• Accounts Payable Manual Selection

    After the last service Pack 2 for 2023 version I am unable to select the invoices I want to pay. I now have to put in the amount to select the payment. Was this supposed to be a good change? I dont see it noted in the release notes
  • Check printing

    Hi, can an electronic signature be stored in sage. So when a check is printed it is already signed.
  • How to change check printing option to plain paper stock

    I have a client that wants to do away with printed check stock and print on plain check paper stock. I was wondering if anyone has actually done this and if so - HOW?
  • Maintain Payroll Form | Custom Data Field

    I'm having issues with editing the paycheck form under Utilities- Maintain Payroll Forms. I need to create a new DBMemo/DBPipeline field to show the total hours worked by the employees. At present, the data field dropdown only has total regular hours…
  • Power search multiple phrases

    Does anyone know if there is a way I can search for multiple phrases in the power search system? Currently on Sage BW 2021
  • Converting Quotes to Sales Orders

    When I select icon to convert quote to sales order, the sales order window does Not automatically open like it does when converting sales orders to invoices. I have to get out of quotes and go back into sales orders. How do I get the sales order window…
  • BW Reseller/Consultant in Southern NH

    Can anyone recommend a BW reseller/consultant located near southern NH? We are a current BW customer and are trying to find a local indivdual/company to help us out. Thank you!
  • Is there a way to make Pictures automatically pop up in the Maintain Parts/Parts Inquiry menu?

    I save part pictures and click "Picture On..." and then click "Add" to add pictures to all my parts. But when I close the maintain parts/parts inquiry menu, the next time I open it the pictures do not show up unless I click "Picture On" again. I never…
  • Address blocks not printing

    In the recent release of Business Works 2021, we have custom invoices that we setup many years ago in prior versions of BW. Now today we print invoices using BW 2021, and the address block for our company and the address block for the customer will not…
  • 2 sided form print & collate

    oe form design - 2 page -review - set print to flip & collate - works perfect - save form do same with customer order & will flip page 1 then page 2 - WILL NOT collate ? am i missing a setting ?
  • Adding Fields to Statements

    I would like to add a couple of fields to my statements. Terms, being one, and if LOC then the line limit. I can make the box but how do I insert the field? I don't see any drop down menu to choose from. Do I just type in the field name? Please help!
  • Create custom text field on PO

    I don't see a "comments" field for me to add to my Purchase order from the data fields that are provided in the Maintain Forms screen. Ideally, I'd like to be able to add a custom comment next to items as I create the purchase order or edit a purchase…
  • Dates on Forms

    We have been using a two digit year and now need to switch to four digits. We went into the form and changed the date box to show XXXX instead of XX as it was but now when the forms print, it prints XXXX and no numbers at all. Any suggestions? Also, can…
  • Correct Pay Rates

    I need to generate a report that lists all my employees, all their hours worked, vacation hours, sick hours, vacation hours, etc. with the correct pay rate connected to each entry of hours. This is to cover an entire year so I'm not excited about having…
  • logo on forms

    Once you put your logo on the forms ( invoices, statements), does the logo come out clear? We have had problems putting our logo on the invoice because it looks grainy and blurry. Any ideas on how to fix it? Thanks!
  • <GLAccount> Account Type help

    Hello, I am trying to build a report that will pull all expense account amounts over a certain dollar amount. The report I am using is the Account Detail Report-Quick (so that I can pull in all GL's for a certain time frame). I'm fumbling around…
  • IncomeStatement

    How can I customize the Income Statement? Specifically, I like to rename the section called, "Cost of Goods Sold" to " Deferred Income". Please help. Thanks.
  • External Invoicing

    Because we don't want our sales guys messing up inventory but need them to invoice while on the road to keep their truck inventory correct, we have been using invoiceasap for the sales guys but then have been entering another invoice into BW. I'm new…
  • checks

    I would like to add a letter to the check numbers. Has anyone had any luck doing that in Businessworks? I know its possible in other versions. If anyone has done this successfully I would appreciate any tips you could give me. Thanks, Lynne
  • isolate a certain product and see what customer own it?

    hello! I am trying to figure out if I can do a report that will show certain products and what customer owns them already? I am new and I haven't been able to figure it out yet. Thanks.
  • Statement of Cash Flows-Why isn't the report offered as a "Consolidated" Report

    I run the Statement of Cash Flow with every month end report and I have a three page report. Why isn't the consolidate option on this report as it is on other reports? I would like to have a simple one page report. Thanks, Bev
  • AP Inactive Vendors

    What happens to the vendor when you change it to inactive from active? thank you, Kimber
  • Search Invoices for Visible Comments

    Hi all, We use the visible comment field in invoices to add information about sales- things like "Hold Invoice" for items we are holding, or "One Repack" for invoices that have partial cases of a particular item. Is there a way to search through these…
  • Report Builder and Codes

    I am customizing the AR Customer List report. I want my report to show if the customer is active or inactive. The Customer Status field I can use returns the codes 0 for active and 1 for inactive. Does anyone know how I can get the Customer Status Description…
  • How do you change the default check stub format in Accounts Payable?

    How do you change the default check stub format in Accounts Payable? I am using BusinessWorks 2018.