• Change Accounting Date in JC Cash Receipts

    I just posted cash receipts in JC with a future accounting date and I'd like to change the date. Is there an easy way to do this?

  • Crystal Reports

    Does anyone have any Tips or extensive knowledge in using Crystal Reports with Sage Estimating?  Anything is appreciated. 

  • WIP

    Does anyone have any experience with the WIP not generating anything? Previously have had no issues, but now when you go to generate there is nothing generated and also no rejections?

  • Report to show Employee Cost

    Project manager is looking for a report that will show how much an employee is costing him based on a specific job.  Is there a report out there that will show a specific employees hours, for a specific job and what labor costs are included?

  • report designer

    I am trying to add the vendor names to a report in job cost that sow Estimates, Total Committed, JTD Cost, and Unbilled Commitments.  I added JC Transaction to my Indexes in Field List.  Then I chose Description and added to report.  I do get the Job Name…

  • please someone help, opening Sage 300 as regular user

    no printers show up and we cant access reports, but if i run as admin everything works fine.

    what do i need to re-configure please? 

  • Will Sage 300 CRE recreate report menu structure during upgrade? Can we prevent reports from being reinstalled?

    We are currently reviewing our reports. We are renaming and changing menu structures in a way that makes sense to us. Many of the standard/default reports aren't useful to us. We were thinking of putting those in their own submenu with a name like "Not…

  • Customer Packing List

    Is there a way to print a pack list that we give to customers when we deliver products and have them sign for proof of delivery? Currently, we put together a spreadsheet and hand type. I was hoping there was a way for at least box sale items where we…

  • Is there a way to design an P&L for a future month?

    We currently keep our books for the current month open until we have completed review and finalized the financials.  We would like to be able to print a P&L for the next month before we close the current month.  Currently the P&L's only allow for a…

  • Change Date Ranges on Employee Totals by Period Report

    Hi everyone.  New Sage CRE 300 user and first time poster to this group so be gentle.  ;) 

    Does anyone know how to change the date parameters in the Employee Totals by Period report?  I have preset options of Current Month, Current Quarter, Current Year,…

  • Manual Payroll checks since update 24.1

    Has anyone had problems printing manual payroll checks since the most recent update to 24.1? When I try to print it says no records found. I double checked with a Payroll Audit and it shows the 2 records that are manual checks as unposted.

  • Revised Contract Amount not Posting

    Prior to closing a job, we go into Job Cost/Tasks/Enter Misc Worksheets/Contract Amount - and in Job Entry we put the percent complete to 100% and put in the either the same or a different Contract Value in the New Column. 

    One one particular job, the Revised…

  • Can I run an amortization schedule for a piece of numbered equipment in sage 100 contractor?

    I am looking for one report that will show me the life of a loan in Sage.

    I ran 8-1-3-31, and it gives me what went to principal each month and a balance.  Then I ran a 8-1-2-56 for my equip finance cost code and got a total of what went toward interest…

  • not able to run certain reports

    when i have 2 users who get errors when trying to run certain reports, but if i run sage application as a administrator, then it works fine.

    can someone please assist!

  • Benefit Time Tracking

    Would any users of the Sage Field Operations/Service Operations for 300 CRE time entry system who also us the Sage Payroll system like to share how they track benefit time?  We are currently using Time IPS for time entry and benefit tracking but want to…

  • Job cost

    How would the job cost reports for active jobs be the exact same in April and May? There were invoices paid throughout the month.

  • Project Management Custom Log report

    In PJ, our engineers use a custom log called Daily Job Progress Report Entry. Is there any way to get that information to print in a report with date conditions? There is the print button on the top right of entry grid, but the font is so small on the…

  • job cost report for several cost codes without duplication on the second one

    How do I select conditions so I can create a job cost report for several cost codes without duplication for the second one (or other errors).

  • We have a Job Cost History report that will list the Description(JC-Transaction) and the Invoice(JC-Transaction) but will not populate Ref1(JC-Transaction).

    We have a Job Cost History report that will list the Description(JC-Transaction) and the Invoice(JC-Transaction) but will not populate Ref1(JC-Transaction). Unless its on the Category desc line.

    The sort order is Process all Transactions in Job (JC -…

  • Is there a "count" formula that could be added to Report Designer reports? Specifically to PR reports to count employees?

    I understand that I can save a report to excel and get a count that way, but is there any way to add a formula that would count employees within some of the reports (report designer) we run most often?

  • Job Cost Forms

    I'm trying to use a Report Designer report for Subcontract forms (Subcontract, Change Order) but when I select the form in Job Cost Settings it is rejected because it is not a Crystal Report. I understand that if Project Management is installed Crystal…

  • Max date formula for Report Designer

    AMAX does not work with Dates - I tested it.  I don't use RD much anymore - do mostly crystal.

    any help would be great.  or an example 

  • External dashboards with Sage 100 Contractor?

    I am running Sage 100 Contractor and looking for an external dashboarding program that links into Sage 100 Contractor and pulls data automatically to update screens around the office.  Anyone doing anything like that with Sage 100?

  • Accounts Payable Check View

    How do I get from an accounts payable check to the list of invoices paid with that check after the fact?

  • Committed Cost Report Drill Down?

    I have multiple Purchase orders coded to 1 cost code.  Trying to sort thru and see which ones are still open.  I can see the committed cost in the committed cost report, however, I am looking to see what Vendors are assigned to the cost code?  Sort of like…