• Print report groups feature

    I cant believe that after all of this time that the print report groups feature has still not been FIXED!

  • Maintain Chart of Accounts- Access violation at address 00408758

    When accessing Maintain Chart of Accounts in one of my companies I get the following error:  Access violation at addresss 00408758 in module "Task0100.exe." Read of address 00000000.  I can access my other 2 companies with no problem.  I was in…

  • How can I export a report as a live Excel file or .csv?

    I want to take different reports and export them as live updating .csv file or other Excel compatible format. For example, there is a report at IC > Reports > On Hand Detail Report. I would like to be able to save a copy of the file locally to open with…

  • bank reference number search

    Is there a way to search by the reference number BW creates when you make a deposit? I have a deposit and the second column is RefNo and I want to search by that to see the individual accounts they are posted in but can't see how or where to do that search…

  • Business works item pricing comes up as stars.

    How do i change it from stars to actual numbers?

  • Need Sage BW consultant for NW Georgia?

    Looking for Sage BW consultant to help with setting up Crystal reports and GL accounts.


    When viewing payroll check register "current pay period" the report reflects an older pay period.  What would cause this?  I have checked the pay period for the current pay period and dates are correct.

  • Payroll Module - Printing Employee Notes

    I am receiving an error of:  Access Violation at address 5005A837 in module 'RTL260.bpl'.   I can not print the NOTES for an employee.  

    Any help would be appreciated.   Thank you!

  • Check Register Report - Voided Skipped Checks

    I ran a check register report today dated for 01/01/2021-03/25/2021 and it showed a lot of voided skipped check numbers, but also showed that same check number with a vendor and a dollar amount (which is correct).  Back on our 2/19/2021 check run we had…

  • Need a custom 12 month income statement.

    Does anyone have a custom income statement report already made that shows all 12 months of the year and YTD Summary?

    I cannot figure out how to make one myself.   

  • Unable to access 941

    400xxxxxx48 (edited) I am unable to access 941 quarterly reports my computer and system says unable to see current care plan on your end I have an active care plan I’ve been to PEGG a dozen times PEGG sent me to live chat the green bar goes all way across…

  • Payroll

    After the update, it no longer populates the employees hours and rate on the pay stubs.  The solution recommended on chat doesn't work. Any suggestions?

  • reports for general ledger

    I am looking for information on how I might be able to run a report in general ledger that gives me the breakdown by vendor and GL code. Like how many costs are coded to a specific vendor. 

  • Job Cost Labor Analysis Report


    When I try to create a Labor Analysis Report (in job cost module) the report always shows zero for all labor hours.  If I go to the "demo" company the report works fine--but in our normal company it doesn't.  What am I missing here…

  • Reporting upgrades made to newer version of Business works

    My company is currently running BW 2013.  We are upgrading our operating systems and a number of other customer databases that we use and we want to do the same with business works. Our biggest issue with the current version is its inability to drill down…

  • "No records to Print"

    We just moved BW50 Version 8 from old server to our new server and all of the databases seem to be working properly.

    We have one last problem to resolve.  The forms aren't printing.  The modified forms we have are there, but when you select a record…

  • Balance Sheet "Mapping"

    I'm stuck! 

    I am new to BW. As I was running periodic reports, I realized that only one of my cash accounts is flowing to Cash and Cash Equivalents on the balance sheet. I checked the set-up of the accounts on the Chart of Accounts; they all…

  • AR Sales Tax Report duplicating invoices and credit memos

    Good Afternoon, 

    Has anyone reported issues with the AR Sales Tax report duplicating invoices and credit memos? I know that they are duplicates because the invoice and credit memos are the same numbers.We are running V2019 SP2. Any help is appreciated…


    Is there any way possible to print a Detailed Payroll Check Register for one pay period and have it print one employee per page?

  • Will "Page 1 of 2 / Page 2 of 2" in Forms be fixed this year.???

    Will "Page 1 of 2 / Page 2 of 2" in Forms be fixed this year.???

  • Accounts Payable Flash Report


    My business owners would like an Accounts Payable Flash Report for 2019.

    They specifically want to see the Vendor Highlight for all of 2019 as well as Y-T-D information.

    Only the current balance is being displayed and the Y-T-D information is only…

  • Is there a way to remove credit card vendor from showing on an AP Aging Report

    Hello Everyone, 

    1) Here is what I've done so far, I setup a new vendor called 'American Express Credit Card', clicked the box to assign itself as a Credit Card Vendor. 

        Options> Accounts Payable > Assigned it to a GL called Credit Card Payable…

  • Running A/R reports for one salesman

    When I run a a/r detail report for only one salesman, it doesn't list all invoices if the vendor is not assigned to that salesman number.  How can I correct that?

  • Did you know that we have a library of reports that were not originally included with Sage BusinessWorks?

    Reports have been customized by Sage Customer Support Analysts and available to download and import into your software.  If you visit our Sage KnowledgeBase article 74699 Customized User Reports Library it will show a listing of the reports that are available…

  • Customer Statements

    I'm super new to BW and wondering if there is a way to add the due date onto the customer statements so that we can email them out and they can see when they were due versus just the invoice date.