• Open Invoice Register showing invoices which is fully paid.

    Dear Team ,

     We have a scenario where for some vendors, some invoices appearing in open invoice register which is fully paid , Attaching screenshot for one vendor for your reference , similarly we have few vendors as well .

    Thanking in advance ,

  • How do I see if deductions are pre or post tax?

    I have taken over payroll and I have been asked if our insurance premium deductions are taken pre or post tax and I don't know how to find out. Nothing seems to pop out regarding this, though I'm sure it's simple. (I hope)

    Thank you!

  • multiple state withholding

    We are a Pennsylvania contractor with a job located in Delaware.  Our employees are Pennsylvania residents.  We are required to withhold Delarare income tax from their wages on this project.  However, we are still to withhold Pennsylvania Unemployment Tax…

  • Colorado Sick Accrual

    I have set up my sick pay accrual. I need to know how to put in the formula to stop accruing at 48 hours. I also need to know how to adjust the accurals that have gone past the 48 hour.  Thanks

  • Payroll Deduction "Flat Amount" and deduction frequency

    Hi all you out there in Sage 300 CRE Land!  Hope you are having a great day.

    Regarding Payroll Deduction setup.  Is there a way to have a "flat amount" deduction come out of each and every CHECK vs each WEEK automatically?

    Asking for a friend…

  • 2022 update taxes in the Payroll, Canadian

    what will be the minimum version of Sage 300 CRE required to complete this task January 2022, I am currently using 20.3

  • "Billable" Labor rates in Job Cost

    Management would like to see our job cost transactions show payroll as a set $ amount per hour as agreed upon by each project owner. These set rates would vary between project. For example, project X would have a billable labor rate for Project Manager…

  • Unit Cost vs. Unit Price

    Billing > Setup > Standard Item

    Under the unit tab there is three data entry boxes ( unit cost, unit price, unit of measure). Can someone explain the difference in the "unit cost" and the "unit price"?

  • Dumb Question about Federal Withholding Rates

    So, I have taken over doing payroll and am new to this and am trying to streamline it.

    So - previously we would give one check for pay, one check for an auto allowance on the 4th week of the month.

    I combined the pay and auto allowance onto one check…

  • Payroll - South Carolina Unemployment

    South Carolina implemented a new rule in March 2021 where, if you have employees in more than one state, you can credit the wages paid to the other state (per employee) but only one time in two years.  There is not a field anywhere to track this and Aatrix…

  • Late Fees - Charging Percentage of Balance


    How can we charge a late fee for a flat 1.5% of an open balance? The percentage option on the Late Charges Tab seems to calculate on a prorated annual basis. The Interest option shows nothing in the drop down screen and is not a typable field.

    Any assistance…

  • 401(k) Match not being included in certified fringe

    We are using the certified fringe in the fringe set up to calulate our cash fringe owed to our prevailing wage employees.  All fringes that have the certified fringe checked off are calculating into the cash fringe calculation except for 401(k) Match. 

  • Massachusetts Paid Family Medical Leave

    Hi Sage Family,

    Just curious how other PR/HR departments are handling the MA Paid Family Medical Leave.  Did you get a private insurance carrier to manage and pay claims or are you going through the state?

    We have a private carrier and they want us to…

  • Incorrect Income percentages

    I am new to Sage 300 and new to my role as Comptroller for my employer.  I was surprised to find our Income Statement total income percentage for the month and YTD do not equal 100%.  For example, for May, the total income % is 103.53%.  For YTD, the income…

  • Portland Oregon Multnomah and Metro Tax

    Has anyone set up the new Portland, OR metro and multnomah county tax? It's optional for 2021 and required for 2022.

  • Payroll Formula - Get Sick Balances from Sage HRMS onto Sage 300 Payroll Check Stub


    Looking for some help with a payroll formula and would greatly appreciate any input. We are trying to simplify our process for getting sick balances from Sage HRMS onto check stubs. We do not maintain accruals in Sage 300, only in Sage HRMS. Here…

  • MU Tables

    Can you have a contract where some line items have a markup table and some don't? And if so, how do you get that to work?

  • Markup Table

    So I have a cost plus contract that I billed a few line items out on last month and everything pulled through. (For further background there are some line items with a markup table and some that are just straight cost) It didn't seem to be a problem last…

  • VAT recording

    Dear Team,

    We have noticed a strange issue in treatment of VAT. The VAT is calculated in AP correctly and reflected in VAT report as well. However, while posting in GL it has been split into two base accounts named 1601 and 1690. Below is an example demonstrated…

  • 401k Deductions -- Part of Taxable Income

    I was curious as to how to handle 401k deductions for states like Pennsylvania where the deduction is part of the taxable income for the state tax which differs from Federal.  Since there isn't a spot to mark the deduction type within the set-up, I wasn…

  • Markup table attached to several Contract Items in the CN module

    Hi! I have a markup table attached to several Contract Items in the CN module, but when I pull costs through to bill Markup shows $0.00. Why would that be? Can anyone help?

  • Auto Overtime Calculation in Timberline

    I was curious if anyone has figured out a way to have the auto overtime to calculate correctly when importing time in.  Looking at the Sage KB, there is an issue that looks at the Run and Sequence fields in order to calculate the OT.  Even if our timesheets…

  • How to set up Workers Comp NYS wage limitation so that it will job cost to all jobs for that pay period up to the max?

    NYS has a wage cap limitation. Currently the program will job cost Wrokers Comp to jobs in the order they are entered until Cap is reached.  Remaining jobs get zero.  Need it to prorate across all jobs up to the limitaion.

  • NJ Disability - Self Adjusting Tax?

    We have private disability insurance in the state of NJ.  We were misinformed about the rates and set up our tax tables incorrectly. As I am preparing the quarterly reports, I have discovered the discrepancy. So I need to change the tax percent for the…

  • Worker Comp Calc

    When runnng my Sage WC summary and detail reports for March the gross wages calc differently on the report then the WC website and when i check i get the same as the website? Sage is wrong, anyone else have thisproblem??/