• Is Sage 300 version 2020 supported with Microsoft Server 2022?

    We are planning to upgrade Windows Server not Sage 300 2020 yet and wondering is Sage 300 version 2020 supported with Microsoft Server 2022?

  • Sage 300 - Database is locked

    I installed Sage 300 ERP software on a client machine. The installation is complete and successful. But when I run the sage software, this error message "Database is locked". The client is a windows 10 64 bit. I need your help ?

  • Accpac 5.5a

    Hi, we currently are using AccPac 5.5a version and we would like to see what options we have to move to newer versions. We run a small business and AccPac 5.5a is perfect for us but do realize its time to upgrade. Currently our systems run on Windows…

  • Sage 300 as a Remote Desktop Server?

    Has anyone been able to use Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (formerly Terminal Services) to host a Sage 300 Remote Desktop Server? This would be a single Windows Server with Sage 300 installed on it (SQL database on a separate server) and all Finance…

  • Sage 300 2021 on Citrix - Special Considerations or Tasks?

    Sage 300 2021 PU5 will be installed on Citrix (local program files with shared data on application server), it has been a while since I've installed on Citrix (all remote access installs I've been doing over the past few years have been on RDS), any special…

  • Do Sage 300 and Sage CRM need Java installed when installing SQL Server 2019?


    When I installed SQL Server version 2019 I installed the Java listed under Machine Learning Services and Language Extensions, see below. Is this required for Sage 300 V2023, 2022, and or 2021. Is it required by Sage CRM. I am asking because Java is…

  • A problem occurred and a valid license for this product could not be found - New Installation Sage 300 2022 Update 2, No Payroll


    We are installing Sage 300 2022 Update in a new server. We finished to install at server and run Sage 300 directly there and not a problem. We DBLoad/DBDump data there from Sage 300 2018 and concert also without a problem.

    But when running Workstation…

  • Currently supported versions of Sage 300

    Good morning,

    Which are currently the Sage supported versions for Sage 300? It is our understanding that it is 2020, 2021 and 2022.

    Can someone confirm? Ty.

  • Test System not showing expected data

    I am trying to create a test system to I can run a test upgrade before I do it on the live server.

    Steps Taken:

    Created a new virtual server and installed server 2019

    Installed a new dev SQL Server instance

    Did a backup of my test sys database from pr…

  • Sage 300 Workstation Setup on Windows 11

    Hello, I have installed Sage 300 Workstation Setup on a Windows 11 system, and when I try to launch the program I receive the following error: "A problem occurred and a valid license for this product could not be found."  We are running Sage…


    Good day guys, i'm trying to install sage 300 2019 on a workstation but this error keeps re-occuring, installed new windows program added the computer to the admin group on the network but all in vain....

    the error is (Accpac.exe - Application Er…

  • "A problem occurred and a valid license for this product cannot be found" after installation of PU7 and 1099 update


    We are having to re-install Sage in all our workstations due to this problem. Does anybody know if there is an easier way to get this to work? Is there any way to prevent this with the PU7 update?


  • Is Sage 300 version 2022 supported on Microsoft Server 2022 Operating system and or Windows 11?


    I have IT companies asking me is Sage 300 version 2022 is supported on Windows Server Operating system 2022. They would also like to know if it is supported on Windows 11. I did not find any information online and I did not see an updated System Compatibility…

  • Loading Sage 300 2022 Webscreens on Sage CRM 2021 R2 server Error with Windows Process Activation Service (WAS)

    I am testing a Sage 300 upgrade from 2019 to 2022. After doing the upgrade (this is on our Sage CRM server running webscreens) I am now getting the message: Windows could not start the Windows Process Activation Service service on Local Computer. Error…

  • Is anyone running Sage 300 Version 2017 on Server 2019?


    I have a client that wants to migrate their Sage 300 version 2017 to a new server running Windows server 2019. Is anyone out there doing this? Also what version of SQL are you using?

    Thank you in advance for your time.

  • sage 300: incorrect procedure. this edition of sage 300 only allows five companies


    My client is running Sage standard edition.

    In the Database Setup, there are 4 DAT and linked to 1 SYS company.  I should be able to create the 5th company, but i get an error message when i click on New.

    Before i click on New, there was a fifth company…

  • How do you install Sage 300 2019 financial modules on Citrix/Terminal servers?

    Is there any standard documentation on how to install Sage 300 2019 programs on Citrix/Terminal servers?

  • Registering a4wcrinterop.dll is failing

    When trying to register the "a4wcrInterop.dll" file using the command below, the process fails with the message that operation has failed. Apparently it does not recognize the "/register"  as per the message below. Even when I type…

  • Need help - Sage 300 2021

    Good Morning all,

    I had a server running Sage 300 2020. I uninstall the Sage 300 2020 and I install Sage 300 2021. After the installation, I have activated the modules in Data Activation.

    Now, when trying to open OE and PO modules I received the error…

  • The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b). Click OK to close the application.

    After installing Sage300 i get the following error message when i run the program: The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b). Click OK to close the application. 

  • How to Migrate SAGE from ON PREM to Azure Virtual Machine

    Hello Everyone, 

    My company is considering moving their SAGE application to Azure and does not have an Azure subscription already, 

    How do I perform a migration from On-Premise Server to an Azure Virtual Machine

    Is there a detailed step on Sage Software that…

  • Is Sage 300 v 2021 compatible with Office 365 32bit suite ?

    Is Sage 300 v2021 compatible with Office 365 32bit suite ? If so why is Sage not addressing it in the compatibility guide for v2021 or any other of their previous guides ? I have been able to use Office 365 suite 32bit with Sage 300 versions as far back…

  • Outdated version of XML5 flagged by our recent audit

    We have some computers in our organization that have an outdated version of xml5.  The only things all of these computers have in common is they have Sage 300 and PrintBoss installed.  Can you confirm that xml5 is installed with Sage and if it is, how do…

  • Object is not defined in Roto Event file.

    We are upgrading a client from 2017 to 2020 and we are getting the above error when trying to activate the data. 

    Data dumps/load fine. 

    It pops up right away......if seems it happens only on the client site. When we load the data at our site it activates…

  • Sage 300 v 2016 on Windows Server 2019

    Client is upgrading the server to 2019.  Will Sage v 2016 run on this OS?