• Sage 300 v2023 external web screen error Undefined after entering login

    After upgrading to Sage 300 from v2022.4 to v2023.1, we get an Undefined error after entering the login screen from external web screen. his issue is only with external access outside the network. Internal web screens are fine. I have reviewed KB 77607…

  • Sage 300 v2022 AccpacGoButton Error


    Run-Time Error '372':
    Failed to load control 'ImageList' from MSCOMCTL.OCX.  Your version of MSCOMCTL.OCX may be outdated.  Make sure you are using the version of the control that was provided with your application.

    We are…

  • Setting up MFA in Sage 300

    Hi guys,

    I wanted to find out if Sage 300 supports 2 Factor or Multi Factor Authentication? If so, how can it be set up and configured? Are there any recommended third-party tools or services to use with Sage 300 for implementing this security feature…

  • Sage 300 Web screen - Password change no prompt or warning displayed on web screens.

    The user password for our Sage users (Sage 300 web screens 2023 advance security) has expired.

    On the desktop version, there is a prompt to change your password; however, there is no prompt or warning displayed on web screens.

    Is there a different…

  • Accounts Payable

    My vendors names are getting cut off because there is not sufficient character length in the name field.  Additionally, I find that there is occasion that the invoice number field in AP invoice entry is not sufficent character length too. Is there a way…

  • O/E Order Entry - Print Picking Slip on Post rather than Order Confirmation?

    Is there any way to change the print dialoged when you click Post on O/E Order Entry to Picking Slip rather than Order Confirmation?

    We don't use Order Confirmations. 

    We have to keep the OE Forms > OE Picking Slip window open and copy each order number…

  • Account Code Change 7.0A is not backward compatible with Order Entry


    I have a company database in which Order Entry was not activated as it's not in use.

    I tried to change Account Code but I got error `Account Code Change 7.0A is not backward compatible with Order Entry`

  • Quantity on S/O amount missing In IC Location Details in Sage 300 for on hold customers


    Can any one help with why qty on sales orders is missing in IC location Details in sage 300 for the customers are set to on hold. Once we remove the on-hold check, quantities start appearing on IC Location details >> Qty on S/O.


  • Looking for input - Tracking available lengths of hose in a part number (Lot Tracking?)

    Just looking for some ideas on where to start looking.

    We sell hose and fittings.  For the most part, we don't separate each hose into different part numbers based on their lengths.  Example - we could have a 1.5" red hose (NL1322-150).  We could…

  • I/C transfer


    Is there any way to do an IC transfer for a full receipt without selecting all the items and quantities?

    When we put containers on the water, we receive each container to an "in transit " location. Once the goods arrive I want to transfer each container…

  • Internal Usage to supply production cells with parts?

    We're just going up on Sage 300 to control inventory, in a manufacturing environment. We have 1 central stocking location for bulk supply inventory parts, and a factory floor in close proximity. The plan is to periodically move 2 week's worth of inventory…

  • Colorado Retail Delivery Fee

    In the state of Colorado there is now a Retail Delivery Fee.  It is a fixed fee of $.27 per invoice whenever any of the items on an invoice are sales taxable.  I have been unable to find a way to accommodate this fee in the Sage 300.  Taxes could work except…

  • Why do users not share Sage300 modules

    I have a site that had a cyber attack and since then the 2 users do not share AR,AP,GL

    first in gets them and 2nd  in does not have access

    like modules have become single user

    did usual stuff with ISM file and lanpak.bin

    I accept all solutions and gue…

  • How to only allow API Request from SSL certified site?

    Hi all,

    I am exploring the Sage 300 Web API. I am making a POST request from an e-commerce site, to insert AR invoice batches. I notice that the site with 'Connection not secure' can make a request to Sage 300 API as well. How can we restrict these unsecured…

  • PO Copying Feature

    Hey Everyone, 

    I am trying to copy from PO to PO.  However, on the original PO we have modified the description.  When we use the copy feature it doesn't copy over the modified description.  Is there a setting that I am missing?

    The reason I ask is because…

  • AR National Accounts - On Hold but the Child accounts are still open?

    I thought you were able to put the national account on hold and that would force the "on hold" to all the child accounts?  What method would be the easiest to put all the child accounts on hold as well so that people can't keep entering orders…

  • OpsInquiry IC Item Inquiry BOM Description blank

    A client relies heavily on OpsInquiry.

    In IC Item Inquiry, on the BOM tab, all columns show data except "Description", which is very important for the client. I ahve confirmed that description are not blank in the corresponding BOM.

    This behaviour…

  • Revocation information for the security certificate for this site is not available

    We just installed a new endpoint protection and I've entered the file and folder exceptions from our previous endpoint protection however, all of our users are getting an error popup after logging into the Sage 300 Desktop. Once they've logged in and…

  • CVE-2022-42889 - Text4Shell

    Just wondering if Sage 300 (or any Sage product) is vulnerable to the new Text4Shell vulnerability?

    In a recent security scan the following files came up vulnerable file:

  • Sage 300 and Microsoft Graph

    Has anyone managed to successfully set up and email using the new Microsoft Graph option?

    I have gone through the process that Ron Fernandez put up in June.  I can send an email using a powershell command with that setup, but I'm just getting the standard…

  • User restriction.

    Is there away to restrict a user from logging in again with same user name if one session is still open.  

  • Disabling "Clear History" in G/L Periodic Processing for certain users

    Hi have been trying to figure out how I can disable "Clear History" for certain Users.) (last item in screengrab)

    Tried unticking "Period End Maintenance" and "History/Budget Maintenance" - both did not work. ( please see list of options for…

  • Cost center

    How can i use cost center concept without adding GL code in Sage 300. according to my consultant, there is no option for use Cost center. He suggest  GL will maintain for several cost center and for serious location. I.e if we have 10 Department in my…

  • Sage300WebAPi returns Access Denied

    Just upgraded Sage 300 from 2021 to 2023.  Upgraded SageCrm from 2021 to 2022.  Webscreens and integration ran fine prior to upgrade.  After upgrade, when I try to access the webapi, I get 'Server Error in '/Sage300WebApi' Application - Access is denied…

  • Sage 300 2022 Account Code Change Utility

    Ive recently upgraded a customer to Sage 300 2022 PU2, and they have come to change a GL Account which they have done numerous times in the past.  When they try now using the Account Code Change, whether it be changing one or more that 1, it gets to AP…