• Sage300WebAPi returns Access Denied

    Just upgraded Sage 300 from 2021 to 2023.  Upgraded SageCrm from 2021 to 2022.  Webscreens and integration ran fine prior to upgrade.  After upgrade, when I try to access the webapi, I get 'Server Error in '/Sage300WebApi' Application - Access is denied…

  • Sage300 Webscreen [Account Payable] batch lock by another user

    We are currently experiencing a lock batch error when trying to change batch ready to post option to YES.

    We have observed the following.

    Batch created by user1 > User1 edit batch> user1 Save> User1 unable to update ready to post.

    Sage300 2021…

  • Sage300c Webscreen report display but wont export or print

    We are using Sage300c 2020 web screen, when we print a report we are able to see it on-screen {Preview}. But, unable to print to printer or export