• Charge Order Report - Approved CO's by Month

    I am looking to generate a report that shows all change requests that have been approved for the current month. Is this possible? 

    Thanks in advance! 


  • Reprint Invoices in AR and AP

    I should know the answer to this... 

    How do you reprint an AR or AP Invoice?



  • Convert Crystal report from CRS to RPT for use in MyAssiatant

    Has anyone every converted a CRS billing design to RPT to be used in MyAssistant? 

  • I need to run a report that shows the direct payroll amounts for the year, how do I do this?

    I need to run a report that shows the direct payroll amounts for the year, how do I do this?

  • Terminated Employees

    How can I view hire and terminations dates for employees long since moved to history

  • How to print a multiple period Trial Balance

    How do I print a Trial Balance with multiple periods rather than just the current period?


  • The Withdrawal Register Report in CM does not total correctly.

    The Withdrawal Register Report lists the transactions, but some of the items listed are not included in the total.  There does not seem to be a pattern in the items not included in the printed total.

    Has anyone else experienced this?  I opened the report…

  • Job Cost Report

    Is there a more expansive job cost report that will show each individual entry under all cost codes?

  • Disbursement Report

    Is there a report to provide detail of the cash disbursements that are not associated with a job?

  • Anyone else having a problem after filing DC SUI report with Aatrix?

     DC is not recognizing excluded wages paid for work in other states.  DC changed my report generated in sage by aatrix and claimed I underreported and owe taxes and penalty for wages reported to VA and MD.

  • Job Costing By Project Manager

    Is there a way I can run the PL report or Job cost report for each specific PM by their name instead of job #?

  • My contract did not update when I added the change order

    My contract is 346,833.00 my change order is for 23,000.00 when i added my change order it never updated. In fact the "revised contract says 23,000.00

  • Payroll Report Needed

    I am looking for a Weekly Labor Report that includes ALL PR costs (Burden, Reimbursements, etc) that can be run by Period End Date NOT Accounting Date. (I know I can condition it with the PED after the accounting date is selected but that's not what I…

  • Adding Dates Formula

    I need to create a formula that adds employee DOB to today's date.  I've tried using system date but I receive an error that the field types are different.  Has anyone used system date in a date calculation formula?


  • Releasing Subcontractor Retainage

    Does anyone have a good process they could share for this?  We just switched from Yardi to Sage 300 CRE and in Yardi there was a function where you can see  your subcontractors total retainage billed (match it to their retainage invoice at the end of their…

  • Cash Requirements Report

    Hi I noticed on our Cash Requirements reports the "Expense Account" field is cutting off the last 3 digits of my accounts.

    Any fix on this?

  • Prior period Trial Balance

    We closed our fiscal year (8/31/21) and I need to run a trial balance for that period.  Is there a way to print the Trial Balance for a prior period?  Help!

  • Davis Bacon Reporting

    I have a project that was NOT setup as a Davis Bacon Project.  The customer has let us know that part of the money for the project was from CARES and now they need Davis Bacon reporting.  I have already completed and billed the project. 

    Is there a way to…

  • How do I remove terminated leases from current reports?

    I am running a tenant activity report and terminated tenants show up on there.   There isn't any activity for the period I am running, I checked to make sure the lease was terminated and all of the dates were filled in.   One specific tenant had a 1-1…

  • Sage Reporting takes a very long time from Desktop since Windows 20H2 feature install.

    Has anyone else been experiencing reporting difficulty with reporting from the Sage Desktop on Windows 10 pc's since installing Windows Feature update 20H2?  The spinner shows for extended periods of time, and may never resolve.  The only work around…

  • AP Electronic Payment (ACH) Remittance

    I am curous to know what people are using as remittance for their Electronic Payments (ACH) in Accounts Payable?   The "notifications" report that is generated from the payment process seems pretty bare (no headings, titles etc) -- just has floating…

  • Non Taxable Invoices Report

    I have an amount showing in the non-taxable column on the Sales Tax Summary Report.  We did not have any tax exempt sales during the period in question so I'm thinking an error was made when one or more invoices were entered in Quick Billing.  Is there…

  • PR: Deposit Summary by Department

    Payroll Question:  My goal is to obtain the canned payroll report "Deposit Summary" under Pay Period Processing and filter or condition it by department from the Employee Master record.   The Deposit Summary report is built on the Check Tax record…

  • Is there a report in the payroll module that condenses the information in the Check Activity report to TOTALS only?

    I am printing reports for an audit and need to show annual totals. The "Check Activity" report is perfect except its almost 50 pages long. Is there another report in the Payroll module that condenses the check activity information to totals only? …

  • report in Favorites

    I have a crystal report to print out lien waivers.  It works from Applications.  I have tried moving it to Favorites.  It saves but when I then try to open it - the report disappears from my Favorites menu and does not open.