• Prior Upgrades

    I have a few employees that did not upgrade when the server was last upgraded so now they get errors when trying to download (because there are newer versions since).  Is there a place I can go to see prior downloads of upgrades to send to them?

  • does version have the current 2023 payroll taxes?

    At the beginning of the year we upgraded to  I am wondering if I need to upgrade again for more payroll tax rates?  We are in Washington state.

  • Is a Windows Server in place upgrade supported? Windows Server 2012R2 Standard to Windows Server 2019 Standard

    Hello we are wanting to get one of our customers on a newer Windows Server platform.

    They are currently running SAGE 100 Contractor on a Windows Server 2012R2 server.

    We would like to get them running on Windows Server 2019 Standard if not Windows Server…

  • Upgrade Sage 100 24.2.1

    We are upgrading our sage 100 server after year end was completed

    In sage database administrator to upgrade the database It goes through the backup then about 10 mins into upgrade and a white error pops up sage upgrade errors out nothing else?

    Any one…

  • Sage 100 Contractor and etakeoff?

    Hey Everyone,

    First time posting.  Sorry in advanced if its its in the wrong place.  I am having a strange issue with etakeoff.  I recently upgraded my computer to windows 10.  Everything was fine and a couple of hours in, the program just stopped working…

  • Windows Server 2019

    Windows Server 2008 goes EOS January 14, 2020, and we are quoting server upgrades to our Sage 100 using client.

    Without support for Windows Server 2019, we may be forced to quote them Windows Server 2016.

    I saw a post that Windows Server 2019 support…

  • Log in

    IT installed 21.1 last night...wiped out company ID # and company name information....when re-entered on server message received that information is incorrect....

  • Sage Advisor Update Configuration

    I am running Sage 100 Contractor on MS Server 2016. Sage Advisor Update was installed with v20.4 when we did the upgrade from v19.8. When I go into the Sage Advisor Update console, there is no data available. The Sage Business Care Plan status is blank…

  • Installing 20.4 on a domain controller

    Has anyone out there gone ahead and installed Sage 100 Contractor 20.4 on a domain controller even though it is suggested that we don't? 

    If so, have you seen any problems with performance? We have a Server 2012R2 server that acts as our domain controller…

  • Version 18 on Server 2012

    We use Sage100 contractor and we're currently on version 18.  We were going to upgrade our server from MS Server 2008 SMB to MS Server 2012 standard R2 but I was informed by Sage that version 18 is not supported on Server 2012.   We have several third…

  • Year End Is fast approaching!!!!

    Make sure you are on at least version 19 of Sage 100 Contractor to be able to install the Year End update.

    To check the version that you are on: In Sage 100 Contractor, select Home and Resources, about Sage 100 Contractor.

    If you are on anything earlier…