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  • Sales UOM Pricing - SO using the Standard UOM

    We have some items where the Sales UOM is EACH and standard is KG.  When adding these items to a sales order, the sales quantity shows as EACH however the price is coming over as the standard price x the KGs per EACH.  This only occurs for a handful of…

  • Payroll for employees working in more than one province in the year.

    The company I work for does projects across the country.  Some employees work in more than one province during the year as a result.  How should I process their payroll so T4's are generated for each province worked in (with the least amount of manual calculation…

  • Need Help setting up 401k Formula for safe harbor benefit

    I need help setting up the formula for our 401k Pretax & 401k Roth plan. See detail below.

    Company match for 401k is 100% up to 3%, then 50% match for next 2%

    = If Employee is 3%, company match is 3%

    = If Employee is 4%, company match is 3.5%

    = If…

  • Using order entry to track job costs


    We've often wanted to find a way to track our job costs in Sage, but have struggled to find a built in way to do so without purchasing additional modules or 3rd party software. Recently, we had the idea that we could make an item category such…

  • Markups change not updating Billing Amounts.

    We used 9-7 to update the markups grouped by values.  We updated all our part markups but Sage doesn't recalculate the Billing Amount accordingly. What is the point of allowing the change to the markup but not implementing the new Billing Amount? We have…

  • Quantity On hand at IC Location Detail different with ICILOC.QTYONHAND

    Hi All

    Why my Qty On Hand at IC Location Detail different with ICILOC.QTYONHAND?

    any solutions?

  • Fifth Week Deductions

    We currently pay weekly on every Friday. Some of our deductions are based on a monthly amount. Health Insurance, Dental, Vision and child support for some of our employees. I was looking towards formulas, but I can't figure out a good way to solve this…

  • Assets are no longer depreciating and are not fully depreciated either?

    I have many assets that have 'no activity'.  They have been lumped together in my reports under a one line total.  I have run a current depreciation expense report and have them listed individually now.  But they are not fully depreciated.  There…

  • Do I enter the hours under vacation paid? if paying each pay period

    I don't have the payroll module, because I only have 1 employee. I'm still able to use Sage payroll by manually entering the taxes. In the vacation paid box it automatically  calculates the vacation amount but the hours are left blank. Do I have…

  • CS0120 Options for Calculated fields

    I was having a discussion in another post but it was getting too long and I figured this might be a good post for others to find. Trying to grab a lot of data from Sage, and I was pointed to CSO120. It's been great so far, but I've run into a couple snags…

  • Purchase entry - tax not calculating properly


    I'm trying to enter a purchase for my project, but the tax is not calculating properly.  I've double-checked my tax code entries, the supplier info, discounts, anything I can think of, and still it mis-calculates.  It is an entry for $460…

  • Can an Inventory Depletion be Linked to the Receipt???

    First off, our ultimate goal is to look at an Invoice in AR_InvoiceHistoryHeader and Detail and know what the Landed Cost is.  The Purchase Order Module's History Files does a pretty good job of tracking Landed Cost History by Receipt Number.  However…

  • How to reset everything back to the beginning of the year

    We entering many many incorrect disposals and would like to reset everything back to the way it was before we started doing any work in the 2021 system.  All we have is a backup of the system at the end of 2020 before we rolled over to 2021.  Is it possible…

  • Time and Expense Reports Confusion with payroll

    2 Questions: 

    1. I have Sage 50 Cloud. I want to track employee time and some minor expenses for jobs ( lots of small jobs). I would also like the cost of that labor to be included in my P/ L for each job. However I want to put payroll through ADP and…

  • Import Material Cost Variance


    We are on Sage X3 2019 R4 (12.0.19).

    We are importing raw materials and when the stocks are arrived, we need to issue those into production as we are in a tight planning schedule. Received materials will be issued to production with the average…

  • HST - partial refund

    I haven't been claiming and ITC for business meals and travel expenses but I recently learned that I can claim 50% of the HST as and ITC.  How do I set this up in Sage to indicate that 13% tax was paid but only 50% of that tax is claimable as and ITC…

  • Solar Energy Panels- depreciation life

    We purchase an older building with a solar panel system on the roof. Using current FMV of system to create a separate asset how many years should we use for life IRS 5 years or useful life left of 18 years?   

  • Taxi Drivers - Payroll and EI


    I have a new client that owns a Taxi Company.  His Drivers are self-employed Tax Drivers which means the owner has to pay both portions of EI (employee and employer but Not deducted).

    My question is - how do I set this up in payroll so the EI shows…

  • FICA calculations are incorrect

    We are running Sage 100 2019 ( Version

    I hope someone has an idea how to correct this because I'm at a loss.

    We have one employee that all of a sudden is not having FICA calculated on their check.  This person is not even…

  • Sage X3 Stock Valuation per Product per Warehouse


    Is it possible to have an average cost per warehouse for a product for the same site?

  • Open Invoice Register showing invoices which is fully paid.

    Dear Team ,

     We have a scenario where for some vendors, some invoices appearing in open invoice register which is fully paid , Attaching screenshot for one vendor for your reference , similarly we have few vendors as well .

    Thanking in advance ,

  • 401K Match - Safe Harbor

    Hello!  Does anyone have a KB article or procedure for creating a safe harbor 401K match calc in Sage 100 Contractor?  EX: 100% of the first 3% and 50% of the next 2%

  • Kit items in different GL accounts?

    (newbie here, so not sure if this is the correct sub forum) 

    We have created a 'kit' for a finished product we produce (a hand lotion as an example). The subcomponent parts of the kit are defined are a bottle, the lotion, and a label for the bottle.…

  • Sage X3 transaction amount split functionality

    Is there a tool or functionality to split or distribute a transaction amount or account balance from one GL account to another GL account either in percentage or fixed amount?

  • Common Issues: Product and Tax Updates

    Error: “The latest Sage 50 Accounting service release is not installed on your computer. You must install the service release before running this Sage 50 Payroll Solutions update…”  

    Tax forms update window does not appear 

    Payroll tax…