• FRAMTA formula for specific fiscal period 1 year ago

    I can't find any functionality for coding a specific period from 1 year ago in a fixed 12 month financial.

    I've got multiple columns set-up with FRAMTA ("NET1P"), NET2P, etc. and I want to add the same period from 1 year ago.

    All I can…

  • Printing macro where the tray selection doesn't work

    I have a client that i upgraded from Sage 300 v2014 to Sage 300 v2022.  They have some macros where some of them needed some minor changes.

    One of them prints a bunch of forms and they print them to different trays of the printer based on a screen selection…

  • When printing a report for A/R Invoices, how do I get a value from a batch different from the current batch?

    I need to add a summary section to my invoice report with the value of the invoice from the previous year (if there is one).

    I plan on storing the batch number for the previous years invoices in the invoice optional fields.

    Here’s my formula to get the…

  • AccpacReport object leaks memory (badly)

    If you have to print multiple instances of a (seemingly any) form (with different parameters, order number, invoice number) using the COM AccpacReport and AccpacReportSetup types they leak a lot of memory.

    In the space of 200 iterations there is about…

  • Sage 300 API - AP Payment - updating payment batches

    i am reviewing the Sage 300 web API and looking for a means of updating a  AP payment batch (eg. removing a cheque from the batch, updating cheque dates, removing invoices,etc...) and all I can see thus far is GET and POST for APPaymentAndAdjustmentBatches…

  • IC Macro fails during edit with Out Of Memory error

    I built two macros that create IC adjustments for a certain class of items for a client.  Works fine on the system in my office.

    I coped the two macros onto the clients server and when i go to edit either macro I'm getting an 'Out of Memory' error.…

  • Sage 300 check customization

    Hi Team 

    Is possible to create a QRCode with (check number, date, customer name and amount) information to make it easy to index and store in a document management system?

    Any idea ?


  • Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM component.


    I need some help figuring this one out.

    I am trying to automatically export I/C Internal Usage reports from Sage 300 using a C# console app. I have recorded a macro in Sage 300 and have used the macro to successfully export the report to PDF. From…

  • VB6 Programming question regarding OnRecordChanged

    Back on the custom OE Screen.  Here is what I need to do.  Currently the 'Post' button is hidden for certain users and exposed for others so they can post orders and quotes.

    When the 'Order' is a 'Quote' ALL the users should have the 'Post' button…

  • Automating transaction export using standard Crystal reports


    I was asked to create a custom service that will do the following:

    1. Get Purchase Orders based on specific criteria

    2. Export each Purchase Order using the standard Crystal Report file to a PDF document

    Getting the purchase orders is easy enough…

  • Custom OE screen failing on just one workstation.

    I have a built a Custom OE screen for a client that throws up an error that says "You don't have a license for this product" when it opens.  When you accept the message the OE screen closes.

    The screen was built in VB6 and uses a copy of…

  • Error when create project of Sage UI Customization Wizard on Visual Studio

    Hi all,

    My Sage 300 version is 2023.1.0. I already have the web screen running & working fine.

    My Visual studio version and info below:

    Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2017 
    Version 15.9.52
    Microsoft …

  • How do I add a print button next to the post button in every transaction window?

    I want to add a print button at the bottom of every entry screen (AP, AR, OE, PO, JE) next to the post button. How do I achieve this? 

  • Sage 300 macro won't allow an insert of the OE Order UI

    I'm trying to insert the OE Order screen into a macro and it's giving an error of 'Microsoft Visual Basic.  Element not found.'  I tried all of the other OE screens which worked okay.

    I did this because the Visual Basic project for a custom…

  • Inquiry or Report


    I'm fairly new to Sage and I'm hoping someone can help me.  I am trying to build either a custom report or inquiry,  I need to be able to access the JC-Job and JC-Transactions index's and I'm not sure how to do it.  It needs to be…

  • Sage's icons Too Small

    Hello Team

    I'm facing a small issue using Sage 300 on my new laptop, all the icons appearing too small (I customized the setting on my pc following the recommendation that I found regarding this issue but no success to fix it) 

  • Tracing or logging for BICore.exe?


    I've been working on a solution where we invoke BICore.exe (through PS and/or Batch script, tried both). When BICore is run, the workflow creates a report and sends an email and works perfectly when I run the script manually. Process lasts around…

  • Customized Program Icon While Retaining Settings

    Hey Everyone, 

    I would like to add program icons in Sage to print off different Crystal using the same program.  Ex/ Picking slip with CR form 1, picking slip with CR form 2, etc. 

    However, when I change the default setting of each individual icon it saves…

  • customizing a Sage screen in a VBA macro

    I added an additional control screen (AccpacIC3530UICtrl1) to a user form and i want to customize it to perform specific functions

    Such as set the default quantity to (1).

    And also set the location to the quantity on hand above (1)

    Thank You

  • Sage Alerts and Workflows with 2 Factor Authentication

    Our IT company has turned on 2 factor authentication and now Sage Alerts and Workflows is not able to send out e-mail notifications.  Has anyone figured out a way around this?


  • Report Designer Print Controls - Sage 300

    I recently added a notice about accepting credit cards to our custom AR Statement via Report Designer.  However,  It only prints on the last Statement.  I see I should be able to change it in the Print Controls way at the bottom, however, when I go to the…

  • Reduction in number of decimals in OE invoice form


    Which change do we need to do to the unit price formula in the OE invoice form to go from 6 decimals to 4? This is the formula in our Crystal form:

    // Price…

  • applying order level discounts with taxable items

    Hi - I have a program that is importing orders (downloaded from an ecommerce site) and sometimes there is a general discount applied to the order.  Sometimes there is a taxable item on the order.  When I import the order into sage I am using all of the prices…

  • pwFormatDate() and other custom crystal functions - where is the dll for these?

    I am writing some reports on a machine that does not have Sage installed.  Can I find the dll that has the custom Sage formulas like pwFormatDate() and istrue() somewhere on a machine with sage in order to copy it over?

  • FR date format for rolling 12 month income statement

    There must be a simple formula for the FR date function on 12 month rolling income statements that crosses fiscal years. If I have the current selected period [email protected]("End") in the first column and want the 11 preceding months in the next 11 columns, what…