• AR Status Date vs Accounting Date, when should they be different?

    We noticed our GL Outstanding Balances did not match up with Open Invoices available that were open in AR for a given vendor. Since I wrote these reports in SQL, I wondered if I'd made a mistake. When I looked at the table data to see if my reports were…

  • Edit Job Number on Paid Job

    I have a situation where a job was invoiced and paid with the wrong job number.  The invoice was entered via Job Cost/Enter Billings and paid via Job Cost/Enter Cash Receipts.  Is there a way for me to change that job number so reporting is accurate?

  • Where Do I find Contracts

    I can't find Contracts anywhere. I need to see the history of our contract values.  Where do I go to find Contracts?  TIA!

  • Customer viewable notes not appearing in purchase orders / Service Management

      About 4 days ago (11/17/22) , suddenly the customer viewable notes on our purchase orders stopped appearing. The "Customer Viewable" box is *definitely checked. Has anyone else experienced this or found the solution?


  • Printing Time and Material Invoices once posted

    I'd like to print T&M invoices after posting them. 

    I've made T&M invoices using 3-10. Once computed I can print them using 3-10-3 to send to the customer. But once I post (3-10-4) these invoices I no longer have access to them in 3-10-3. The posted…

  • Looking for a Sage Report Number

    I had found on the internet an older Sage report Job Status Report w/Over/Under 3-1-1-1 or 3-1-1-19 and I am not able to find it in standard reports for Sage 100 we are using. Any ideas?

  • Billing Report

    Is there a billing report that can be run when I've completed billing for the month which shows the customer, the project and the amount billed for the month and the total billed to date?

  • Open Jobs Report

    Is there an open jobs by customer report available?

    Thank you

  • Lien Waivers

    Issue with lien waivers not printing company name, only the formula field any suggestions. This just started after last update. Report #4-3-3-21

  • How do I generate a cost report for a work order?

    I cannot seem to find a report that will generate a cost report for work orders or service invoices.

  • Payroll Direct Deposit Notification/Stubs

    Can you print Direct deposit notifications/stubs on plain paper or do you have to by stock to print them on? 

  • Certified Report additional details

    Does anyone have a modified Certified Payroll Report that includes the check number and employee number? Also, would be helpful to have deductions listed individually.

  • Does anyone have a termination report for PR?

    Similar to a new hire report, i need a termination report that i can run with period dates.


  • Cost code report, excluding Job

    Is there a report within Sage by cost code that is not split by job? Lookng to anlayze which cost codes are utilized more than others over all project ranges.

  • Adding a new company to print out financial statements

    I recently added a new company and need to be able to print out financial statements for the new company. As of now, when I got to run financial statements the new company does not show up in my list to print. How do I get the new company added?

  • Trial balance report with subaccounts

    Every year we go through the same problem with our accountant for year end adjusting entries. He can not see my sub accounts and just posts to the main account. He wants a trial balance with sub accounts so he can guide on where the amounts should be…

  • Committed Item

    Does anyone have a report that will not only show invoice detail for commitments but also invoices billed over commitment?  I know it is backwards but we frequently process the commitments after the invoices are entered.  I then have to go in and attache…

  • Presentation of Negative Numbers in Reports

    Hello, relatively new to the software. Was curious, is there a way to change the way negative numbers are presented in the reports printed from Sage 300 modules? The negative numbers currently show at the end of the numbers, ex: $1,500-. This makes it…

  • Reports run extremely slow on workstation

    We have had issues for a long time with reports taking forever to run.  I blamed it on the server, we have just moved to a new server and are having the exact same issues. I have been through KB61331 and checked every suggestion and it hasn’t helped.…

  • Delinquent tenants inquiry error


    We use the Property Managment Delinquent Tenants inquiry to see balances that are past due. As of last week we can no longer click on the Balance column dollar amount to see the detail. We get an error that says

    "No open item records for this…

  • Save YTD ledger

    HI, I'm running a YTD ledger with multiple accounts selected in the ranges box.  Is there a way to save this report as I have to run it monthly and it's very time consuming selecting multiple accounts each time?

  • How to save changes to custom report and automate/email weekly?

    I just joiined this company and have not used Sage products for several year.  I am trying to slighly modify a custom Job Cost report and then automate it so it will run and be distributed via email on a weekly basis.  Is this possible?

  • Report showing unpaid invoices on a certain date in the past (year end)

    Anyone know how to create a report with a list A/P on a certain date in the past? (For year end review to confirm for Balance Sheet).  Thanks in advance!!

  • Invoices Selected for Payment Report

    AP-Invoice Registers-Invoices Selected for Payment

    For whatever reason, when I go to this report, it lists 2 items that do not have a balance due, nor are they included on my list when i go to 'Select Invoices for Payment'. I would like to get these cleared…

  • Balance Sheet level does not match for to transaction / add accounts to cash balance report

    I'm brand new to Sage and have couple questions.

    • How do you add cash accounts to the cash balance report?
    • I'm trying to complete a bank transfer in cash management module and error message says "Balance sheet level does not match for to transaction…