• Idle time out in Sage 300

    Is there a  way in which Sage 300 ERP can log out users after a period of inactivity? If there is kindly assist.

  • 2014 sage 300 advanced - kit items do not print component qty's on pick list

    Hello, I would like to know if there is a way to have component quantities print on a pick list for a kit. is this a form modification or is there another modification that needs to be completed? I am able to see the component list which is part of what…


    Am trying to import misc payment in AP Payment batch but all misc payment amount is duplicated

    Am using Sage 300 Standard 2020 PU 5

  • Unhandled Exception Error number 0x80040702 Description: Failed to load DLL: a4winst Setup will now terminate

    Hi, I hope you and your family doing well in this pandemic situation. 

    I am doing a course in udemy on Sage300erp and I face some problem. 
    course link: 

  • Black & White Printouts from the Clint system

    Hi Team, Just wondering if anyone can assist me on how i can get black & White Printouts from my client system when printing Quotation, Invoices, etc. I did change the printer preferences to both monochrome and grayscale and tried but still receiving…

  • Bill of Materials - Commit Components

    Is there a way of committing components to an order that has an item that contains a Bill of Materials so that the Location details is updated.

  • Trial Balance , Income Statement from GL Consolidated Company (Holding Company) Company wise


    We have a group of companies having one Holding company and 14 companies. we are using Sage 300 GL Consolidation and it is working fine. we have Created a Source Code for each Company like (ZC-01 for company A, ZC-02 for Company B, and so on). when…

  • Unable to tick reconciliation

    Hi, my name is Babayi Bisingma. How can I resolve a bank entry(service) posted but the entry number cannot be seen in gl to post. 

    2 Entry number eg TR00000603 repeated twice with different figures say 303.58 and 5,369 . One entry reconcile in reconciliation…

  • development environment set up for Sage300

    Hello, we are trying to set up a development environment for Sage300.  The version of Sage300 for production use is 2020. On our development server, we are using Sage300 2019.  We dumped the company database from our Sage300 2020 and restored it to our…


    Hello All,
    On an environment (Sage 300 2018) where I have posted the OE transactions (using the OE >>> Shipment >>> Invoice screen) and its not showing in the AR Invoice Batch List. I ran the IC Day End Processing then it shows in the AR Invoice Batch…

  • Additional Payment Types Possible in A/R Refund Entry

    Hi all -

    When doing A/R Refund Entries in Sage 300 on each detail line you can specify Payment Type.  The default values are Check, Cash, Credit Card.  I do not see where these values are maintained in setup or otherwise.  Does anyone know if you can add…

  • Hire Purchase

    Does SAGE 300 has a module that works as follow:

    One create a Project or Hire Purchase Account. Then creates a series of transactions with a future date and every time that date is reached an AR Invoice is created for that Account.

    All responses will…

  • When inserting a new AR Customer record using the Sage Web API

    Is there a specific order as to how the json should be formated? I'm assuming there wasn't because the API is simply parsing the payload so order wouldn't matter.

    To date I've been able to pass the json with the fields in NO particulare order…

  • AR - How do you correct a prepayment paid via credit card and posted to wrong customer?

    A prepayment receipt was entered paid via a credit card (Sage payment solutions) and posted.  But it was entered under the wrong customer id.  How can this be undone?  You can't reverse it because its a credit card payment. 

  • Bare minimum Requirements on Domain Server Environment for Sage 300 2018/2019

    Is there a document available which clearly states bare minimum requirements of a user account on a domain environment or even on the machine (Power users, Standard user, Administrator, etc) in order to have sage and its 3rd party products working without…

  • Can you use the WebAPI to send Credit and Debit Notes

    Is it possible to send credit or debit notes using the SageWepAPI calls?

    I'm able to send batch invoices using the APInvoiceBatches/ARInvoiceBatches but my customer also wants to pass negative invoices and these are rejected when passing  them using…

  • Sage 300 integration with a custom ERP

    We are looking for someone to connect our Web API with Sage 300. 
    These are the functionalities we need
    -Push Invoice
    -Verify if customer exists
    -If customer doesn't exist, create new customer in Sage

    We are currently building the Web API, therefor it can…

  • Anyone using Sage 300 V.2016 to do Budgeting ?

    Hi all,

    My company hasn't been using Sage 300 (V.2016) to do budgets. Its typically been done in excel. I know it can be done, (use sage to budget) but don't know where to start or what reports i can print.

    Are there any courses just for the budgeting…

  • Sage 300 2016 Premium - F1 Help Not Working

    I have a single user with a fresh install of Sage workstation installed on their Windows 7 Pro 64-bit machine. For some strange reason, the F1 HELP option within Sage, does not work. You can see the directory but when you try to expand a section you get…

  • Listing of US based Sage 300 Resellers / Consultants

    I am in search of a listing of US based Sage 300 resellers and consultants in the Ohio region.  Thank you.

  • Prevantative maintenance/PM tasks

    Is it possible to have PM tasks generate sooner while keeping them on "the last Friday in September"?  When my apprentices have school, I have a customer named "school", equipment named for each apprentice, and then PMs corresponding with their…

  • Error activating OPS Inquary 6.5

    When upgrading to 6.5 received error when trying to activate Ops Inquiry 6.5:

    Microsoft SQL Server Native Client 11.0 . SQL Server incorrect syntax near “2018”.

    Anybody with similar problem?

  • How to reverse a credit note ( Type: Return ) in Purchase Order (Posted to GL)

    How to reverse a credit note ( Type: Return ) in Purchase Order (Posted to GL) .Since the credit note entered a wrong date , i want to adjust the record , What can i do ? is it open a Debit note to recover it?

  • sage 300 API integration

    hi everyone, 

    i'm currently doing a project that would like to read/write sage data from sql db via API. now i have a couple of questions and would be grateful if anyone could help:

    1. do i need to install sage 300 on the development PC and every PC…

  • multiple locations??

    My company is a distribution warehouse. We are opening a second distribution warehouse in a different state. I have been tasked with finding a way we can keep AP and AR for both locations separate for internal usage, and then be able to funnel them together…