• Sage 300 Database on Azure SQL

    Hi everyone. I'm hoping someone here can answer this, rather than having to jump into the support gauntlet.

    I work for an IT firm and a client of ours is presently running Sage 300 on a server VM, connecting to an MS SQL database on another VM, which…

  • Any issue with other app databases in same instance as Sage?

    A customer has a third party quoting and bidding software running with SQL Express.  They want to move it into the same instance in standard SQL as Sage300 to allow more memory availability.  Any issue with this or would a separate instance in standard…

  • Query for Logged In Users?

    One of our users runs a script in the evening to modify data. Once in awhile, they will receive an error that data is locked by user. I know that we can kick users by going into Help > Current Users, but I was wondering if there is a table containing…

  • How Can I check or clarify SQL server is runtime edition version ?

    Hi, Everyone How Can I check or clarify SQL server is runtime edition version.

    Please help me.

    Thank you so much

  • Connection errors multiple times a day


    I have a client who keeps getting connection errors multiple times a day on multiple workstations.

    They only get these on workstations (not on the terminal server). The terminal server, app server and SQL server are all VMs on a host. They are…

  • Get List of Companies database using MSSQL Query


    I want to create a Business Intelligence Report by using Report Manager & Connector.

    In this report, I want to get rows from table APPYM of all Companies database. 

    But first, I need to know which database is actually a company database for Sage…

  • Where in the AOM can I find flag for "fiscal period" locked or unlocked?

    I have a challenge...can someone familiar with the Sage 300 database tables give me some advice?

    I would like to query the database to find out if a certain document date correponds with a fiscal period that is currently locked for Accounts Payable.

  • SQL 2016 MS runtime download and install

    Does anyone have any information on where i can download MS SQL 2016 run-time version (the version where we don't need an activation key..) - this version is part of the ISV program through SAGE as we have SQL CAL licenses through SAGE.. Any advice on…

  • Upgrade to SAGE 300 2018 from MS Server 2008 R2 + SQL 2012

    I currently have a a  SAGE 300 2016 Update 4 (on windows 2008 R2) + SQL 2012

    I have a new server built on the side that i wish to run  SAGE 300 2018 -on Windows 2016 Server Standard + SQL 2017.

    I don't see SQL 2017 supported anywhere... is that true?…

  • Sage 300 2018 running with SQL Server 2012 - It is now certified to run on SQL Server 2012 SP4 ?


    A customer running Sage 300 2018 in an 2012 platform is asking me if it is certified to run with SQL Server 2012 SP4....any idea?


  • Sage 300 - sql query for recalculating AP Balances - reconciling to GL

    Hi, I am trying to determine why my GL and AP control accounts dont balance.

    Yes, I know I can isolate GL only transactions from my control account, but I would like to build a more robust answer.

    To this end, I would like to build a query in sql views…