• where is electronic forms manager

    My email no longer works for emailing AR statements.  Help online keeps referring to electronic forms manager.  Where is this?  I am not able to find it.

  • What do you use for automatic tax calculation?


    What do Sage BusinessWorks users use for automatic tax calculation?

  • Invoice Numbering

    How can I display leading zeroes in customer invoice numbers?

  • hide employee notes

    Is there a way to hide the Employee Notes (change the security setting) in the Employee Master from a User?

  • Task Windown in Version 2021 SP13

    I have recently upgraded to version 2021 SP13.  Since then my task windows are so very tiny,  especially in GL.  The task window does NOT give me the option to resize the window.  Can anyone tell me how to resize the task window in this version.

    Liz Duho…

  • Aloha from Hawaii! Help!

    New to Businessworks.

    Our fiscal close is on Oct. 31. Trial balance data is limited and is only showing me Oct. 2019 to current and nothing prior. 

    How can I access this information? 

  • BW 21 - SP8 - IC Module - Adding Multiple Bin/Locations

    Hey Everyone,

    Rather new to Sage here, but trying to determine if there is a way to setup multiple Bin/Location fields in BW SP8. I reached out to Live Chat, they setup a call later since they couldn't figure it out. I am trying to have 2 or 3 Bin/Locations…

  • Password Reset; Security Risk

    A user can either not be able to change any passwords including their own or be able to change all passwords including the MANAGER account. This acts as a high security risk and that there are no options to require a strong password. Is there any enhancement…

  • Paypal clearing account?

    What is the best way to handle a Paypal clearing account in a retail setup? Anyone doing this successfully? We create an invoice for the month, then post all the daily deposits for the month to clear that invoice. Works well for brick & mortar, but not…

  • Hierarchal Levels

    I am intending to acquire BusinessWorks as our accounting software.  How many COA hierarchal levels can it accommodate?  I think I need 5 or 6. 

  • use of warehouse for salespeople

    We have different sales people on the road, each with their own inventory. 

    Can we keep each sales persons inventory in a separate warehouse and when that sales person makes a sale have them only be able to invoice out of their own warehouse? Sales people…



  • GL Codes in Vendor Inquiry don't show when I click on detail

    I upgraded to V2021 SP4 and since then I only get a one digit code when I click on detail to see the gl codes posted to on an accounts payable invoice entry.  I used to get the gl codes.  Keep in mind I went from 2019 to 2021.  I can see the correct detail…

  • Darker lettering

    After downloading the 2021 version of Businessworks and SP4 the font is to light.  Have tried doing the changes unter Utilies and user preferences but that doesn't make the font any darker.  Can I change this?

  • Using Gmail with Businessworks 2021

    I noticed that now when sending an email, it has a dropdown for "gmail".

    However, even with contacting google support, I am unable to get this to work.
    I am familiar with setting up smtp settings, etc, but am not familiar with OAUTH2.

    Is there…

  • Can't access a new company I set up

    I set up and created the G/L files but can not access anything in the new company.  I get a message "  User does not have the appropriate security rights".  I can't even delete this new company to start over. Any ideas would be appreciated.…

  • employee set up

    Somehow during setting up a new employee, his state was miscorrectly assigned to AR instead of TN.  I need to change it to TN but the field is grayed out.  I was trying to do my TN State quarterly reporting and noticed his wages were not pulling in.


  • Tiny print in 2021 Download

    Good Morning,

    I just updated to BusinessWorks 2021 with the SP2. Is anyone else having a problem with the size of print in the pop up boxes? My print is tiny and I am unable to expand the box. 

  • Adding a Portal

    Does anyone know if you can add a Portal to Sage Businessworks Software to allow vendors, customers to access certain things, etc.?


  • Tariff Tax

    I would like it if when I am creating an order and I enter a part number a second line item charge is added for tariff only.  Is that a possibility?

  • Payroll

    Is here a way to add another payroll rate to an employee?  We pay 2.00 more hourly on weekends.

  • Removing the check number and company name when printing checks

    When I updated to BW 2019 it started printing our company name and check number, even though they are pre-printed on our checks. I also need to move the ‘To” information (name and address) down about 4 spaces because you can’t read the Name when I put…

  • Multiple Sales Orders Linked to One Purchase Order

    Is it possible to link multiple sales order to one purchase order? We don't typically have just a one to one relationship. Often times we have multiples sales orders for different customers make up one purchase order to a vendor in order to meet the minimum…

  • Excel custom exports going to wrong version of Excel

    Every other time I do a customer export I end up with a garbled spreadsheet that my version of excel can't handle.  I realized today that Sage is sending me the export as a version of Excel that is from 1997-2003, and my excel does not like that since…

  • a direct deposit question

    hello! I've been working with Sage BW for a little over a year, specifically for payroll and payables/receivables at my job. We currently deliver direct deposits separately through our bank, but I'm curious if there is a way to print "Direct Deposit"…