  • Report for closed jobs

    Is there a report in sage that can show jobs closed during any given year or specified time period?

    I know that when you pull an old over/under extended report it will show the job for what ever the current status is so it is sometimes hard to track…

  • How can I get a report like the Check Activity Detail report with only YTD Totals for all employees in a specified date range Using Sage 300?

    How can I get A report like the Check Activity Detail report with only YTD Totals for all employees in a specified date range Using Sage 300?

    The Check Activity detail report is just what I need with just a bit of modifications.  The report only need…

  • Job Cost Detail Report

    Is there a report that shows all of the posting detail for a specific job?  I am looking for a job cost detail report that shows the detailed cost for each cost code.

  • AP Pending Invoice Register with Detail

    We have started using the enter pending invoices function. 

    How do you print a pending AP register with detail that shows the distributions so I can proof the invoices?


  • Labor Hours by Cost Codes

    I need to be able to show number of hours for the year by various cost codes but can't seem to find a report that will do that.  So for example, 1/1/2021-06/30/21 I need to see how many hours were entered with drywall cost codes, electrical, etc.  Any…

  • Union Paygroup Report

    Hello All,

    We use the Union Paygroup Report (5-1-7-31) in Sage 100 Contractor to pull information for our monthly union remittance. This report can only be run by period end or check date. I'm looking for a way to run it for the entire month (i.e. 1st…

  • NYS EO 162 Workforce Utilization Gross Wages Reporting

    Does anyone have a report that meets the NYS requirements for the EO 162 Workforce Utilization Gross Wages Reporting?


  • Report showing jobs associated to companies?


    Within a datafolder we have numerous companies - all with jobs associated to them.  Is there a report or easy way to show what company each job is associated to or show a list of jobs associated to a certain company within a datafolder?

    Further to…

  • Field Section of 'Add Condition'

    If I add a condtion to a report, it lists a bunch of items in the Field Section.  How do I add an additional field to that?  Right now 'Owner' is an item in the Field for Job Lists.  But when I view the same report in our Archived database, 'Owner…

  • W2 Reports

    Is there a report or a small set of reports that I can give to our accountant to produce our W2's?  A summary of the W2 information?

  • Sage Intelligent Reporting vs Liberty Reports

    I am a long time user of Sage 100 Contractor (formerly Master Builder).  I need more flexibility in data reporting from the system.  I have read that Sage Intelligence Reporting and Liberty Reports are two add-in options.  If you have experience with either…

  • Job Cost reports that show overage on Budget line items as opposed to only cost codes

    Hi there, looking for solutions on how to get the following reports to run in the jobs. What is required on entry? 

    I would like to have something in the following format, i have put in an example below

    Cost code XXXXX

    Budget line item base.         Upgrades…

  • Embedding images in shared estimate reports for Sage Estimating 20.1

    Hi all,

    I have been tasked with cleaning up some of the unknowns within Sage Estimating for our company. We are currently using the latest Sage Estimating 20.1 within Sage 300 CRE and since the update we have had some issues with our reports. The saved…

  • Run multiple reports at once?

    Is there a way to create a report group? When I make financial statements, I can combine multiple financial statement reports into a financial statement group and by choosing that group to print, it will print all my financial statements for the selected…

  • Payments by Vendor/Contractor

    I need to run a report that shows how much we paid to various vendors, that lists amounts paid and dates.  Anyone know of a report out there like that?  I can't seem to find one.  I would think it woudl be a standard report? 

    Thanks in advance!

  • Change Company name on reports Sage 300 CRE Accounting 20.0.1


    Recently we have moved from a publicly listed company to a limited liability one and looking to change the name on sage reports.

  • can in-list be used with {variable[N]}?

    In Report Writer, Sage 100 Contractor, is there a way to use the selection criteria "in list" with a variable like {variable[N]}?

    In this case, I am using {Job Number[N]} to select Job Number in SQL statement where job number is not in the Primary…

  • Estimating reports into Power BI


    I’m new to Sage and looking to access estimates through Power BI.  I’ve connected through ODBC, but I do not see how to get estimate information, only Database information.

    any ideas?