Hi All,

    In my table, there is value 3, 4, 5 in RECSTATUS column for BKTRANH table.

    But there is no entries for 3, 4, 5 in AOM.

    Can anyone help me on what is the RECSTATUS value for 3, 4, 5 in BKTRANH?


  • Querying SQL server Invoices vs Sales History discrepancy

    I am trying to validate some data for our team and am stuck trying understand the data layout. My boss is using stonefield reports to generate a monthly sales report and he has 2 versions generating different #s. There seems to be confusion on what date…

  • Sage 300 Web screens - You do not have a license to use this product. Ask your system administrator for help.


    I have a client who is running Sage 2018 Pu 2 windows server 2019

    I have installed the web screens, and run the portal.

    As soon as I access the web screens I get this.  I can confirm the web licence is activated.

    I am wondering if the fact that sharedata…

  • How to add Forgot Password as an option on Login screen?


    When logging into sage I would like users have an option to click forgot passwords, rather than them emailing an admin to send them a temp password. How to add that as an option?

  • Sage user Interfaces failure

    I'm using sage 300 but when I click on some icon, instead of opening the related forms, an error form pops us with the description as shown in the attachments

    The solutions I have tried to apply include:-

    1. reinstalling the application

    2. reapplying…

  • Journal Entry errors: unable to add new GLJED row because of multiple error


    I am doing customization to add multiple lines to GLJED. But I get multiple error that I cannot find out why it is happening, note that I only trying to add to GLJED, not GLJEH

    Below is my code. Instead of getting the record by Batch in GLBCTL, I…

  • Custom IC valuation report

    Hi, we need a crosstab valuation report where the row is the period date and the columns are the location / item category. Has anyone created something similar? Thanks.

  • Menu items

    Hi, we created our own menus but the icons are arranged as they were added. Is there a way to organize them differently? Thanks.

  • How Company Color Code in Hex

    Hi I'm trying to get company color but I haven't the same color with Sage, Someone can help me please

    Dim Company As String
    Company = AccpacSession.CompanyID
    Dim System As String
    System = AccpacSession.Organizations(AccpacSession.CompanyID).Syst…

  • Issue printing customized Crystal Reports when parameters


    I'm running Sage 300 V2020- Running on a VM accessed by RDP and with SQL 2017 databases running on Azure.

    I redirected the Custom Reports to the new Azure server with the SQL sa user name and passw and it's working fine inside the SAP Crystal…

  • Unable to Print to a Custom Payment Voucher Form

    I have a crystal report which is run via Sage 300 desktop shortcut [Macro] which has stopped pulling data through for some batches. The Crystal Report only shows a blank Custom form for some A/P Payment batch entries and will pull the data for some batch…

  • One on one training - Intelligence Reporter with Connector

    I am looking for one-on-one training for Intelligence Reporter with Connector.  I have done all the Sage training courses so I am comfortable with the feature.  I have a strong understanding of relational databases and I have a basic knowledge of programming…

  • Get List of Companies database using MSSQL Query


    I want to create a Business Intelligence Report by using Report Manager & Connector.

    In this report, I want to get rows from table APPYM of all Companies database. 

    But first, I need to know which database is actually a company database for Sage…

  • Sorting data in Excel from Sage download

    Can you sort data if you download into Excel.  I have a large downloaded file that will not sort (filter not working)?

    Appreciate any help


  • Sage 300 2018 Error on export button

    Custom report developed for AR invoices . User enters parameters and executes reports and all the data comes on print preview , approx 15 pages . 

    As soon they click  on export button  the following error is received. generally user tends to run the report…

  • accounts in General Ledger

    How do I add sub-accounts in my chart of accounts?


    Account 64000 - Marketing shows

    I want to add travel, meals, supplies, freight all under this account. 

    Marketing Shows





  • Color AP check logo printing in black and white through RDP

    We have a client on Sage 300 2014. They have macs they use to RDP into a server to run Sage. A recent update to RDP causes the AP check logo, which is Red, to print in black and white. Has anyone seen an issue like this before?

  • Can not execute macro syntax

    I create a user in ACCPAC. But i can't execute my macro syntax. But if i change the user to Admin, its working fine. Can anyone help me? How to configure the new user, so i can execute the syntax

  • Get user using windows authentication and domain

    i want login using macro. but using windows authentication and specific domain

    can anyone can help me?

  • Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM component.

    i have some code

    PORCP1header.Order = 0

    PORCP1headerFields.FieldByName("RCPHSEQ").PutWithoutVerification("0") ' Receipt Sequence Key

    PORCP1header.Order = 1
    temp = PORCP1detail1.Exists

  • get Field value in macro into a variable Vb.net.

    I want to get value from PORCP1detail1Fields.FieldByName("ITEMDESC").

    the condition that i have set if PORCP1header.Read

    how to get the previous data from that field and set into a variable in vb


    Dim vItemDesc As String = ""…

  • POPORH2 table - 2014 PU4


    In the data dictionary, for the above table, I see an 'ENTEREDBY' field; when I open POPOR04.rpt to try and modify it to include the 'ENTEREDBY' field in the report, I do not see this field in the POPORH2 table in Database Fields panel of Crystal…

  • Arabic language with Optional Fields

    One of our customer needs two report (Trail Balance & GL Listing) to customize. The requirement is the reports Accounts description (Example : " Cash Account")  should display Arabic word .

    So the solution planning to give is Optional Fields…

  • All Users Check Box

    Have a client that created a report.....selected the "all users" check box when creating the shortcut. Since then they have a new user that they do not want to see the report, but, of course, it does. How can we fix this?

    On another similar…

  • Exporting OE comments

    Is it possible to export OE comments? We have been storing serial numbers in the comments filed until we get an optional field set up and I am unable to find where in the script I can get the comments.

    Sage 300 ERP 2014