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  • Company Start Date

    I would like to change the Company start date from March to May how do I do this? 

    Thank you 

  • Date Customer Last Purchased

    Hi Guys

    I am looking for a field within sage that gives a date that the customer last made a purchase. The only date I found which was similar was LastActivityDate but this can be triggered by lots of different things. Do you guys know if this exists…

  • Reabertura Exercício

    Tenho o exercício 2021 encerrado e precisava reabrir para efetuar retificações mas surge o erro Run-time 32014 Specified Date is Invalid.

    Podem indicar como ultrapassar?


  • Purchase Order Date defaults to todays date

    Good day.

    ORDDAT on Purchase Order Screen POH0 set to "entered" 

    Purchase Orders are being pushed from Purchase Requests

    This Purchase Order defaults to the current date upon creation via the Purchase Request Screen and does not allow the user…

  • Workflow Rule - Operations

    Good afternoon Folks 

    Does anyone have a good guide to what the operations all mean?  I'm trying to have this send 30 days before the date in the field, but I dont think create or modify will work for an even like this.  

  • Unable print _Manual check and payment register_databace connector error


    There is error message on the Sage100 as shown below. 

    How to fix the error?

    Thank you in advance for your help!

  • Sale Order -Delivery Date

    Hi Guys, I need some help! 

    I'm trying to create a sale order in sage which has different delivery dates to it. I'm trying to add the different due dates in the 'sales order status' section but I can't do it. 

    Does anyone know if this…

  • Drop Down Date Ranges

    Can you please add Yesterday and Today on to the drop down filters to save having to go into Custom Range and tab down to enter the dates. At present it has different categories depending on which area of the system you access activity but checking recent…

  • sage crashes when I change dates


    My sage is crashing at least once a day when I change dates (inputting invoices for the next day or recording customer receipts).

    It works fine and then suddenly it decides it doesn't like this task anymore, so it crashes.

    Has anyone else had…

  • Administration Syracuse > Paramètres > Paramètres généraux > Modifier la date limite haute de conversion


    En standard dans l'administration Syracuse > fonction Paramètres généraux >  la date limite haute de conversion d'une date à 2 chiffres vers une date à 4 chiffres est 2029. Serait-il possible qu'en standard cette…

  • Setting or Updating Date Fields using a Table Level Script

    This little tip shows how you can use a Table Level Script to set a value for a field that is not displayed on the screen.

    In my example a customer needed to implement a business rule that when a user updates the company field 'Type' to be a Customer…

  • Working around Date/Time field issues in Web to Lead forms

    The feature 'Web to Lead' in Sage CRM enables you to create web pages for collecting lead information automatically. The process generates the HTML to define a web form page for entering lead details. This HTML page can be inserted into a corporate website…

  • Date input on custom screen


    How to add a date input with a calendar button in a custom screen using .NET API for generating report?


  • System Date is off by exactly 1 month

    When I close a case, the Closed Date field updates automatically. However, it is the wrong date.

    In the database, it is the Case_Closed field, which is a date/time field. It shows 2014-11-02 13:48:00.000 when it should show 2014-12-02 13:48:00.000.

  • Jscript on date only field

    Hi All,

    Hoping someone can help me, a bit rusty on my java
    I have a custom field comp_c_enddate, this field is set as date only

    The default value for this field sets it at current date plus 1 year
    but what i need to do is onchange event of this field I…

  • Customer Crystal Report Date Parameter Wrong on 1/4 computer

    I have a custom Crystal Report that I created and when entering the same date parameter on 4 computers, one will show the wrong information.

    Example: 09/01/2019 - 09/20/2019 (September 1, 2019 - September 20, 2019)
    3 computers bring up the same correct…

  • Specify Posting Date on Write Off Bad Debt Option

    When writing off a Bad Debt, the posting date is always todays date. A workaround is to post a manual Credit Note, however the ability to set the date on the Write Off Bad Debt screen would be useful.

  • Is it possible to calculate the number of days between two fields using the graphical query?

    A client has requested a new query, specifically looking at outbound deliveries.

    I have created a query that shows all deliveries with a departure date, and the arrival date (for this client, any delivery with a blank arrival date will trigger an action…

  • Date format when exporting to Excel

    Please can you change the date format used when exporting to Excel?  Currently, the date information is in text format, requiring that we convert data in Excel for sorting, pivot tables, etc.

  • Wrong System Date Showing.

    Hi All, 

    One of our users has been having an issue with SAGE displaying the system date incorrectly. Sometimes it will show the previous day's date, sometimes it shows the correct (today's) date, and sometimes it displays a date more than one day in the…

  • Date transposed into US format using Compleat Connector

    My client uses the Sage add-on Compleat Purchase to Pay. Since upgrading to v24.2.228, when Compleat posts to Sage, the invoice date is transposed from UK format to US format. I have asked Compleat to investigate at their end, but they do not seem to…
  • Date format on Sage Drive

    Good afternoon,

    I have just started using Sage Drive, and the date format has somehow set itself to 05-010-2017.

    Does anyone know how to amend to 05/10/2017?



  • Date Modified is now wrong upon updating to V24

    Hello I'm Kerry,

    Here's the issue -

    Half of our PC's have been updated to sage V24 were the other half are still on version 23, for those on V23 everything is fine , no issues, no problems...

    YET for those who are running V24 all of the memos…

  • When using 'products and services' how do I ensure the 'Last order date' is updated? the last order price updates but not the date??

    I create purchase orders from 'products and services' by highlighting my product and clicking buy/sell and then Purchase order.


    When I eventually update the PO to an invoice, the lastest price updates but not the last order date?

  • Add 3rd Date to Sales Order

    Add an additional date field to the SO labeled original promise date. This would enable tracking of date changes and on time deliveries.