• How I get trail serial SAGE 50 2023?

    Dear All,

    How I get trail serial SAGE 50 2023?

  • SAGE 50 US vs CA and UK

    Dear All.

    What is different between SAGE 50 US vs CA and UK? 

  • on-boarding issue

    we are trying to upgrade out sage50.. so in the process of on-boarding we keep getting the error "account registration failed"

  • Does Sage 50 come in a desktop version?

    Does Sage 50 come in a desktop version?

  • Upgrade Sage 50 and Data migration

    Will there be any issues on migrating the company data from Sage 50 Premium Accounting 2018 version to Sage 50cloud Premium Accounting? Planning to update to Sage 50cloud Premium Accounting. What is the maximum number of company data we can create on…

  • Update to Window 11

    After upgraded my computer to Windows 11, the program is not set to the Cloud, it is searching for data or program at the C drive.

  • Questions about Replacing Sage Peachtree Complete Accounting 2010 with Sage 50 Pro Accounting.

    I have been a Sage/Peachtree customer for 25 years... The last purchased software I am still using is Sage Peachtree Complete Accounting 2010.

    Would the data from 2010 Peachtree be able to be imported to Sage 50 Pro Accounting?

    Would I still be able to…

  • 2023 Sage Download

    I need you to send me 2023 Sage 50 Download. Sage 50 will not open. May have to reinstall it.

  • data conversion

    Does Sage 50 2022 data need to be converted when upgrading to sage 50 2023?

  • Legacy member

    Hello...I am a legacy member (2004)...I do have my old serial # and Customer ID....All of a sudden, I cannot open my 2004 software as the program is asking for the registration #?

    Any idea how I can get back in business here please ?



  • Sage Peachtree accounting 2011

    I bought Sage accounting 2011 which came in a CD to install in a computer. I bought a new computer which does not have a cd port and would like to know how to download this particular sage accounting 2011 to my hp computer...

  • monthly subscription

    30 yr QB user.

    I will be migrating from QB Premier to Sage 50. My net connection is shaky so a desktop version is the best option.

    I have looked at the cloud sample but need a bit more hands on trial.

    I would sign up for a monthly to see If I can get…

  • Can I open sage 50 2020 Premium's file on sage 50 2023 pro?

    Hi everyone, previously I have purchased a box of sage 50 2020 premium. Now I want to upgrade to Sage 50 2023 pro. Is it possible to open the 2020 premium's files on 2023 pro?

    Thank you!



    How i download Peachtree on my new pc it's have Window 10 on it, I lost my CD but i do have my serial number.

  • Product activation failed - Sage 50 Accounting 2019

    Hello everyone,
    Thank you for your help.

    I had to reinstall Sage 50 on a laptop because of some problems, but when it reinstalled it asks me to activate the product, normally I give it Activate online and it stays.
    But on this computer I get the error:…

  • Peachtree 2010

    Good day,

    My computer crashed and I lost my peachtree program files. I seem to have lost my cd or whatever was used to download the software. I have my serial number  and activation code for 2010 Peachtree PRO Retail .  


    Is it possible to assist me…

  • SAGE 50 2012 Premium

    Can anyone help me find a download link for this dinosaur?

    New computer and my external hard drive program file can't find the peachtree.ini file.

    Believe it or not, I found an email from 2012 that contains the serial number and product key!

    But the…

  • Looking to upgrade Sage 50 to a fully integrated ERP/MRP System

    We (Small company, two companies with a lot of intercompany business) are currently using Sage 50 and another ERP/MRP system for Production and Engineering and I am investigating the possibilities to use Sage as a fully integrated ERP (incl. MRP) system…

  • Sage 50 2023 Upgrade

    I remember seeing posts in the past that some users were having problems with the 2023 upgrade to Sage 50.  I haven't installed the update yet based on these comments.  I'm just wondering if anyone has any more recent experience with the upgrade.…

  • purchasing sage update for network

    Is there anyway to purchase sage 50 update for network without cloud base or subscription?

    Thank you

  • How about not outsourcing or replacing your QA department with paying Sage customers?

    Your paying customers must not be your QA department, and if that is your position/marketing strategy, how about we get credit toward the renewal for every hour we spend installing>reinstalling>installing your new release.

    Have the developers test…

  • upgrade from 2022 to 2023

    We have a windows server 2012 installed with the 2022 sage 50 quantum an try to update to 2023 an after the update, we cannot login to sage 50 givving a fatal error code #6 .... what we can do?

  • Sage 50 premium 2020, can i install on two computers with 1 license?

    Hi i have a small network at home, and i have single user license of sage 50 premium 2020, can i install sage on the two computers that are networked have one as a server and install on my laptop and just login on either the desktop or laptop with the…

  • Peachtree 2017 not registering if I have Peachtree 2021 installed


    I have a client who has Peachtree Version 2017 on their machine, as well as Peachtree 2021. Both were working together without an issue. Recently we had to remove 2017 due to a system error. We reinstalled it, but are now unable to register it…

  • Good to update to 2023 yet?

    Aside from the blue highlighting in the inventory list, how are things going with updating to 2023 after the "fix" was released last week?

    Are you still having to revert back to 2022? Or are you successfully working in 2023 without issue now…